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  1. Hi, I wonder if you could give me some advice about a PCN I have received today. Having seen one of your previous responses I have answered the same questions in order to assist below: For PCN's received through the post [ANPR camera capture] please answer the following questions. 1 Date of the infringement 30/12/2018 @ 13:59 (Letter calls this contravention date) 2 Date on the NTK [this must have been received within 14 days from the 'offence' date] Issue Date 15/1/2019 (it says 'posted' ? in brackets at the side of issue date) 3 Date received 17/1/2018 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? [y/n?] No I cannot see this on the PCN 5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event? Yes 6 Have you appealed? {y/n?] post up your appeal] NO I have not appealed at this stage. Have you had a response? [Y/N?] post it up 7 Who is the parking company? Vehicle Control Services, VCS. (I think the address is 2 Europa Court, Sheffield Business Park, Sheffield S9 1XE 8. Where exactly [carpark name and town] Berkeley Centre, Sheffield, S11 8PN For either option, does it say which appeals body they operate under. It says on this PCN that any appeals would be handled by the IAS There are two official bodies, the BPA and the IAS. If you are unsure, please check HERE- BPA If you have received any other correspondence, please mention it here I have not received any other information but the letter does say that if payment is recieved within 14 days then I could pay £60 instead of th £100 they intend to charge. The letter also says that if I want to appeal I must do so within 14 days. I am not sure whether or not I have any sort of recourse here, it would be great if you could please give me some advice. Many Thanks, John.
  2. Hi, I August I went to a local camera shops and brought a Sony camera. In the shop it was advertised at £239, when I went to pay it came up at £279 I asked why this was and was informed that the price advertised was with a £40 cash back that I had to claim back from Sony after 30 days. When the 30 days had passed tried claiming the cash back and the camera was not listed. Spoke to the shop and they are not doing anything about this, sent them a formal complaint saying I was not happy about the service I received and have not heard nothing back. I paid via my credit card. Is there a way or seeing what a web site was displaying a couple of months ago, to see if they had the camera advertised then with the wrong information. Thanks JJ
  3. https://www.yorkpress.co.uk/news/17386639.car-park-cameras-suspended-after-penalising-customers-at-costa-next-door/
  4. Hi, I am worried to death. Last Thursday 27 September 2018, I became aware that I had not one, but three Notices of Prosecution (NoP) against me for speeding in the same location. They are all SP30s from consecutive days, i.e. 17, 18 and 19 September. Naturally I was shocked and confused by this as I had not seen a camera flash or any police speed van in the area and wasn't aware I was doing anything wrong, just going about my normal everyday commute to the office in line with the regular traffic flow. I went and looked for the camera on the road in question but couldn't see one. I was really confused by this. I then received another two NoPs on Tuesday 2 October, this time for offences on 21 and 22 September. I was completely and utterly devastated by this. The following day, I received yet another for the 22 September at a different time. On this day (Saturday) I had been at work helping to run an event so I had been caught speeding both going and coming home too. This is now becoming a joke. Not only that, because I only became aware on 27 September, I am likely to receive more NoPs for 24, 25 and 26 September so I am expecting more to come. I could have the potential for 12 NoPs against me. I use a company vehicle, have zero points on my licence (which I pride myself on) and now face a total ban, and god knows how much in fines. Having now looked into this more, I now realise that a new camera system has been installed on the road in question on a trial basis, apparently it was activated on the 10 September. It is an average speed system; two cameras high up on top of lampposts which I simply didn't see. There was no warning signs, but since then signs have now been put up. There was plenty of warning in local newspapers and on the web but as I don't live in the local area, I live in a different county, I had no warning of these cameras hence the speed trap I've now been caught up in. I am absolutely devastated by this and feel victimised. I have got a solicitor involved but we have only spoken once and she's not filling me with much confidence. I cannot afford to lose my licence. I live in a pretty remote area; no way of getting to work using public transport, I need the car to do my job, I won't be able to get to my aged parents who live 30 mins down the motorway, nor my sister who has MS and lives in Liverpool and I would also have to give up my voluntary work as I wouldn't be able to get there. I have no child dependents. Obviously I have to take this ridiculous situation to court. How can one person receive so many NoPs in this way? How can this be justified? Cameras are supposed to be a deterrent not a trap aren't they? I feel I have had no fair warning to be aware and to alter my behaviour (which I am not denying by the way) but instead, I might as well have been convicted of murdering the same person six plus times. How is that fair or even sensible? It just doesn't make sense. Has anyone ever heard of the like and what advice would you give me? Any help or advice gratefully received as I'm desperately worried. Thanks.
