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Found 19 results

  1. i had to pay marston money, called them and aranged the payment to be taken in 3 instalments… i thought all was done and dusted i just received a call that i hadnt paid the full amount, and that i must have messed up aranging it with my bank. although i didnt contact my bank at all, i only aranged it through marston themselves and even confirmed at the end of the original call that everything was sorted. the guy i spoke to (called me on a mobile number) said i hadnt paid in full however i had aranged the direct debits with marston who failed to take the full amount in the last payment. they took money, and the full amount was available at the time, they just didn't take enough which i found out just now after checking my bank statement. after informing him that i had aranged it with the marston call centre, he told me he will send an enforcement agent and that i would owe another £265 (ish) didn't ask me to pay the extra before saying this, just jumped straight to that after i said i had arranged for the payments to be taken and it must be the fault if the company. apparently, its my responsibility for marston to take the correct amount according to this guy. what are my rights here? guy was pretty rude calling me son and pal and making it out to be entirely my fault and not the fault of marston.
  2. I was shocked by the pipe bombs sent to prominent Democrats in the US this week. It seems that the US isn't the only place where politicians especially are subjected to abuse; Diane Abbot has been talking about this. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2018/oct/23/crimes-mps-uk-online-intimidation-abuse I don't condone violence for any reason and especially not over politics. Why can't people just agree to differ?
  3. Hello all. I am hoping for a bit of advice please. I received a very worrying letter from Walker Love today advising that I owe their client £396 (the original creditor was Next Directory...but I believe this is now owned by Lowell). The default took place in 2014 and at the time I was suffering from chronic illness that meant I fell behind with payments. You know the story...it ended in the default. I never denied my debt.. .I emailed and called offering payment several times and was dismissed. ..I was told that their agents would be in touch. Several months later it was sold to Lowell for pence to the pound. I have not paid them a penny to date. I know that Walker Love are sheriff officers.. .and wonder about the seriousness of their letter? I would rather make payment in small amounts than face any further damage to my credit file. I have already suffered for several years now for my silly mistake. My question is how to proceed with them to avoid further hassle? I cant afford the full payment, bills aside I have very limited disposable income.
  4. Hi, I have received a letter from solicitors regarding 8 metres of fabric that I sold on eBay and Etsy claiming that I import and sell counterfeit products. I bought this fabric online to make curtains and then changed my mind and decided to sell them myself... They're asking for over £2,000 and the total selling price of the fabric was £250... I don't know what to do! Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you
  5. Hey everyone, I need your help, today I received an email from IAS (Known as Independence Appeal Service) that my appeal for unfair car park charge have been dismissed after I was told that the appeal would take a week but it take them two days for them to dismissed my appeal. Here is what it said: Dear Chris, The Independent Appeals Service (IAS) has received a decision from the Independent Adjudicator regarding your recent appeal for the below PCN. Parking Charge Number (PCN): XXXXXXXXX Vehicle Registration: XXXXXXX Date Issued: 2015-11-10 Appeal Outcome: Dismissed The Adjudicators comments are as follows: "I cannot allow the appeal on the basis put forward. It is difficult to follow the Appellant’s submissions but I believe they are arguing that they have been given an incorrect permit, although it is not clear from whom they received this permit. In any event the contractual terms advertised on the signs make it clear that any driver parking without displaying a valid permit agrees to pay the charge. The Appellant claims to have a visitor permit, but they were not displaying this, nor have they provided any evidence that they are entitled to a permit. Even if I accept the Appellant’s submissions, it would not change the contractual terms. If the Appellant does not have a valid permit they may park as they did and pay the charge or park elsewhere. They chose the former, and the appeal is dismissed. "As your appeal has been dismissed, the Independent Adjudicator has found, upon the evidence provided, that the parking charge was lawfully incurred. As this appeal has not been resolved in your favour, the IAS is unable to intervene further in this matter. The Operator must now allow you 14 days to make payment before they commence any action to enforce the charge. Should you continue to contest the charge then you should consider obtaining independent legal advice. Yours Sincerely The Independent Appeals Service
  6. After checking out of a property about 9 months ago (after a 2 year and 5 month tenancy) we received a letter of claim from the landlady. We negotiated through the Agents and came to an amount which we both agree to be a fair deduction from the deposit. (Although we believe we were very generous). The Landlady refused any offer and said that she want to take this to court, and after 9 months send her letter of demand. She refused any input from a mediator like the TDS and did not even received our responses to the agent about a number of the issues on the list of claims. Therefore her claim do include things which are irrelevant because of her lack of knowledge as a result of her refusal for any negotiation. The deposit was £1600 (which now has been fully returned to us) but she claim £8300+. Many of the high claim items is round figures plucked out of thin air and zero information where it come from (like quotations, costings, etc.) and there is anyway no way that, should we agree to the issue, that the cost will even come to close the amount she claim. A solicitor send her a letter asking for calculations and evidence where the cost is coming from. The solicitor also pointed out to her that the court will frown on her refusal for negotiation. Her response once again illustrated that she is clueless with once again nothing to substantiate her amounts. I am very happy to see her in court and many of her claims will be very easy to shoot down but I have a few questions. Filing a claim of this amount and going to a hearing will be expensive. We will make her a reasonable offer (on the same basis as before) but what will happen to this costs? If the judge accept our proposal, or order an amount slightly more, will be require to pay these costs? I will really appreciate it if someone can give me more clarity on this.
