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  1. Looking online, it's around £589.99 to replace the phone, so I intend to send an updated letter before action for that amount very shortly.
  2. Thanks, it was in excellent condition, so going by prices online and going by Music Magpie's prices, it's £589.99
  3. No, they didn't grade it but i took photos to prove it was in excellent condition, just for proof and to make sure it wasn't downgraded by them when they received it and I even put a note in with the phone stating i had taken pictures for my information and incase there were any issues.
  4. On Music Magpie they are selling a very good condition one for £539.99, the one sent to them was in very good condition.
  5. iPhone X 64GB Silver, it was on EE but it needs to be Vodafone or unlocked.
  6. I paid £350 for the phone from Cash Converters, I still have the online receipt.
  7. On Amazon etc, a new one is £899, a refurb is £504.
  8. Sorry BankFodder, I thought I could only claim for what they were supposed to have paid me, also, there's so many different prices online, which do I go by? New or refurbished etc? Thank you.
  9. Ok, can I change that, or is it too late now that I have asked for the amount that they were due to pay me?
  10. I have sent a letter before action, I am claiming for the full amount that Music Magpie would have paid me for the phone.
  11. Thank you for the replies, yes, I received an email on Friday stating the address that they had sent it to and there was no house number, so that will be good enough. I could do without the hassle, I think Royal Mail have messed up by delivering it to a random house, I have no idea why they have done that, surely you would hold onto it before just delivering it to any house on my street, which is quite big. It's also a shame that the person who has got it has been dishonest and committed theft, police should be involved in something like that.
  12. Recently, I purchased an iPhone from Cash Converters online, it was locked to EE. I attempted to get it unlocked on Ebay, was told they couldn't do it I have a Vodafone pay monthly sim I couldn't change network, I had two options, return it under the 14 day return policy with Cash Converters or sell it. I sent it to Music Magpie to sell, only to be informed that it was lost or stolen, I contacted CheckMend who confirmed that it isn't lost/stolen but it is under AssetWatch, meaning it was purchased from EE and is under 6 months old, technically EE still own the phone. CheckMend sent me an email to send to Music Magpie informing them to send the phone back to me as Music Magpie stated they would dispose of the phone within 14 days. I informed Cash Converters of this, they apologised and stated that when Music Magpie sent it back to me, I can send it back to them for a full refund. However, this is the important bit, Music Magpie sent it back to me on Wednesday via Royal Mail Tracked 48 hour delivery, I received a delivery notification on Friday morning that it had been delivered. but no-one knocked here or attempted to deliver, there's no signature it seems it is tracking only, but the phone has gone somewhere else. Music Magpie put the correct name and postcode, but they only put the street name and not the house number, Royal Mail have delivered it to someone else, why would Royal Mail even attempt to deliver an item that they aren't sure as to where it was going? And the postman would have had to have picked a random house to deliver it to, why didn't Royal Mail hold it until they could confirm the actual address? Music Magpie have apparently logged it with Royal Mail for an investigation, however, if I don't receive the phone back, I expect Music Magpie to pay me fully for the phone, I take it that I can start a small claims action against them if they don't refund me? Thank you for your time and I hope for some answers to assist me in this matter.
  13. The other concerning issue is that they received it Friday morning, I wasn't infomed of the supposedly signs of use on the phone (which i deny) until Monday 26th August 2019.
  14. Yes I'm already aware of the Charge back procedure, but that's generally for faulty goods etc and if Cash Converters want to stand by what they have said then out of principal I want to take them to Court as I believe I have a good case and it would be interesting to see what happens. If I wasn't confident then I wouldn't file but given the circumstances I think I can win. My photos have timestamps on and I would provide them to the Court as evidence. But I think I can win under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 and the Consumer Contracts Regulations regardless of that. It just depends whether Cash Converters want it to end up in Court or not, if they don't then they will settle it before I file the claim, as they will receive the Letter Before Action this week.
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