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  1. me again... a letter from Zenith Collections this time ... reduced sum to £70 (from £150) for 14 days ... it says it is their intention to collect this debt and pursue it to a legal conclusion if necessary. Who are these guys and do I ignore them like DR+ or not? Thanks
  2. just a quick update: got another letter offering us (my wife) a discounted rate to settle the account. If she doesn't pay by the 17th they will send it back to APCOA for consideration for court proceedings... letter from DRP ... still nothing to worry about??
  3. Correct! We do live in a set of flats, so there is a chance it got lost in the post, frankly... but I won't admit to that
  4. As I mentioned, this was the second time I had to appeal - different tickets in the span of 6 months. The first time round I sent my reg number and my name - that one was cancelled. The second one (the one now in question) I only sent the parking charge notice number and my first name in the email thinking they can easily pull up the previous email and find the rest of the details out. Thinking about it, it would seem they haven't put two and two together even though I said 'it was disappointing I am having to write to you again'. The automatic email which was sent to me also contained instructions to send them my full name, full address, car reg number and parking charge notice number. I had ignored that thinking it's all on the ticket anyway (they had a photo of my car included in the yellow thingy they stuck to my window)... and I really didn't know why they would need my address so wasn't gonna give them that anyway!
  5. Hi all, Glad I found this site! In November 2014 I had been given a Parking Charge Notice for parking in a what wasn't a parking area - reason for issue FGW04 - Not a parking area. The moment I came home I sent an email to APCOA to appeal as per instructions on the back of the PCN. I had then received an automatic message confirming they have got my email and that they will be in touch with the decision. This was the second time I disputed the charge - previously I was given one for parking over two bays when in fact I had just slotted my car in the available spot between two cars. So I was used to the process.... that ticket was cancelled. I fully expected the same this time. To confirm, I had paid the parking for the whole day. I had parked in the designated car park area, but not in one of the drawn parking bays. The car was not unsafely parked, it was not blocking the passage or other cars nor was the piece of tarmac marked as a none parking spot. About a third of the normal parking bays were sectioned off for heavy machinery, so already small car park had even less spaces to park and was badly overflowing. Other drivers have been parking in the same spot where my car was for the two weeks before hand without issues. That day they issued about 20 tickets for anyone that was not in the marked bays. I sent all this info in the email to them and waited. Nothing happened for months so I chucked the PCN. 2 weeks ago (while we were on hols) they sent a setter from Debt Recovery Plus Ltd saying my wife (who is the registered keeper) owes APCOA £150 and that they will take her to court - all the normal blab. Yesterday we had another letter saying they will send her to court if she doesn't pay by the 1st July. Obviously, I don't want to pay anything as they had lost no business that day nor could I had known I can't park where I parked (the car park is a ruin in most places). But if I have no grounds on which to appeal then please let me know ... Also how do I change this from my wife to my name as she is rather disturbed by it all. Many thanks in advance!
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