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  1. Hi , I was billed for electric and they did not provide gas , I requested DUEL FUEL, and they never provided it, the main concern is that they have billed me at the address I was due to move into only the sale fell through so I deem not liable at all ?? It is showing on my credit files as a default, spoke to them on numerous occasions to get it removed they say they will, objections sent to each CRA, they state Scottish Power never respond
  2. Hi All Is there a representative from Scottish power on cag ? Andy
  3. Hi, are there any official reresenration from Scottish Power on CAG ? Regards A Glover
  4. Blue badge holders are allowed, no PCN has been received, only after making a call to the council did they tell me yes one should have been inside a sealed envelope in a plastic cover ? I am in a bit of a panick now as 14 days are up on 5th July . I took photos of my badge clearly displayed when I got back to my car Any further help would be most appreciated
  5. Thank you Michael, they have stated there was a ticket in the open envelope, blue badge was displyed too
  6. Hi dx Yes it does, I also rang them and they confirmed their was a ticket issued in the open envelope.... My Blue Badge was most definately on show too AG
  7. Hi Team I have been issued a parking ticket whilst being parked on a council car park, visiting the council, clearly displaying a valid disabled badge My probleb is, i have had to find out from parking as to the fine as it was an unsealed,non bagged envelope put under my windscreen wiper with NO contents Where do I stand and what is my next move ? Regards Andy
  8. Hi CAG I hope you can offer me some advice .... I rented a property out to tenants only put it in the hands of an sent to look after the obvious, after 9 months I have terminated my contract with the agents, 3 months prior to the initial 12 months as it has become an unworkable relationship between me and the agent and more to the fact the tenant has requested numerous issues to be re citified, not all internal issues, only finance issues which has led into my guaranteed rent not ever being paid on time , no explanation why etc and me carrring out minor issues with the property. Now bec
  9. There was NO ticket issued at all ? Just a hand written piece of paper stating I have been reported, frantically trying to find it and the details of my visit to the said business ie the local paper, misplaced due to house move, surely the court can contact the paper direct to confirm this ??
  10. Sorry for the delay in replying, had letters from Gladstone solicitors, rang them on numerous occasions, brick wall, it was sent to court, I responded, court replied no further action unless DE LTD want to proceeded, they have and their solicitors say no mediation ? Got to get a response to Northampton by Apri 2 .
  11. I recently parked on a piece of land for the purpose of visiting the local newspaper for a meeting with the Advertising manager , only a quick visit as he was off sick. Parked in the customer section after 7 mins returned to my vehicle, disabled badge showing also, sign clearly stars for customers only, to be blocked in by an abusive white van man who started shouting at for illegal parking and under the wiper blade was a hand written note telling me I have been issued with a ticket ?? No ticket? Now they have taken me to court ?? Is this legal ? D
  12. Hi I do not have a tennants agreement for where I reside as I am a live in carer for a person with late stage MS. I own nothing in the property but my clothes , a tablet and mobile phone . My allowance gets transferred to pay my rent and I receive ESA. Given the above and the fact and i pay the council an agreed amount , never faltered, they say that as I did not respond to an update of circumstances letter , sent in Nov 2014, they transferred it to Rossendales. Although all council tax and benefit comms are sent to my current address it transpires from a phone call made yesterday
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