  7. Hello, My dog was in the car and think he may have knocked ticket off the dash as it wasn't a sticky one...dog not in any pictures taken so cannot prove he was there, however you only need to smell my car to know : ) I still have the ticket which was 50p and fine is now £100! I sent a picture of ticket the same day but was rejected, applied to POPLA who also rejected it...I am now on second or third threatening court letter...this ones says unless I pay by 23rd June it goes to their solicitors : ( Don't mind going to court but have no idea how much this would cost if I have to pay for the fine and their and mine court fees etc...not sure if I should cough up rather than fork out a grand??? How likely is it they will take me to court, is my case a tomato, and if I end up with egg on my face will I need to rob a bank?
  8. My Council (North East Lincolnshire) obtained a liability order on 30 October 2015 to enforce whatever sum it considered was outstanding at the time of the court hearing. In a letter received 13 November 2015 the council proposed the following payment arrangement which included an amount which I dispute (£120) and am not willing to pay: The following was sent to the council on 10 November and although the council aims to respond in 10 working days there has not yet been a reply. I have not agreed to the council's rescheduled instalment plan (01-Dec-2015 – £100.66) and continued making payments as per usual. It looks as though they'll be sending the bailiffs round as I have no income to which they can attach deductions. However, I have had no further communications from the council regarding this and wonder if they see the futility in appointing bailiffs when they know they have no possibility of obtaining the disputed outstanding sum.
  9. My husband has filed N1 form against his mortgage lender for unfair charges after they rejected his initial claim. We have received a bundle from them last week followed by a threatening letter yesterday saying charges are fair and he would be liable for their costs if he does not discontinue his claim by a deadline given. What does he do next. Should he continue with the claim or write a letter to reduce the amount of initial claim and what case law can he prove to back up his rights on this. Thank you in advance
  10. I have noticed on various programmes, EA's threatening Bankruptcy in cases where they cannot get peaceful entry, the Debtor seems to know their rights, and there is either no car, or the car is on finance etc. I thought with Bankruptcy it is a big "no no" and a risk to licence etc to use Bankruptcy/threats of bankruptcy purely as a debt collection tool. But just as importantly, if they are doing this in the hope of securing their fees, surely this is against the best interests of their clients? Legally speaking, I would assume an EA could do a land registry search to see if the debtor's name is on the house, but I was under the impression they cant do for example credit reference checks, and would not know if there was a large mortgage outstanding. So by issuing a Statutory Demand, and going ahead with it, the creditor could find themselves only unable to collect more than a few pennies on the debt, if even that (if debtor owes loads of creditors) It seems to me that people whom EA's threaten with bankruptcy should complain to the various licencing bodies. in some cases it might even be better to wind up the EA etc until they do go the BR route, rather than paying the fees yourself. I wonder if any sort of offence, or whatever would be committed now, that the debt at which BR can be issued has risen - i wonder if all the EA's understand that, so threatening BR for a debt under the new amount (is it 5,000?) could very easily be seen as using BR threats as a debt collection tool, and an attempt to unlawfully intimidate the debtor.