  5. Two questions: A) Has there been a precedent for instances of inconsistent, incorrect or the inappropriate application of variable speed limit policy on a Motorway providing a legal basis to challenge a speeding ticket? For example: 1) Motorway road works have road side speed limit signs stating 60 mph but overhead gantry displaying lower variable speed limit i.e. 30 mph without risk factor justification. The remotely controlled gantry signs do not correspond to conditions on the ground. 2) Motorway road works end and maybe end of road works signs are displayed each side of the road but subsequent overhead gantries incorrectly displaying variable speed limit of 60 mph without risk factor justification. The remotely controlled gantry signs do not correspond to conditions on the ground. 3) Motorway overhead gantries correctly displaying variable speed limit during time period of high traffic volume but erroneously left on during subsequent time period of low traffic volume without risk factor justification. The remotely controlled gantry signs do not correspond to conditions on the ground. 4) Motorway single overhead gantry displaying variable speed limit of 50 mph immediately followed by overhead gantry displaying national speed limit without risk factor justification prior during or after. The remotely controlled gantry signs do not correspond to conditions on the ground. 5) Motorway road works reducing four lanes to two lanes having no variable speed limit applied followed by road works with the same lack of risk factor justification but with overhead gantries displaying variable speed limit. The remotely controlled gantry signs are not consistently applied to the same ground conditions. B) How incorrect or contradictory does a variable speed limit need to be before drivers should rely on their better judgement of the surrounding context to determine their progress without fear of the current judicial process automatically presuming guilt with no requirement for errors by Highways England to be accepted in defence or mitigation?
  6. Hi All, Last year Islington Council put a really nasty bus lane * camera at the entrance to the street I parked on.. I thought I had got away without falling foul of it, as I'd used the lane several times prior to a friendly neighbour warning me of its presence, this morning I found that's not the case as my car is currently clamped for 5 outstanding PCNs! I'm not wishing to dispute the PCNs as it's a fair cop and I should have been more aware, but I would like some advice on how to handle Equita today. I called the EA at 07:20 asking for PCN details and explained that I'd most likely be submitting OOT forms to TEC; he obliged and said he'd call back, was pleasant to deal with, everything seemed OK. However, at about 10:20 I got a call from a recovery driver asking if I'd like to hand over the keys when they tow my vehicle. I called the EA right back to explain and he eventually gave me the PCN numbers, so I called Islington council to get the details and submitted my forms to TEC. I've done all I can for now, but am sat in my van and cannot leave because they've sent someone to tow it. That whole thing seemed really suspicious to me, but I can't take the risk as it would be incredibly annoying to have my car towed prior to TEC giving the EA notice to cease recovery actions. Can anyone advise? Am I just destined to spend the day sat in my van? If I were to leave and they towed it, then TEC gave notice to cease enforcement, is there anything I could do other than pay towing & release fees? *It's not really a bus lane, I just don't know what to call it. The road used to have a traffic island in the middle with two very narrow passages either side, but the council removed the island and put a wide lane through the middle. I used this lane as the passages were only just wide enough for my van and did so for about 2 weeks until a neighbour stopped me to explain it's for exiting only and pointed out the camera. From my call to Islington Council, I have EIGHT outstanding PCNs from the first 8 days of this restriction being in place - five of which are involved today.
  7. Hi. I'm just wondering what the law is regarding having Mobile Speed Camera Vans stationed next to GATSO's. I received a ticket, my fault I was over the limit but was already slowing as I go past the GATSO every day. It's a 70mph dual carriageway which drops to 60 about 500 yards before the camera, then returns to 70 again. There have been no recent incidents here, any reason the Police would do this? Just seems like a way to make money from those passing the '60' signs still just over the limit as they slow down.
  8. Hi Guys, Drove by a mobile speed camera with the dash potentially indicating up to 80 mph (the speed i never exceed in my car). My GPS tells me that 80 on the dash is 77 mph GPS. Do you think I will get an NIP in the post? I know the ACPO guidlines are prosecute at 79 and above, but I am worried the trigger happy police may decide to prosecute for below, like 77! If I do for going 77 in a 70, can I defend it in court? I have a Mini Cooper and it's annoying how the speedo is in increments of 20 MPH! Thanks for letting me know!
