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  1. https://www.yorkpress.co.uk/news/17386639.car-park-cameras-suspended-after-penalising-customers-at-costa-next-door/
  2. Hi all, My dad who is a private hire driver was dropping off a passenger at birmingham airport IBIS hotel. This hotel allows passenger drop offs/pickups only by private hire drivers and is a red route in all other circumstances. My dad recieved a fine i sent off an appeal to APCOA detail that he was a private hire driver and eligible to drop off. No response was received from and in return we got a debt recovery letter. I then sent off another email to APCOA stating that i had sent an appeal but not received a response. 4 months down the line and without a response
  3. If anyone could help I’d appreciate it, We went to Birmingham to collect a friend and driving down to the 30 minute free wait the car started to jerk and pull the engine management light came on. Which forced us to pull over as was not safe to continue. We clocked their sign saying no stopping to collect or drop off. We never did we in fact stopped for two minutes maximum. Enough time to switch the engine off an start it again. The engine management light stayed on but the car seemed a slight rough but wasnt pulling or jerking. We drove up an down for a while the
  4. https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?221029-APCOA-parking-ticket&p=5076144#post5076144 Hi kbcs6dpm, May i know what's the outcome eventually? I may have a very similar incident in Northwick Park Hospital and I'm receiving endless letter of demand. Appreciate if anyone here could enlighten me please. Thank you.
  5. Hi - My daughter received a ticket from Apcoa at a railway station. Although the photos in the accompanying letter shows that there is something stuck on the windscreen she swears blind that there was nothing there when she got back to her car. She had also just moved so the letter came through to us here. Rightly or wrongly she sent them a cheque for the £80 they were demanding. Further letters had arrived from ZZPS (the phoenix which arose from Roxburgh?) saying that this had been passed to them and that she now owed £140. She rang and said that it had been paid bu
  6. Went to London for the New Year Eve celebrations and booked a Travelodge for an overnight stop. When we arrived, I attempted to pay for parking, but the machine refused to accept a card payment. Message on the screen was Network Unavailable. I brought this to the attention of the recetionist and showed him the machine ( I also took a photo on my phone ). He said can you not pay with cash and I said, no as I didn't have any on me. He then said no problem, I will email the parking company with your Reg number and you pay me cash later, obviously a little cartel going on here!! When we return
  7. Hi all Just need some valuable insight about the above PCN I received last week. I had an interview at one of the World Business Centres near Heathrow Airport at Newall Road. I was driving down from Luton, and was quite stressed about the interview. I parked my car at a private building next to the world business centre as parking at the centre was controlled by barriers. I forgot to check the parking fee and parked my car on one of the slots in that private building area. When I returned back in 45 mins after the interview there was a purple colour notice pa
  8. Hello, This morning I drove to Totnes station to get the 10:19am train to London for a few days. I had checked on Saturday that there is long-stay parking in the APCOA parking at the station and the machines do long-stay tickets and offer the option to buy tickets in advance. So you would think if you can buy a ticket in advance there would be enough space. However there were no spaces except one in the parking allocated for maximum 1 hour stay. As far as I am aware there is no other long-stay parking in Totnes and with panicking about what to do with only a few minutes before the tra
  9. Hi All, I just got a letter through the post, stating i had a ticket in August at Theale train station. This isn't my first time I have had one, its not the first time have have fought and won. So I would admit to it if I had. But on this occasion, I was not driving, I was not in the country. One of my house mates (3 insured drivers) was the culprit, all swear they did not do it. Where does this leave me? I have started the ball rolling and gone back with the APCA appeal of: ' Hello, I today received a letter claiming that I received a parking fine for this car in August (12th)
  10. Hello all, I am hoping for a little help. I received a parking ticket from APCOA for parking with no ticket at Theale train station. This happened on May 20 2015, The ticket was issued at 11:43. Without really reading anything I put in an appeal to APCOA, I knew from reading papers never to pay up for private land. My appeal: I admit this was very basic but I knew they would reject anything I put so did not really try. I am a regular Theale Parker and use the APCOA app to pay for my parking. On the date in question I parked at my usual time of 07:20, as normal once I boarded t
  11. Hi all, Glad I found this site! In November 2014 I had been given a Parking Charge Notice for parking in a what wasn't a parking area - reason for issue FGW04 - Not a parking area. The moment I came home I sent an email to APCOA to appeal as per instructions on the back of the PCN. I had then received an automatic message confirming they have got my email and that they will be in touch with the decision. This was the second time I disputed the charge - previously I was given one for parking over two bays when in fact I had just slotted my car in the available spot between
  12. I received a penalty notice from APCOA back in July (2014). The offence was shown as '05-Parked over two bays'. (My car is the Kia Soul in the photo) Having parked in they spot and in the same way for 12 months and never received a ticket, I was surprised to see one on my screen one evening. I did write to APCOA and attached photos to show that the second 'bay' that they referred to was not a bay, but an old bay that now housed the CCTV camera pole and bollards, and therefore the penalty was invalid. They responded and said they upheld the penalty charge. I called APCOA and spoke
  13. Hi all, the missus is a nurse and recently went to a night shift at a different hosipital and in her rush to get there arrived with no cash on her..... .already in a rush to make her start time she scribbbled 'staff nurse' on a piece of paper and went to work. last night received a 'Fine' in the post from apcoa requesting £60 or else... ..£100 if not within a certain time frame. Pictures of the car on the letter including the hastily written note. is there any other course of action other than pay the 60 quid? obviously they have her bang
  14. I took my disabled dad for a long procedure last week at Northwick Park Hospital in Harrow (Greater London). I parked at what I thought was a disabled parking space, displayed the blue badge properly as required. When my dad finished his procedure and we got back to the car around 4 hours later (still within time limit imposed), to my horror I saw a parking charge notice stuck on the windscreen wiper. I was astonished and dad was very upset. The guy parked next to me told me he was here yesterday and saw another car given a parking charge notice- apparently he said where I parked was meant to
  15. APCOA own the car park at the hospital I work in, to park in these spaces you require a permit but I heard from other staff that they have all received letters through about parking in these spaces and nothing has ever came of it. In January of this year, I parked in one of these spaces and received a parking ticket however I took my colleagues advice and never paid this. A few months ago I received a letter through which has photographs of my car on it asking for the money, I also ignored this. Today I received a letter from Roxburghe (Debt Collectors
  16. Hi Zerospeed How did this pan out, with you? My wife has circa 40 tickets dating back to 08/09, Usual letter, calls etc which have stoped for a while- However she has today had to have ameeting with HR & her manager regarding these tickets and advised that a letter will be going on her file, if she receives one more fine they will start disiplinary proceedings. She has paid a permit since being employed by the trust, but due to the hospital renovations/development parking always has been unavailable for the number of staff on duty, this is still a problem experienced today.