  11. quick question. bailiffs clamp my friends car over unpaid council ticket. he sat in the car and bailiff called the police. informed him he was committing the offence of obstructing an enforcement officer and will be arrested. officers radioed control who said to go ahead and arrest them can they do this
  12. I received a penalty notice from APCOA back in July (2014). The offence was shown as '05-Parked over two bays'. (My car is the Kia Soul in the photo) Having parked in they spot and in the same way for 12 months and never received a ticket, I was surprised to see one on my screen one evening. I did write to APCOA and attached photos to show that the second 'bay' that they referred to was not a bay, but an old bay that now housed the CCTV camera pole and bollards, and therefore the penalty was invalid. They responded and said they upheld the penalty charge. I called APCOA and spoke to someone, who located my letter and actually agreed that I shouldn't have been fined as it wasn't a parking space. I also looked around online and saw that a lot of other people were having issues with APCOA and their 'fines'. I ignored their letters for more money, and was disgusted when they increased the fee from £60 to £155 because I hadn't paid them. Their letters stopped towards the end of August. This morning however I received a letter from a company called SCS (Small Claims Solicitors) based in Martin lane, London, stating that if I don't pay then their client will consider issuing legal proceedings. Also on the letter, it now states that I had two tickets issued, consecutive reference numbers, both on the same day, for the same car, in the same car park for the same offence - I must be good to be able to do this! They now claim I owe them £310!!! Has anyone else ever encountered SCS before, and should I be concerned? The letter threatens CCJ and attachment of earnings - I didn't think that a parking fine can result in such things? Any advice or assistance would be really appreciated, Thanks - Kaygee
  13. Many drivers face a fine of £1,000 if they fail to update their photo-card driving licences, according to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency. It started issuing photo-card licences 15 years ago and more than 30 million drivers now have one. These are usually valid for 10 years and there is a legal requirement for drivers to renew the photograph at the same time as they renew their licence. However, two million drivers have failed to do this. And this means they could be fined up to £1,000 should they be pulled over by the police, who then discover that the photo and licence is out of date. Even failing to notify the DVLA that you have changed address could be costly. Photo-card driving licences are set to become mandatory in 2015, when new paper licences are officially phased out. Link
  14. Hi i got a letter from restons solicitors a couple of days ago asking for 348 pounds for a debt ive never heard off. i send them the prove it letter, they write back saying weve seen this type of letter before and its not legally binding... ...so they say were going to issue legal proceeding now ...im thinking this is just a scare tactic, i mean how can they take me to court for a debt ive never acknowledged, have no details and they dont provide any... .are they for real... Can anyone advise with a suitable reply please. The debt has no dates or details jus says "arrow global guernsey ltd". ...never heard of them...... Thanks in advance.... Cheers jiggy
  15. Hi I'm currently on maternity leave and has to hand my phone into the office - this has meant someone else having my usual mobile phone for the last month! Today as recorded a text looking for me and threatening to report the goods stolen to police if I didn't call him by tomorrow morning. I have actually missed my direct debit this month which I know is my responsibility - payment comes out on 1st every month and this is the first month I have missed it (my last payment is July 2014 so I'm a fair way into my contract). I will probably not be in a position now to bring the payments up to date now until 20th (next Friday) and I have never been behind or missed a dd before with BAYV. I am disturbed however that they can contact the police to say I have stolen goods?!?! Another thing - I moved house a year ago. Was I supposed to inform Them as he mentioned this to my colleague too. Thanks for your help. Just want to get it resolved now but it's also got the added embarrassment of my work now being aware that I am in potential financial difficulties and have people chasing for money.
  16. hi everyone, i have an problem and hoping to find a solution here. I sold some items on ebay and the listing was removed by the company through ebay VERO. i contacted the company who removed the listing and they told me i can't sell that item as they say its counterfeit. I received a letter from pb legal solicitors after a few months asking for £550 legal cost and all the profit i made by selling these items. I know someone already discussed a similar issue with the same solicitors in 2010/2011 but I don't know if that person paid the solicitors, ignored them or negotiated with them. Please advise what steps i need to take to escape this problem. many thanks
  17. Many drivers face a fine of £1,000 if they fail to update their photo-card driving licences, according to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency. It started issuing photo-card licences 15 years ago and more than 30 million drivers now have one. These are usually valid for 10 years and there is a legal requirement for drivers to renew the photograph at the same time as they renew their licence. However, two million drivers have failed to do this. More ...
  18. So i ordered some snapback caps from china via ali express, i genuinly did not realise they were fake at the time(but after reading into it a bit more now, i believe they are). They were sold through eBay. I sold maybe 12-15 'New Era' ones. Two listings were took down by eBay under the request of 'New Era inc'. I then received a letter stating I have sold and offered the sale of a quantatiy of counterfit New Era hats and this constitutes civil trade mark infringement. They want me to: Sign and comply with an undertakings letter(via post). Provide details of any counterfit goods in my possesion including where they are located. Deliver any counterfit goods to them. Provide details of the person/company who supplied them with any copies of documentation relating to the supply. The undertakings letter states that I am agreeing to(if signed): Immediately cease what I am doing. Disclose any stock that i have Within 7 days of signing the undertakings, deliver any goods in my possesion. And supply them with full details of items delivered up to date, names and addresses of suppliers, total number and vbalue of stock imported and copies of any relevent purchase/sale documentation. Also to pay an amount to be agreed on to compensate as an account of profits. Any help would be a MASSIVE help!! The letter is just signed from 'Brand Protection' Thank you so much. Brian
  19. Hi, I sold about 20 caps on ebay and my listing got removed and told that these caps were counterfeit. I received a letter by post a few weeks later from "new era" with the print screen of their order details and some undertaking for me to sign. I sent them the signed undertaking and agreed to never sell these again and i was unaware that these were fake. I sent the original undertaking by email and by post. they replied to my email saying that i need to tell them how much profit i made and i told them that after deducting all fees, posting fees ect i made about £240, and after about nearly 2 weeks, today i received a email saying that they will accept £225 by the 7TH DECEMBER!!. I am in no financial state to pay them £225! please help me with this, i will be grateful for any advise you guys can give me, do these guys really have a case? is there a way i can get out of this without paying them. I am just a student and i was trying to make some extra money by buying few caps from a wholesaler. thank you!
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