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  1. Hi, I'm new on here and could do with some help, please. 12 weeks ago my friend ordered some parts for a roof extension he was making. He was verbally promised that the parts would be with him within the week. He paid a 20% deposit at this point. 9 weeks later the parts arrived and he was happy with them. 2 weeks ago my friend received a voice message from the company threatening court action if he didn't pay up. He then wrote to them (recorded delivery) to request an invoice as he planned to pay. This weekend they eventually sent the invoice for the amount plus £185 Court fees and £20.31 interest. They claim that they previously sent him an invoice. There was no Letter Before Action or any mention of one (if this is important?) My friend feels that he hasn't done a thing wrong and doesn't feel that he has to pay the court fees or interest as all he ever wanted, and politely asked for, was an invoice. Please can I ask for some help? Does he have to complete the court form or can he just pay the fee he believes is owed? Thank you in advance. Here are the details of the claim: Received a claim? Yes Issue Date: 2-10-2014 Amount approx: £5079 Claimant: Roof Trusses Solicitor: A C Jones Original Credit: Particulars of Claim: We manufactured and supplied timber frame panels and roof trusses to Dolycoed, Dolfor, Newtown on 8th September 2014 on behalf of the defendants who had ordered these from us. Our invoice TF4-34647A for the balance of £4874.22 remains outstanding - this invoice should have been paid on delivery. Despite numerous requests for payment nothing has been forthcoming. Neither party are responding to voicemails, letters or emails. We are not aware of any reason why this has not been paid. Interest is now payable at a rate of 5% per month as per our conditions of Business/Sale which currently equates to £20.31 Stat Barred? No Have sent: Other Info: 12 weeks ago my friend ordered some parts for a roof extension he was making. He was verbally promised that the parts would be with him within the week. He paid a 20% deposit at this point. 9 weeks later the parts arrived and he was happy with them. 2 weeks ago my friend received a voice message from the company threatening court action if he didn't pay up. He then wrote to them (recorded delivery) to request an invoice as he planned to pay. This weekend they eventually sent the invoice for the amount plus £185 Court fees and £20.31 interest. They claim that they previously sent him an invoice. There was no Letter Before Action or any mention of one (if this is important?) My friend feels that he hasn't done a thing wrong and doesn't feel that he has to pay the court fees or interest as all he ever wanted, and politely asked for, was an invoice. Please can I ask for some help? Does he have to complete the court form or can he just pay the fee he believes is owed?
  2. Hi all, this morning I received a charge notice from CP Plus for staying too long at Donnington MOTO services. I have to say I have never been before and was concentrating on where to park so never even considered a time limit. Its not often I use services and assumed there would be plenty of time. I now know I was wrong. I stayed 2 and half hours according to the in and out time. It was about 3 weeks ago, so I cant honestly remember. From what ive read they have to send the letter within 14 days - which it isn't. so guessing I either choose to ignore or appeal on this fact? 1 Date of the infringement15/9/2017 2 Date on the NTK [this must have been received within 14 days from the 'offence' date] 4/10/17 3 Date received 7/10/17 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? [y/n?] No - not that I can see anyway 5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event? Photo and timestamp of car in (12.21pm) and car out (14.55pm), also showing reg plate 6 Have you appealed? {y/n?] post up you appeal] Have you had a response? [Y/N?] post it up Not done anything yet 7 Who is the parking company? CP Plus 8. Where exactly [carpark name and town] MOTO services Donington Park For either option, does it say which appeals body they operate under. 'operating in accordance with the British Parking Associations Code of Practice' Apologies if I have done anything wrong, a lot to take in. Any advice welcome as to my next step. Edited to add: £100 required within 28 days, or £60 by 18/10/17