  9. Hi all, I purhased a Canon DSLR in April 2012 ago on credit card (which I no longer hold) from Jessops. It has just developed a fault whereby the mode dial does not select the correct shooting mode. Am I covered under the sale of goods act/consumer rights act as it now is? To complicate things, I think Jessops went into administration in 2015, then started trading again? More importantly, I am currently travelling in Central America and Australia for the next 18 months, so need to get this fixed locally (currently Panama City). I have checked my travel insurance policy and it does not cover electrical or mechanical breakdown, so I don't think I am covered by that. Any advice on how to procede would be much appreciated. Kind regards.
  10. Sorry if this is in wrong place but need to help please re Camera I purchased. On July 15th I purchased a Vivitar Digital camera from Asda, it worked fine for a few days, I made sure I got the right SD card for it, it is a SanDisk 16GB The camera decided to show signs of being faulty as it kept coming up saying storage error, then got memory card full! I was not able to use it properly while on holiday ( just got back ), it also does not always take pictures or they appear black! I have to keep taking the battery out and put it back in and it works for a time, what I want to know is can I take it back to Asda for a replacement or refund ? TIA Sandy
  11. Hi all I have bought fujifilm finepix x90 from Curry's in April. Camera meant to be water resistant up to 15m. I took it on holidays and first day was working fine. Second day as well. On third day I took it for another snorkelling trip.. I went to water first time that day and all was working perfect. I have made another attempt after 1 hour. While I was snorkelling water just suddenly got inside. Camera is damaged fully now when I went to Curry's they said they can't fix it or repair it and told me to contact Fuji. I used camera accordingly to instructions and I'm actually surprised that they won't fix it as I was checking all the time if cover is closed. Could anyone give me any advice as if they are right or not and should I contact Fuji or Curry's again? I haven't had that kind of situation before where retailer didn't accept product and sent me straight to supplier. Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  12. On 9 January I took my Fuji bridge camera into a Jessops store to ask about a repair. I paid £25 to get an estimate and my camera was sent to the company which does the repairs on Jessop's behalf. I was told it could take 6-8 weeks for the repair to be done and my camera returned and that if I went ahead with the repair then the £25 would be taken off the total cost but if I decided not to go ahead then I wouldn't get my £25 back. After not hearing anything for about 3 weeks I went into the store to ask and they said that the repairers were still waiting for a price for parts. I eventually got a quote on a letter dated 12 February and the estimate was for £101.40 (including VAT) and that the quote was valid for 4 weeks. The day after I received the letter I returned to the local store and confirmed that I wished to go ahead with the repair and an assistant logged this onto a PC/Till and told me that I would get notification when my camera was ready to be collected. Yesterday, after having patiently waited 8 weeks and not hearing anything, I went back into the store to find out what was happening, a sales assistant looked into it and came back and told me that as I hadn't given confirmation for the repair to go ahead the estimate was now over £180. I told him that I had confirmed it and that I had watched an assistant input this into the till and that the estimate had been just over £100, he checked again and confirmed that I had done this and that there must be a mix up with the repairers who were now asking for the higher price. He said that he would contact the repairers and do all he could to get the repair done at the original lower price. Where do I stand with this? It seems to me that Jessops have cocked up somewhere and are now expecting me to pay for this mistake. The camera is about 2 and a half years old and £180 is about the top end of what it would now be worth but I really don't see why I should have to pay the higher price when I had already given consent for the repair with the original estimate. Added to this is the fact that the letter states that the original estimate is valid for 4 weeks and those 4 weeks aren't up until tomorrow. Can anyone help/advise me please?
  13. Hi, I was recently travelling South-bound on the M1 and I got snapped at this location; (Unable to post links so co-ordinates are 53.671763, -1.548704) I was travelling at national(70) until I saw the 50 variable pop up, i slowly slowed towards 50 to reach it when i reached the smart displays above me, but I got snapped way before reaching the signs, by the HADECS 3 camera on the right hand side on the opposite side of the moterway on the north-bound side, I was travelling at about 60 during the snap, while still slowing down to 50. But it may of been a coincidence of speeding cars on the other side - the camera placement is on the opposite side of the road for oncoming. What my question is, will the HADECS camera pictured on the google maps be snapping the south-bound side of the road which i was travelling on or only the road that it is attached to, north-bound. I don't believe I was in any wrong here, slowing down to 50 just before hitting the variable speed limit signs.
