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  1. also can people already gharged get a refund as it is illegal to charge
  2. and have they still got the signs up on there car parks which must be against the law if they cant offer you a contract
  3. we have a voluntary car transport scheeme for hospital trips but it cost you £39 to be taken
  4. she should have gone back in the stores and asked for a refund and told them why this would make them aware of the trade they could loose
  5. how come the parking comps. can still put signs with penalties on them instead of actual losses its ok saying dont pay them but how many people still dont now they cant charge you these amounts and are still paying them if the law says they can only claime actual losses then these signs should be removed
  6. So you charge the landowner for your service and no one parkes there you have done your job but the landowner would be out of pocket you wont make a living out of that unless you are overcharging the landowner
  7. they are based in strait street in valleta malta bombard malta goverment with the emails
  8. and most of the wording of the act refers to parking charges i thought the act was to protect private land from parking not let them make a living out of it
  9. this still does not answer the question what price are they allowed to put on there signs the actual loss which they can prove or any price they want the law says they can only charge actual losses
  10. as anyone told the univercity that the contract is null and void as soon as they use the word fine which none of them can do
  11. this is on car parks what about private land which the new law is about. so what you are saying they can still put the signs that say if you park here you will have to pay £80 or any charge they want the law says they can only charge acual losses
  12. Do the parking comp. have to put signs up stating what there actual losses are or is it still down to contract law where they put there own charges on if they go by the new law they have to charge actual losses
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