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  1. Thanks! We will appeal and see what happens! Long shot it seems.
  2. Thanks for the reply! I'm not suggesting that this is what we will use as a defence, but looking for advice on what reasons we can site as a ground for appeal. What constitutes as a fault/flaw on the pcn? I'll have to check out the road signage - but somehow suspect local Council have this covered, but you never know. I just feel its a bit unfair to issue a PCN when there was no attempt to avoid parking charges - a voucher was displayed as opposed to the pay and display ticket. A limited number of resident vouchers are issued to each address per year and quite honestly pay and displa
  3. I agree! I have not yet signed their acceptance and asked for them to provide a breakdown to include dates. I had also asked them to not only reimburse PPI but to reimburse the Additions account premium as I believe that the whole product was mis-sold and not just PPI. They had not responded to that part so have written another letter to tackle this point along with asking for the dates breakdown and to cancel the PPI as they are still deducting! They do like to draw this out don't they! Thanks for your help today much appreciated
  4. OK - I got access to the s/sheet and painstakingly filled in the date details - bet there was a formula I could have used to have made it quicker Based on Barclays PPI figure of £427.20 and if I start from 1/1/1998 this takes me up to 1/10/2012. The spreadsheet has calculated interest at £262.04 making the total £689.24. So there is a slight discrepancy which I can only assume they started from a later date in 1998? I still don't see how it could be in the £1000's?
  5. I don't have Excel on my laptop so will have to try it on my work PC - out of interest using £2.40 per month - what was the total amount you got?
  6. I think the monthly premium was around £2.40 per month since 1998 (actual date not known). Barclays have calculated £427.20 in PPI payments and included 8% per annum compensation (simple interest) which equates to £230.91. Still not sure how they got this figure?? Total refund £658.11. Based on these figures what would you expect the refund to be?
  7. I didn't do a spreadsheet but do intend to respond to ask them to provide calculations as they have not given any dates as to what period the refund covers. They are still deducting PPI so need to request they cancel and to make sure that the refund covers the entire period for the charges - so not completely resolved but its a start! My PPI premium was a small amount so unfortunately not in the 1000's but it all helps
  8. Hi, My friend has just received a PCN for parking in a pay and display zone using a visitors permit! She was parked there for 2 hours displaying a resident visitors permit - we honestly thought that permits were valid for the whole street. The street has pay and display at either end and permit parking between. Do we have any grounds for appeal or can anyone suggest how we might be able to successfully challenge? Thanks Loz14
  9. Good news! Received a refund from Barclays for mis-sold PPI - thanks to all for your advice!
  10. Just wanted to give a quick update - received a further letter from Barclays (which judging by the date, means our letters crossed and they therefore would not have received my reply to them to ask to keep all correspondence in writing). Anyway - its a bog standard letter where they apologise I've had to contact them about the sale of the PPI, thank you etc. And that they will look into it and update/reply quickly as possible but no later than 11 January 2013. They said they had enclosed leaflet explaining how they work to resolve complaints - which they didn't! Keep you posted
  11. Thank you! I thought that would be the advice but thought maybe via phone may speed it up. But on reflection the benefits of keeping a written account of all comms far outweighs a speedy resolution!
  12. Hi, I sent a letter to Barclays along with the fos questionnaire and today I received a letter in response which said they had tried to call me to discuss my complaint. They had been calling an old number of mine, despite the fact I updated my phone details with them couple of months ago (to think these people manage our money and yet they can't keep basic records up-to-date). The letter asks me to call them - looking for advice from the experts here whether I should phone or try and keep all contact by letter so that I have a record? And is this usual practice from Barclays when dealing
  13. Had a look at the form and the questions appear to try and elicit your situation at the time of taking out the insurance to ascertain if mis-sold?? However I wasn't aware I even had it and think the PPI was wrapped up in the selling of the Additions account, should I cite this as the reason for being mis-sold? Or should I say I was unaware I had even been sold it?
  14. Thank you! Putting it in writing is sensible, I've had my fingers burnt by Barclays too many times.
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