  14. Hi All just a general enquiry I was recently travelling back home, when I spoted someone holding what I think was a Hand held speed camera and can only guess it was a video type. The guy holding it was not the police but had some writing on the back of his hi viz Yellow background black writing Has anyone seen these before ? and as it was not a police officer, is it likely that a fine with come through the post at some point if they were speeding?
  15. Can any one explain the LTI2020 laser speeding gun display. I have a photo provided of my vehicle and the display shows the normal date / time / officer ref / speed / distance but under this there are four numbers 01:17:18:18 These are displayed as I've typed them and under the main information shown in the photo. I can't seem to find anywhere what these relate to. Any info appreciated. rgds
  16. I was about to take right turn. There was redlight camera . I crossed the white line while camera was green and then there was one car and motor bike in the front of my car i stoped my car just after the white line and was waiting for right turn but then after that light changed to red behind me I proceeded to turn right as i already had crossed the white line and there wasnt any second signal in the middle of the road so I didn't know if light is red behind me.. My question is as you can see the first yellow arrow signboard i was there and i proceeded to take right , will i get the ticket for that as I didn't crossed the white line on red signal. i crosed it on green signal but proceeded on red signal..
  17. I have just been to drop my son off to school, Shortly after most of the school run had finished. I witness the Private Parking company which our local council employ, Drive thought filming cars, I can only assume they record then check for infringements later. and send out PNC through the post. Is this legal, I only ask because I member a thread a while ago, which I believe they said it was not . The only difference is it was a static camera fitted to a car on a pole.
  18. I have received a notice to identify the driver of a vehicle through the post with an offence date of 25/09/2016, with a date of issue of 26/10/2016. The offence is driving at 79mph on a 60mph single carriageway. The route was an A road in Scotland. The vehicle in question was bought one day prior to the offence (24/09/2016) and thus was not registered to the new keeper. The previous keeper received the NIP/requirement to identify the driver within the statutory time limit (14 days) and was subsequently replied to by the last known registered keeper within the 28 day time limit. My questions now are: 1. The previous keeper had left for holiday right after the sale of the vehicle (around 29th September 2016), the keepers brother whom was in charge of mail checking, was in receipt of the NIP and phoned the police phone number on the 5th of October 2016 to alert them of the new keeper at the time of the offence and probably at the same time explained that the registered keeper couldn’t respond as he was on holiday. Does a phone call suffice in this case and if it does, will the 14 day time limit apply for the NIP to reach the new named keeper also? If this is the case, the NIP was received at least 3 weeks after the new keeper was identified. 2. Would I be right in stating that speed limits do not need to be visible at all nowadays due to a recent law change? 3. Since the A68 is littered with cameras, we do not know which camera flashed the car or even if it was a mobile speed camera that did the damage. Because at this stage we cannot identify the driver, what is the best course of action? Phone the police to request more time to identify the driver, view photographic evidence etc. The letter received by police doesn’t allow for this question to be asked and I do not know how to respond to that letter. It may also be worth noting that DVLA switched registration of the vehicle on the 5th of October or before. The V5 log book certainly has 5th of October as the date updated with a new ownership date of 24/09/2016 written on the log book. Any help would be appreciated
  19. Hi everyone, I was driving last night, i needed to take right turn but stupidly i jumped the red light. I realized when i i came in the middle of the road n then i stoped my car there . I carried on when signal became green . There was cctv camera in the front of the pool which was i m asuming monitoring yellow box junction of the other lane. I have attached some pics of that junction which shows the location of the camera . I m wondering can that cctv camera catch redlight offence or not? Thx Sorry pic is attached here ...