  3. Morning Everyone, I have decided to try help my family members out looking into what I believe is a secured loan. Apparently it first got taken out in 2007 with First Plus and it is now with Elderbridge. They have been paying the payments as usual for the last 12 years. The amount borrowed was £25,000 and after paying for 12 years the settlement figure is £20,000. How can this be possible! I sent Elderbridge a SAR request and all they have sent is a 5 page statement of payments since the loan was taken out. Now I am by no means an expert but surely a lot more information should have been sent! They got absolutely nothing else. What kind of things should I be saying in the next letter? Also was I right that you no longer need to pay the £10? They are willing to pay it but I just thought I had read somewhere that this was not required anymore. Any help would be appreciated, Kind regards Tink
  4. Hi all, I'd appreciate some help/advice regarding the above please. On 29th September, I parked in a Euro Car Parks location. I paid by phone, and have the receipt/proof of purchase from 14:31 to 17:31 on that date (£3.20; £3 for parking plus the 20p service charge for using the phone service). According to their CCTV, I entered the car park at 14:13. I remember spending quite some time driving round waiting for a space, found one but re-parked (I couldn't get out; it was clearly left as everybody else had that issue!) so it took some time for somebody to leave. I now understand the grace period was 10 mins from car park entry to payment. Come departure time, I was back at my car at 17:00/17:05. However, the car park has me exiting (via CCTV) much later; I don't have the original notice to hand but I think it was just before 18:00. This is correct, because the car park was just a massive queue due to surrounding roads being blocked and nobody could leave. I didn't really think anything of it/never contemplated an issue until I had a notice from Euro Car Parks in October (received by me on 16th October) stating that "the P&D/permit purchased did not cover the date and time of parking." I wrote to them (not recorded delivery) with proof of my purchase, offered to pay £1 to cover the difference/what the parking would have been, explained I was hunting for a space/queuing etc, didn't think much of it. No response. I then had a letter from Debt Recovery Plus dated 6th December (paying your parking charge, how to settle, what happens if I don't pay, a supreme court decision so do not ignore this), and I sent a copy of what I sent to Euro Car Parks. No reply. I had a further letter from them dated 28th December (notice of intended court action). I ignored this letter. I had a further letter from them dated 14th January, with a final settlement offer. Again mentioned court and CCJs. I also ignored this letter. Today I received a letter from Zenith Collections. It shares it is sent without prejudice, they'll collect the debt and pursue to a legal conclusion if necessary, they urge me to act now etc. It is titled "notice of debt recovery assignment" and says the date of the notice is 29th January and all communication should be with them. I called them, mentioned the offer made, that others have not responded, etc. I also made the same offer to them. They will only accept the reduced settlement rate of £136 (from £160). They do not want copies of the parking ticket/payment made or correspondence to Euro Car Parks/DRP (who seem to be the same as Zenith). They said they will take me to court and they recommend I seek legal advice. With all of the above, is there any advice available here please as to what my next steps should be? Lesson learnt; send everything recorded delivery in future/be aware of parking cover if there's a big queue/you're still expected to pay even if queuing! Many thanks in advance. I just found this bit, so here are answers to questions 1 Date of the infringement - 29th September 2018 2 Date on the NTK [this must have been received within 14 days from the 'offence' date] - 5th October 2018 3 Date received - 16th October 2018 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? [y/n?] Yes - specifically paragraph 9 (2)(b) 5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event? - Yes - two photos of car number plate only 6 Have you appealed? {y/n?] post up your appeal] - no appeal, offered to pay £1 to cover difference, sent parking ticket payment receipt which covered 14:31 - 17:31 Have you had a response? [Y/N?] post it up - No 7 Who is the parking company? - Euro Car Parks 8. Where exactly [carpark name and town] Cornhill Wolverhampton Euro Car Parks are a member of the British Parking Association (stated on letter). All other correspondence detailed above.
