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  1. To be honest you would have been better off ringing the Bailiffs Office yourself and telling them you have submitted an application, they can then look out for it and in the majority of cases will put to one side until the application is heard.
  2. You do need to provide proof of all this. For illnesses a letter from a medical professional who has diagnosed/treated the condition(s). For bereavements an original death certificate - not a photocopy.
  3. Well it looks as if we are now sorted. I'll reveal more in a couple of weeks or so after cheque clears.
  4. As sad as it may have been I hear they have caught the arsonist that did it. She says she has been upset by the French Presidents attitude of late and wanted to get her own back. Apparently she is British & lives in London in Downing Street.
  5. There is a good forum for discussing Motability cars - good and bad @ http://tinyurl.com/yxtugtbu
  6. If it were me I'd have gone for one of the sister cars - Nissan Qashqai. Never did like Renaults colours particularly there take on what you say is brown/black, don't see how the can call that orange unless I need to go to Specsavers again.
  7. I don't doubt Hoseasons Insurance will look after them rather than their customers. For a death they will need a death certificate - usually an original rather than a copy. Have you seen the terms of their Cancellation Insurance?
  8. Did you not have Travel Insurance for this break? Does your bank account not offer Travel Insurance as part of your account package?
  9. I would imagine they may be refusing because the death although very sad is not classed as a close family member. For the children you would need to provide a letter from your GP - which will probably be chargeable - to prove their illnesses.
  10. I would guess the manager wil try to bamboozle & browbeat any complaints.
  11. These types of chairs usually have a metal sub-frame and have 1 or 2 electric motors in them. Doesn't seem to matter how much upholstery tey use but I always find them very hard and uncomfortable. You are right in your thought that after time they will give a little. It used to be they were only available from the likes of HSL as mobility aids but most furniture retailers have there own version. In my view DFS have been not very forthcoming about it.
  12. Is this supposed to be the "rise & fall" type of chair?
  13. There is a glossary of abbreviations @ but it needs updating as surprisingly OP is not listed in the "O's"
  14. In case of an arrangement they should be asking you if you will accept what is offered. They should also be securing the debt by Taking Control of Goods so should they default they can then remove & sell them to satisfy what is owing - the value of the goods should be worth at least 5x what they owe. In case of instalments there is no added costs to yourself. Instead payments are made on say a 65/35 split which is you receiving the greater share and the rest going towards fees. Obviously this extends the number of payments that have to be made. Personally if it were me I would be looking for a minimum payment of £100 per month and preferably £250.
  15. This is something I have become aware of over the last few months. Most ecig hardware products only carry a 3 month manufacturers guarantee (some only 30 days). I have become aware of some ecigs failing because the charging ports fail because of constant plugging or unplugging, others where the in-built battery fails and on strip down found to be non-standard or unavailable, more because the fire button fails - hard to tell if they are made with inferior micro-switches. Most of these devices are probably classed as disposable as the cost of repair is quite high. Many of the outlets selling these are "specialist" shops run by individuals and the few "national" chains seem to have very young staff as employees. I assume the great majority of these outlets try to hide behind the manufacturers guarantee and try to pretend the Consumer Rights Act does not apply to them. Quite a few of the faults I have seen occur just after the 3 month guarantee runs out. The attitude of staff to this seems to be "tough, nothing I can do" and try to flog them another device costing between £20 - £80 - a nice little earner for them. If this has affected anyone here then you should stick to your guns and get them to adhere to the CRA, the manufacturers guarantee should be in addition to your Consumer Rights and not a replacement for them.
  16. Good to hear you got a result. " This is an emerging area of the law and very few legal precedents have been set so far." Care to expand on the above?
  17. I would also assume that you get an afternoon boost to the night rate - as the Low Rate lists both Rate 2 & Rate 4. Have you had chance to do as requested re turning everything off yet? I would say that your Low Rate looks as if it is OK but your normal rate is racking up approx 1000 units per month. Do you know which Eon Plan you are on and do you also know how much you are paying per Kwh
  18. Looking at your bill I assume you have the likes of an Economy 7 meter where you have 2 rates - daytime & nightime. It would appear from the readings that your nightime (Low rate) seems OK but your daytime (Normal rate) is excessively high - unless of course they have been transcribed the wrong way round. You need to do as ericsbrother has suggested in Post 6. What sort of heating do you have - storage radiators perhaps?
  19. If you have only been with them since September have they used the meter reading you gave them on joining or a "deemed reading given by the industry"?
  20. They will tell you the moon is made of cheese if they think it will make you pay. Have you checked with the Council to see what (if anything) they have done with your payment - if they have forwarded it on and Jacobs have taken a sum for their fees, then you still have an amount outstanding left to pay.
  21. The saga continues - FU are no more they have been rebranded as Shell Energy - strangely the Chief Exec is a Mr Crooks - or am I reading too much into the name. The update is there is no update but if they were to send me a bill would I pay that while they continued to look into my concerns. Let's just say the answer wasn't that polite especially as I told them that according to my calculations they actually owed me money + the substantial compensation I will be expecting from them. The whole problem was caused by them but they now deny this because neither my previous or present supplier will now engage with them. What an absolute shambles.
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