  20. Hi, Firstly thanks for all the help and advice in the past, I have donated previously to help keep this fantastic resource continue it's good work. As the title says I was caught on speed camera on the M25 a few months back, I immediatly pleaded guilty as I knew on that day I was over the speed limit ( I am shocked by the amount though). You will read from my letter below why I was speeding, as I say in the letter it is no defence and completely agree it was wrong, it was the first time in years I had forgot my son's vital medicine, two large mistake's in a day - which is why I held my hands up straight away, as mentioned in the letter the road was completely empty, it was near midnight and the weather was good and clear - again I realise it's not up to me to judge what speed is safe in those conditions. My concern is we are away for two weeks starting on the court day, in the requisition pack I received a yellow form saying there's no need to attend court when pleading guilty, I tried to plead online the day we received the pack, unfortunately the gov online system is not working for new cases as it's a new system, I called the number, the receptionist took my details, name, case number and told me to return the forms by post, I have filled in all paperwork and the income questionnaire and supplied proof that we are away and that my son does indeed have this disability, also proof that we had attended the London event and based on the camera time it showed that we did indeed have to leave early. I have a full clean license for nearly 30 years only ever having a past SP30 some ten years ago for 35mph in a 30 zone. I dont want to court to think I'm showing any disrespect by not attending. is there anything else you think I should do? I have included the letter text below (will get the wife to check grammar and spelling before sending) which I was going to include with my plea: I am writing with regards to the charge of driving at a speed exceeding 70 miles an hour, I wanted to ensure the court was aware that I immediately completed the first form which was addressed to my wife, I notified Kent police that I was in fact the driver and pleaded guilty to the offence, upon receiving the written charge (26th July) I tried to make a guilty plea online on the same day – having received errors online and speaking to the plead helpline – I was informed there where problems with the computer system and that my case number was one of the one’s that wouldn’t work, I left my details and have made my plea direct as enclosed. We received a court date of 8th August, My family and myself are away for two weeks starting from this date, Our relatives and helped us take this break, This has been booked for over 6 months, I have enclosed proof, I wanted to make it clear to the court that my non appearance should not be seen as any lack of respect for the court or a sign that I do not take this offence very seriously. I am a family man and have never been in trouble with the police before, I have a full clean driving license and this serious offence has brought great shame on myself which indeed reflects on my family – for this I am truly sorry. I am fully aware that this serious matter could lead to a driving ban, I am prepared to accept the courts decision and agree with what ever punishment is imposed, I have included my drivers license and even though away will not drive until I receive the courts verdict. I am shocked at the speed recorded, I know it wont help my case but I wanted to let the court know that I was aware that I was over the speed limit, I honestly didn’t realise it was by that amount, I mentioned my children, My son George received tickets to a wrestling match at the 02 arena, it is the second time just father and son have been out without the rest of the family, he has a growth disability (endocrine system non functioning purity gland, he is just one of 50 children in the UK to have this problem) every day for 16 years he has had deep tissue injections and has to take hydrocortisone tablets twice a day, the last time he missed tablets was 6 years ago and within an hour of felling unwell he was taken to East Surrey hospital where he was taken directly into intensive care, We never miss this daily tablet, George realised later during the show that he had not taken his tablet and that we didn’t have any after leaving early from the performance we also didn’t have them in the car, again this like the above offence is totally irresponsible on my part, we immediately headed home after George started to panic, my wife drove towards us and we met at junction 5 the junction after the offence took place, this is not meant to be a defence, I understand what I did was wrong, as you can see from the pictures provided, the road was completely empty and the weather was fine, dry and clear. Finally, I feel I let my family down twice on this evening when it was supposed to be a celebration, I can assure the court that this will not happen again, and I apologise to all concerned. I am willing to attend the court directly after our return should I need to to accept a ban, I will also pay the court courts and fines as soon as we return on 23rd August. Mr xxx Offence: on 18/04/2016 drove motor vehicle on a motorway at a speed in excess of 70 mph - speed recorded by means of HADECS 3 was 100mph. I am not looking for any get out's - I just want to ensure I provide the details the court requires. Thanks.