  5. Hi, I am worried to death. Last Thursday 27 September 2018, I became aware that I had not one, but three Notices of Prosecution (NoP) against me for speeding in the same location. They are all SP30s from consecutive days, i.e. 17, 18 and 19 September. Naturally I was shocked and confused by this as I had not seen a camera flash or any police speed van in the area and wasn't aware I was doing anything wrong, just going about my normal everyday commute to the office in line with the regular traffic flow. I went and looked for the camera on the road in question but couldn't see one. I was really confused by this. I then received another two NoPs on Tuesday 2 October, this time for offences on 21 and 22 September. I was completely and utterly devastated by this. The following day, I received yet another for the 22 September at a different time. On this day (Saturday) I had been at work helping to run an event so I had been caught speeding both going and coming home too. This is now becoming a joke. Not only that, because I only became aware on 27 September, I am likely to receive more NoPs for 24, 25 and 26 September so I am expecting more to come. I could have the potential for 12 NoPs against me. I use a company vehicle, have zero points on my licence (which I pride myself on) and now face a total ban, and god knows how much in fines. Having now looked into this more, I now realise that a new camera system has been installed on the road in question on a trial basis, apparently it was activated on the 10 September. It is an average speed system; two cameras high up on top of lampposts which I simply didn't see. There was no warning signs, but since then signs have now been put up. There was plenty of warning in local newspapers and on the web but as I don't live in the local area, I live in a different county, I had no warning of these cameras hence the speed trap I've now been caught up in. I am absolutely devastated by this and feel victimised. I have got a solicitor involved but we have only spoken once and she's not filling me with much confidence. I cannot afford to lose my licence. I live in a pretty remote area; no way of getting to work using public transport, I need the car to do my job, I won't be able to get to my aged parents who live 30 mins down the motorway, nor my sister who has MS and lives in Liverpool and I would also have to give up my voluntary work as I wouldn't be able to get there. I have no child dependents. Obviously I have to take this ridiculous situation to court. How can one person receive so many NoPs in this way? How can this be justified? Cameras are supposed to be a deterrent not a trap aren't they? I feel I have had no fair warning to be aware and to alter my behaviour (which I am not denying by the way) but instead, I might as well have been convicted of murdering the same person six plus times. How is that fair or even sensible? It just doesn't make sense. Has anyone ever heard of the like and what advice would you give me? Any help or advice gratefully received as I'm desperately worried. Thanks.
  6. Hi, I am currently going through the ombudsman stage, in demanding repayment of account fees for additions 2000(?) - 2004, additions plus 2004-2012 and no 'downgraded' current account with overdraft of £1, 700 and daily fees of 0.75p and £1.50 depending of if the overdraft is 0-£700 or £700 to £1,700. I have complained regularly over the years to Barclays but only had occassional fees reversed. The package account fees at worst were £192.00 per annum by 2012, whether in credit or not. In 2008 Barclays imposed a £1000 reserve with paid transaction fees on top of a pre-existing overdraft of £700. I complained about this at the time, but was initially told I needed to have it. At this time I had £20,000 in savings with Barclays and had more than £2,000 in credit and there was no reason for them to add this to the account from my point of view. Later when I went into debt on the current account I was charged multiple £22.00 paid transaction fees, when over the £700 limit. In 2014 The resolve loan was automatically converted to an overdraft facility with daily fees, which I didn't agree. I wasn't adequately informed of this change. In financial year 2014-2015, I was charged more than £450 in daily fees over one year and since then the annual cost in fees have been similarly high despite little use of the account. In 2015 I made only 3 withdrawls and have made no withdrawls since 2016. Last year, 2017, Barclays offered a resolve loan with no fees and monthly payments (after turning me down for a hardship loan) on the basis that I showed that I could manage to pay 3 installments of £150.00 per month in May, Jun and July. I did this and Barclays did not charge the daily fees for these 3 months and at the end of July I was sent a letter stating that now I had completed the 3 payments "I still needed to get my account back in order" and I could "pay in [full] at any branch" etc. the outstanding amount of arrears; which I had reduced to £1,413. There was no mention of the original resolve loan and the letter made no sense because the loan had been the purpose of making the regular payments in the first place. I felt let down by this and didn't know what to do, as I felt it was Barclays duty to fulfil their part regarding the resolve loan, which was at their instigation in any case. The grinding daily fees were reapplied in August, in December 2017 I received a letter saying that my balance was £1,596.44DR and that they 'recently' wrote requesting a payment. On 22nd Jan '18 I received another letter stating that my current account was overdrawn by £1,644.44 and that my 'agreed' overdraft limit was £10.00 and thus I was over any 'agreed' overdraft limit, still no mention of the resolve loan. I phoned Barclays on the 9th Feb 2018 to question this and make a complaint, which I did. I also complained about the packaged account fees between 2000 and 2012. I was given a complaint reference number and told that someone 'could' get back to me within 48 hours. Hearing nothing, I phoned again on the 16th and was told that my complaint had been closed I was put on hold for about 20 minutes twice before someone got back to me to say that it hadn't been closed but that it had a new reference number due to a migration of systems. I sent a letter of complaint to Leicester customer services and copied it to the Cheif Exec at HQ London. I phoned later to demand an acknowledgement of the complaint. This took some time I was sent a letter saying that my packaged account claim was being investigated and they split the complaint into two periods (for the same account no.). I later received a phone call from a customer services manager admitting fault re: the resolve loan and repayment of all fees since I used the account in 2016 and £544.25 in refunded daily fees and £140.69 for my inconvenience (over 20 yrs). After everything that has happened with Barclays over the years I refused to accept this but insisted that the manager put this in writing. A week later I received a letter confirming this and saying that their investigation of this (the non-packaged time) was now complete and I had a right to go to the ombudsman. I phoned the ombudsman but was told I couldn't complain yet about the packaged bank account because Barclays had not yet completed their investigation but that I could complain re: the recent period. Now I am not sure what will happen with the ombudsman but it's already taking weeks with 'out of office' replies to my emails and when I phoned Barclays they will not speak to me. Can (and should) I go to small claims for negligence?
