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  1. Can any one explain the LTI2020 laser speeding gun display. I have a photo provided of my vehicle and the display shows the normal date / time / officer ref / speed / distance but under this there are four numbers 01:17:18:18 These are displayed as I've typed them and under the main information shown in the photo. I can't seem to find anywhere what these relate to. Any info appreciated. rgds
  2. Dear all, I could do with some advice on how to respond to this. My council tax payments run until the end of March due to moving to the area mid way through the year. I have paid regularly on the 27th of every month with no missed payments. Today I received a summons with £60 additional charges for non-payment, I phoned the council and explained to them (as I did in January) that my payments are made on the 27th of the month and they confirmed that this is what they can see on their system also. So I asked why have you sent me a summons....reply because
  3. Sorry I don't see how they reflect the tax unpaid, they are late penalties for not filing the SA, there was no tax unpaid, in fact it was overpaid rgds
  4. Thanks, do you have any contact information for them ?
  5. In addition, the postman just arrived and I received a coding notice, changing my code to 1803L, no I haven't miss read it they have increased my tax free allowance to £18,033 per year, muppets on the one hand they are demanding the fines outlined above and on the other hand they increase my tax free allowance. rgds Esh
  6. OK , Here it is in detail by year Tax Year ending Apr 2012 £1778.52 , Penalties £1600, interest £21,72 , Tax £156.50 Tax Year ending Apr 2011 £1664.42 , Penalties £1600, interest £64.42, Tax £0 Overpayments: Tax Year Apr 2013 of £195.50 which has been allocated against old penalties from 2003 Tax Year Apr 2010 of £931.00 which has been allocated against old penalties from 2002/3 apologies if the figures look a little different to the previous ones quoted but first I rounded some previously and it seems that there have been adjustments made online since I log
  7. Interesting you say that, I'm not sure, I have a car loan which finishes in 2 months time and it's possible there is PPI on it but I don't have the agreement copy. I was going to request it from Lloyds and take a look. Don't think it would help me in the short term though because even if there is it takes a while to get it. On the Lloyds website http://www.blackhorse.co.uk/Motor/ComplaintsFAQ.html there is a phone number that can be used to check if there was PPI on a policy, I'll call it later today and check (have have the agreement number).
  8. Thanks, I did submit the self assessment's myself. The outstanding amounts are £1600 for yr end 2012 and £1600 for yr end 2011, these are made up of late penalties and interest, broken down as follows:- 2012 - Interest £21 Penalties £1600, 2011 interest £64.42 and penalties £1600. Interestingly there were a couple of older fines going back to 2002 !, HMRC have used the £300 they owe me against them , ie they have allocated the amount owed into 2002 to wipe out the 2002 fines. I don't think there is any chance of getting the penalties removed (would love it if there were) but I r
  9. Thanks for the replies, so an update.... I completed the outstanding Self assessments and sent them in , some years they owed me and other I owed them, it balanced out with them owing me £300 overall. In between they stopped chasing me for outstanding fines and estimates but now they have received the assessments they are once again chasing me , I received a letter from Rossingdales today. I know it's my fault but if there were no fnes or I could get the fines removed I wouldn't;t owe them anything, that's what's annoying because I pay my tax through PAYE then still hav
  10. Dear all, I'm behind with my self assessment's (stupid I know) by 7 years !!, as you can imagine I have bills from HMRC of around the £8k mark for not doing them. I accept that I haven't completed them and eventually have come round to some sensible thinking of getting it all straight, the last few years haven't been easy having been made redundant, closing a company and having a new daughter who was in intensive care for 3 months after being born but I appreciate all the personal stuff needs to go aside and HMRC probably wouldn't care anyway. So my situation:- 1/
  11. A cross over between Corporate and the subsidiary I'm working for , from a Corporate perspective they have redundancies going on and are not proceeding with new positions, however the MD of the subsidiary has insisted that he wants to proceed with the position and got round the corporate aspect to proceed. Maybe it was simply that and the position / company will still be good I'll see once I start. rgds
  12. OK, so all re instated now !, yes they have retracted the retraction !!, doesn't mean I want to work there for long though, after this mess I will be looking for another position and moving on as soon as possible but at least I will be strating there as planned. Thanks for all you comments rgds
  13. Understand, thanks. I have a call with the VP and also the MD this morning so I'll post back afterwards just to let everyone know what they say. rgds
  14. Thanks, it's actually not the financial sector not that that changes anything, I just think it's crazy, makes you ask what the point in even having an employment contract is. The thing is there should be some recourse on them, surely they can't just breach a contract and walk away. 3 days before I was due to start rgds
  15. So Emmizzi, whats the notice period then if it;s not specified in the offer, statutory or arguable, 4 week or 3 months ??
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