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  1. "59. Enforcement agents must only use a door or usual means of entry to enter premises." This comes from the National Standards and must be read in conjunction with Para 3 which states: 3. We recognise this document is not legally binding, but offer it as a helpful tool for the industry and for creditors which, it is hoped, will inform their own arrangements and against which they may benchmark their professional standards.
  2. Received a letter from them. The text is so small had to use a magnify glass.
  3. Well despite assurances that all was put on hold I then receive: 1 - a message informing me account now transferred to their external debt collectors 2 - an extra message to tell me tha account has been transferred to the First Utility Collection Dept Begs the question do they know which DCA they are going to use. Seems that the initials from First Utility are very apt - FU, answers on a tiny postcard.
  4. This may answer your query - http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2013/1894/regulation/20/made
  5. before you submit then please do as Bankfodder says as you never know it could be Statute Barred and where did all the documentation go to - an old address perhaps?
  6. If he is going to have to pay then best to get in first and submit Form N245 to the Court where his disposable income - if any - and could end up offering £5 per month to them. They well may object but the Court will have the final say whether they like it or not and as long as payments are made on time - they can of course apply every 6 months or so to increase it but if things haven't changed then tough on them. The Form can be dowloaded and would probably assume he would qualify to have the application fee waived - see Form EX160 for this. The Court Form has a simple I&E that must be filled out. Forgot to mention if they have applied for a Warrant then the N245 is a dual purpose form that allows you to apply to suspend the Warrant.
  7. Surely part of the solution is to make your own submissions on the subject.
  8. It is a very common problem particularly with Signed For. Often the postman may sign for it and shove it through the door, then forget to update Track & Trace when he has finished.
  9. Could explain the sudden rush of Claims over recent weeks for the most stupid of reasons.
  10. The following was given Royal Assent on 15 March 2019 with a new Code of Practice to follow https://www.gov.uk/government/news/drivers-to-receive-greater-protection-against-rogue-private-parking-operators
  11. Thanks for that. I have tried Resolver previously and am no fan of how they do it. I took the time this morning to go through everything with a fine toothcomb & lo & behold it appears I am owed money from them. Let's see what happens.
  12. The chances are it has been delivered but Track & Trace not updated.
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