  7. Hi, First post, must say this seems to be a great website. Looking forward to the great advice from the community! A bit about myself, I suffer from a couple of common illness's that cause fatigue. I have subsequently changed my diet, job, leisure activities, sleeping pattern etc. One of the things I do that helps, is to offset my commuting so that I'm not traveling in rush hour, in an effort to reduce traveling time, this might mean that once I am past the busy sections on my route, I might catch up on a couple of hours sleep. This brings me to why I'm posting, as the title suggests, I exceeded the free parking period at MOTO Wetherby and have now been hit with a £100 fine, £60 if I pay before 14 days. Please see information below: For PCN's received through the post [ANPR camera capture] Note: On the letter I received it states that it is a "Charge Notice" 1 Date of the infringement: 11/07/18 2 Date on the NTK [this must have been received within 14 days from the 'offence' date]: 18/07/18 3 Date received: 21/07/18 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? [y/n?]: No 5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event?: Yes 6 Have you appealed?: No 7 Who is the parking company?: CP Plus 8. Where exactly [carpark name and town]: MOTO/Wetherby For either option, does it say which appeals body they operate under: BPA
  8. Hi, Went to a wedding last year? I honestly cannot even remember how long ago it was. There was insufficient parking space at the venue and my vehicle was parked in an empty cash and carry car park just down the road. We did not see any signs/ information informing me this was private property/ charges etc. I have attached a google street-view image of the area in question - the signage is very small and I can confirm on the day - a vehicle was parked in front of the sign - big enough that myself and 4 other members of my family walked straight past it and did not notice it. The vehicle was parked approximately where the silver car is in the image. I received a parking charge notice on return to the vehicle and numerous parking charge notices via mail - I followed advise from a basic google search which advised to ignore. I now realise this was a mistake. Received the following letter through the post today. I have stupidly thrown away all previous correspondence and cannot even remember the date of the incident. Am I outside of the period in which to appeal? What action would you advise? Many thanks in advance
  9. I hope I'm in the right forum for this. I've just made my fortnightly signing on at the job centre and saw someone I have not seen before. When I presented my usual print out of job application emails etc. (trial and error has taught me this is the most idiot proof way to present a job search) she advised me that I didn't have to do that and pretty soon they will be introducing 'group signings' where people attend in groups of about 15 and can just show their job search on their tablet or phone. Apparently they will soon not have enough staff to do anything more personal. 'You can just show them your job search on your phone or tablet' she said I pointed out that I had neither a mobile phone nor a tablet, just a laptop at home, and would prefer to continue bringing in my print outs - didn't mention it was because it's idiot proof but that is why lol - even if I had a phone or tablet I would certainly not be offering up my email or any other personal account to their scrutiny. She then mentioned I could use their computers to go into these account but I found out weeks ago that they use Open Office, cannot open pdf documents, and in any case I was not prepared to do this, I maintained that I preferred to bring in the print outs, and pointed out that it is entirely up to me how I present my job search and this is the method I chose. This was not in any way a nasty conversation and I was actually laughing by now and asked her if she really thought this was going to work, her face said she knew it wouldn't. 'It'll be like a chimps tea party won't it' I suggested, she seemed to agree. ' I bet I'll be the first one out the door after showing someone my print out won't I' she still seemed to agree but now wanted me to leave because I was making too much sense, my first attempt to sign went very wrong because I was laughing so I had to do it again (a first) I've had a bit of a Google and can't find anything about what promises to be an entertaining farce - at least for anyone with a print out of their job search. Anyone heard of or had experience of this 'group signing'?
