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  1. I couldn't find an option to edit the previous post, so just to add a little more to the previous post I had to reply. The decision letter says that I am not entitled to ESA(IR) and there will be no change to my benefit. So I decided to dig out my latest Housing benefit Award letter, which used the same figures given in the ESA3 Form. On that it states that the Income used for the calculation is £xxx.xx Less how much you need to live on £yyy.yy Where y is £59.50 more than x It also says that because I get maximum entitlement (rent only, still pay full Council Tax) I may be entitled to Income Support/Income Based Jobseekers Allowance/Guarantee Credit. So if the Housing benefit office reckon there is a deficit of £59.50 how come DWP reckon I'm not entitled to Income Related ESA ? I'm probably misunderstanding the reasoning behind the 2 different ways of working things out, maybe someone could shed some light on it for me. Surely if one department is saying you need x amount to live on, then that amount has to be used by all departments.
  2. Well, I've just had a reply to my form and according to the DWP I am not entitled to ESA(IR) from 2015. However, the sheet showing how it was worked out has got me a little confused although Having gone through it again I can now see how it has been worked out. Starting with the very first line: ' Your living expenses based on your NI Contributions in the years ending 04/05 and 05/06 ? ' It then has 2 columns one labeled Cont (Contribution I presume) and the other IB (Income Based) ? It also keeps referring to Notes for further information on the next page, yet there is no next page or notes included. Anyway the decision is that Contributions exceed Income Related To be honest it seems to have been a total waste of form filling in time seeing as they had all the information required on their systems.
  3. Very well explained Heckler, thank you. Bit of a bugger about my Council Tax though, as due to not being on IR benefits of any kind I've been paying full rate for the last 3 years Oh well.
  4. I just went through a Benefits Checker and according to that I would benefit by claiming IR ESA, my ESA payments would be an extra £4 per week and I would be entitled to Council Tax Discount. I have always paid full Council Tax as I get CB ESA, and according to the checker I would have paid between £70 - £80 per month less over the last 3 years. So is this repayable, I know councils will usually only go back 12 months for overpayments whether it's their fault or not (been there before). If the figures are correct then it would certainly be worth filling the form in. One statement I read on the Disability Rights UK Site is that: It can be paid on its own (if you are not entitled to contributory ESA) or as a top-up to contributory ESA (if you are). I'm no expert, but I would have thought you could only get one or the other either CB or IR.
  5. I'm currntly on ESA in the Support Group. I received one of these ESA 3 (IBR) this morning, it says I am on CB based ESA but they need to look at my claim to decide if I should be getting IR ESA from Feb 2015. So what is the significance of this date as I have always had CB ESA since they switched over from IB, and I'm sure it was earlier than 2015. And now they want me to fill in a 44 page document to see if I may be entitled to extra money. Surely they only have to check their own records to see if I may be entitled to more money by switching over to IR related ESA. Another point of concern by moving to IR ESA is that doesn't any IR related benefit now come under the dreaded UC umbrella ? Is this form compulsory to fill out ? What are the "Premiums" that they mention that I may get if I am on IR ESA ? There are 3 options to tick if I don't want them to reassess me for IR ESA. 1. You had or have a partner and they were or they are working for more than 24 hours a week 2. You have or had more than £16k 3. You had or have a partner who had or have savings over £16k, or together you had or have savings over £16k To be honest I'd rather eat grass than rely on UC, just tonight I was speaking to a friend who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, she is still on basic ESA and this month her UC hasn't been paid !! As if she doesn't have enough to worry about But what the heck, it gets people back to work apparently.
  6. odds

    Esa3 ibr

    I appreciate that honeybee13, but the OP asked a question to which I replied, that's why I quoted it. https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?490809-Yet-another-ESA-3-(IBR)&p=5155378#post5155378
  7. odds

    Esa3 ibr

    I have just received one of these forms, asking for details going back to 2015. It says I might be eligible for Income related ESA rather than Contribution based, would that not mean going onto UC, which I'm trying to avoid like the plague ?
  8. Once Lloyds wouldn't let me pay them directly and involved Moorcroft I ceased payments and have totally ignored all correspondence from Moorcroft, so that is almost 2 years.
  9. Quick update yet again, It would appear Moorcroft have a:bought some more printer cartridges or b: started to collect early for the christmas party. I have just received a letter, which is the same as the one they sent back in Sept 2016. That was the first in a series of seven letters, the last one was received in December 2016. I presume the same series will now follow Moorcroft_8_Edited.pdf
  10. Hi once again, Quick update. So after having my assessment cancelled, I have now received confirmation from DWP that I meet the criteria for the support group. No mention of when I will or could be reassessed. I would ideally like a copy of what the DM used to come to that conclusion, ie the doctors evidence, yet in the letter it only goes on about appealing if you think they are wrong. I know they are right but how would I get the info they have used to come to that decision. Thanks.
  11. Well there are multi million pounds of tax getting unpaid by major companies in this country, that is acceptable apparently, but let the little man gain a little money left by their parents who have worked all their life, paid taxes on everything and all hell breaks loose. When was the last time you heard in the press about how HMRC had managed to prosecute a company for avoiding tax, never. But as soon as someone is on benefits and gets a bit of money left to them by a parents death they are all over it as if they were responsible for the state of this country is in ............. Good luck to the OP and I hope everything works out in their favour. Whilst not condoning it, I know damn well what I'd do.
  12. No will, and everything in your brothers named account. Why would the DWP need to be informed at all ? Nobody on this planet apart from your brother and yourself knows about your financial arrangement as it is all in HIS account to do as he wishes with. Whilst not encouraging any type of underhand activity why not just leave it where it is and not put it in your own account.
  13. Just a quick general opinion wanted of more knowledgeable people. I am in the support group of ESA (after going through the tribunal system) and last year I got a form to fill in and had to send it back mid September. I then got a reply in February saying I had to go for an assessment beginning of March, in the meantime I got a letter from my doctors saying they had got a form from DWP asking for information about my conditions, and could I make an appointment to assist them. To cut a long story short, I had to call ATOS to rearrange the appointment, because I couldn't get an appointment at the doctors for 3 weeks, which they were happy enough with. then a week before my due assessment I got a letter from ATOS saying I no longer need to attend my assessment as it has been cancelled. does this mean that I will remain in the Support Group, as I have heard nothing from DWP as of yet, can they put you from Support Group to WRAG without an assessment ? And a week later I have heard nothing from DWP. Thoughts anyone.
  14. Just an update as I was obviously wrong about the last one, but as they now say they will return the matter to their client if no contact is made then this should be the last from them. Thanks. Wescot_4_Edited.pdf
  15. I've looked at these checks, costing over £200, so basically the AA send out an engineer/mechanic to check out the car and they say it looks ok. So after 2 weeks you have a problem with the car, where does this AA check actually count for anything, will they pay for repairs for anything they supposedly checked ? This wont be a finance deal
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