  21. Hi everyone, my car was caught by a mobile speed camera doing 35 in a 30, here is account audit trail showing time line 21.01.16 alleged offence took place 26.01.16 nip sent ( i didnt reply ) 17.02.16 reminder sent 23.02.16 letter received requesting photos 23.02.16 letter sent with photo images ( doesnt even show an outline of driver as lighting was poor ) 24.02.16 reminder sent ????? 02.03.16 driver info form returned completed ( with my name ) but stating unsure who was driving 07/03.16 letter sent to ME advising driver info form not acceptable and matter referred for court process as unsure of driver My main issue here apart from photo not showing driver ( i informed them that car was for sale at the time so could have been test driven , car did sell some weeks later ) The police officers statement ( which is clearly a template filled in on computer ) has a GLARING OMISSION , and i quote " The images reveal that on 21/01/2016 at 16:34 at INSERT LOCATION, motor vehicle blah blah " So the witness statement is unreliable surely, there's no way they can pull this guy in and he'll remember it, so i have a good case, right ? common sense suggests i do but i know they are a law unto themselves. Any feedback ? cheers
  22. Hi, I would like some advice on my next reply to the court 22/06/2015 - I receive a letter from Sheffield Police stating Alleged offence detected by camera date an time of offence 27/02/2015 @02:18am this matter will now be referred to the appropriate department for consideration by way of summons for one, or a combination of the following 1 failure to furnish driver details 2 excess points 3 driving licence not issued by DVLA Swansea 4 conditional offer not complied with 5speed recorded does not fall within guidelines for conditional offer 6 other that is the first letter I received, my response was I m in receipt of your letter dated 22/06/2015 and I would like to ask what the alleged offence is? I have had no previous communication in relation to this alleged offence, I do not understand the length of time this has taken? may I take this opportunity to reply to your points 1 I have had no request/producer that asks for this information 2 I have a clean driving licence 3 my driving licence was issued by DVLA in 1993 and is due to be renewed in 3 months time 4 what is a conditional offer ? I have not been given this opportunity 5 this seems to contradict your point 4 6 could you substantiate this statement I do not know what "other is" at the end of this letter I ask if they can furnish me with the details of the alleged offence I am missing leaving my telephone number and reminding them of my address I did not get any response from the police ( I recorded the delivery of this letter) 20/08/2015 - I received a court summons at this time I wrote again to Sheffield Police and stated that I thought it unreasonable to ignore my previous letter and issue court proceedings , I asked for copies of the original paperwork ( I recorded the delivery of this letter) I received a reply stating this is now being dealt with by the court I filled in the court paperwork which was contrary to section 172(3) of the road traffic act 1988 and schedule 2 of the road traffic offenders act 1988 - this is a failure to supply driver details , there is a copy of a blank section 172 drivers statement, this has never been received at my address there is no mention of speeding on this court summons I replied to the court and plead not guilty, with a copy of all the documents I had sent to the police, I have received a response from the court stating 1 the police would accept a guilty plea to the original offence of speeding instead of the notice offence , please respond to the court before the next hearing my question is , there is no mention in the court papers of speeding, how can the court swop offences ? I believe the Police are out of time to prosecute me for speeding as they did not send me any request for information and completely ignored my requests for information If I plead guilty to speeding I will get 4 points which is a magistrates minimum and a fine and I will not have the opportunity to undertake a speed awareness course or keep my licence clean could anyone advise me ? Thank you Caroline
  23. Hi any of you know anything about Digital cameras please? I have a Fujifilm 14 meg camera, yesterday for some reason the front bit got stuck inside the actual camera, this is the bit that normally comes out when you put the camera on so you can see what you are taking a picture of. I now get the message turn camera off then on again but nothing happens, I can hear it trying to come out but it seems stuck! Does it mean a new camera? I have had no problems with it before this and is a good camera TIA XX Sandy
  24. As an enquirers thread was being diverted I have kicked off this thread to discuss CCTV and BWC. As E Munch has highlighted ICO concerns and DPA on this thread at post# 8 http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?457929-Bristow-and-Sutor-%28Council-Tax%29-threatened-ARREST-if-not-pay-NOW...%282-Viewing%29-nbspdress happens to be right number wrong street I will kick off with the other side of the coin as in an aggressive EA is captured on a debtor's doorstep CCTV trying to intimidate a 14 year old daughter who looks 18, with no other adult present. DPA issues? and as it is a private house EA cannot demand footage destroyed and apparently no DPA issue especially if warning that CCTV is recording all visitors being displayed. Compare and contrast with DPA implications for BWC on EA capturing the same incident. Discuss
  25. Afternoon all. Just a quicky.... Just had a notification regarding the above. The notification arrived at least one month after the alleged offence. Out of interest, how long do the Police have to notify please? I think Ive read somewhere there is a set time limit? Have searched on here but cant seem to find any info on this. Cheers!
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