  17. Hi, My partner works in a hospital and often has to attend emergencies. Unfortunately she has accrued 20 parking tickets this year from APCOA. Judging from advice from the internet, we decided not to pay as they are a private company, and it appears from advice on this and other forums they cannot enforce payment. We received multiple threatening letters from APCOA, but ignored them based upon the above advice. Today we have received a court summons from APCOA threatening us with court action if we do not pay the fine (now accrued to £3000). I just wanted to kno
  18. I have received letters from the pair of the above recently so I decided to read through the POFA sections. I notice that in section 8 it states that : 8(1)A notice which is to be relied on as a notice to keeper for the purposes of paragraph 6(1)(a) is given in accordance with this paragraph if the following requirements are met. (f)warn the keeper that if, at the end of the period of 28 days beginning with the day after that on which the notice to keeper is given— (i)the amount of the unpaid parking charges (as specified under paragraph © or (d)) has not been paid in full, and
  19. Not overly concerned about this but thought I would post the situation and an interesting link. I took my father to hospital for an appointment and dropped him at the entrance about 11:00am and then went to park the car to save him the walk back, found the parking spot went and put £3 in the machine for upto 6 hours parking, went back to the car and put the ticket in the dashboard. Returned to the car at about 12:00 and found a ticket, I had only gone and put the ticket upside down on the dashboard, and after checking my ticket it had only took £1 of my money and issue
  20. Hi, I'm new to this group, so sorry if I have posted something incorrectly. I recently received a PARKING CONTRAVENTION CHARGE NOTICE from APCOA for 04-Not parked in a designated parking area. The carpark was full and I parked my car at the end of a line, where I was causing no obstruction whatsoever, there just happened to be no parking bay for my car. I also paid for my ticket. APCOA are requesting I either pay £50 in 14 days or £75 within 28 days else in the event of non-payment, APCOA will apply to the DVLA for registered vehicle keeper details to facilitate the recover
  21. Hi Hi guys Some quick help please appreciated.... parked in a hotel car park operated by APCOA in early august I believe and now receiving letters from those 2 firms. 1 from APCOA , 2 letters received from Roxburghe and 2 from GPB solicitors LLP. Shall I ignore? Thanks
  22. My Mrs took me to Luton airport, it was dark and we were unfamiliar with the layout, she dropped me off (like 10 seconds) and shot off home. I was only picking up a hire car, I had no suitcases or anything. Almost a month later a later from APCOA "PARKING CHARGE NOTICE" needless to say I was fuming........ ok yes I wasn't in the correct dropping off zone but we weren't to know, and anyway if you was stopping to drop off passengers with suitcases you'd be there like 5 mins or so, whereas I was a quick 10 seconds. decided to contest it, have written a stiff letter saying I didn't think
  23. Hi All, First post on the site and hope that someone can help me with this one. Earlier this year I was unfortunate enough to receive a PCN from APCOA for picking up in the roadway just outside the designated pick-up area. This has vey quickly resulted in a letter from Roxburghe, and now Graham White solicitors, with strong hints about court action. The fee has reached £131. On the day in question I used the pick-up area, paying my £1, but my passenger was unable to locate me within the allotted 10 minutes. Pedestrian signage is poor, it seems. I drove out into the road
  24. Hi All alid ticket and a Staff NHS I parked on a roadside within the local hospital in a row with around 12 other cars, no yellows, no emegency traffic flow, not able to find a space for 1 hour 15 mins. The above notice put on my windcreen even though my vehicle clearly shows a valid ticket and also a staff NHS permit, albeit for part of the hospital that has yet to relocate to the new super hub (lol) £40 fine or £15 if paid now, on principle of their pettiness and given the amount of parking spaces that are occupied by hundrens of construction vehicles and skips rubble etc due t
  25. Today, I forgot to display my disabled badge while parked in Terminal 5 at Heathrow. I got hold of the parking attrentant five minutes after he issued the PEN, showed him my valid badge plus my driving licence for id purposes. He said he couldn't revoke the penalty himself only APCOA Parking in Uxbridge could do it, wrote 'Verified' with a short scribbled signature on the car park exit ticket. He further suggested I write to APCOA sending copies of my badge, driving licence , exit car park ticket bearing his. .scribbling reassuring me that they will cancel the c
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