  10. Hi there, I recently fell asleep in a services area because I was too tired to drive. I then received a Charge Notice from the lovely people at CP Plus. Below is the relevent information for my case. Any help would be very greatly appreciated. 1 Date of the infringement 11/2/18 2 Date on the NTK 20/2/18 3 Date received: Didn't note, just screamed profanities. 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? No, it mentions the Data Protection Act. 5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event? Yes 6 Have you appealed? I sent this email to MOTO which they kindly forwarded onto the appeals email. Good afternoon. My name is ..............., I am writing to you because I recently received a charge notice from CP Plus. I work in the railway and I was working at an area called Grately. I was driving back to Leyton in London where I live when I became too tired to drive and pulled over at the services area in MOTO Heston Services. I remember I was around 45 minutes from home at that time but I was just too tired to continue safely. I fell asleep almost straight away and woke up leaving the services area and overstaying by 32 minutes. I’m just an honest working guy and felt it was dangerous to continue driving. I’m appealing to you to please cancel this charge notice as it was an sincere mistake made in the sake of safety. he notice reference number is ................... I can supply any other supporting information that you may require to verify my case. Thanks for reading my email and considering my situation. Kind regards, ........ 7 Who is the parking company? CP Plus 8. Where exactly? MOTO Heston East I'm looking at an appeals template and it has this as a possible argument in it: Your Civil Parking Notice constitutes an invoice for payment. Accordingly your invoiced charge must include an element of VAT. However, your civil parking notice does not state either a VAT registration number or an invoice reference number and so cannot constitute a lawfully valid demand for payment. Any success, with this approach?
  11. Hi all. I'm the registered keeper I received an invoice from CP Plus for £100, reduced to £60 if payment is received in 14 days, the 14 days already passed, therefore, they expect me to pay the full £100, It says if the payment isn't received within 28 days, an initial debt collection charge of £40 will be incurred. They sent me the invoice after 20 days of the date of notice, as far as I know it has to be received by the registered keeper within "14 days" under the PoFA2012 legislation. In addition, they sent me the invoice with a camera captures of the car entering the Moto service facility (it also includes a petrol station), there is no camera capture of the car actually parked on their car park, I know the Moto service really well and you also have to enter the service to use the petrol station, therefore, from my point of view they didn't supply enough evidence, it only says "the duration of the stay exceeded the free parking period, and payment was not received for parking in excess of the free period" no widescreen notice was given, only the invoice with camera captures. What is the best way to handle it? Ignore, appeal?
  12. Hi Again I come to get great information and help. I was with PayPlan Plus for about 5 years, paying £22+ per month for payment protection. My questions are ... 1 ... Can I claim Payment Protection from a Debt Management Company even though it was a free plan 2 ... Can you advise of the address of payplan as i have since emigrated and no longer have anything from them 3 ... If successful They are not allowed to pass this on as a split to the creditors are they Many thanks for your help again. Very much appreciated especially as I no longer reside in the UK. Grumpy Old Me ... lol
  13. Can anyone advise as to why the following as I'm baffled �� Took out a secured loan back in 2005 with Barclays plc (firstplus) unbeknown to me it was secured on my house (I was young an niave at the time) only found out it was a second mortgage when I sold my house and solicitors advised of the 2nd mortgage �� What I'm querying is why I signed an agreement in 2005 with Barclays plc on the loan agreement then in 2008 I was forced to sign another agreement for the same loan but this time the headed document was with Barclaycard? The interest rate was higher. First agreement for a loan of 9500 with interest of 5920 sign 2005 9.2% interest Then the 2nd agreement loan agreement of £7299 with interest of 5200 signed 2008 10.48% interest I was forced to sign the second agreement as apparently regulations had changed. I paid this loan off in 2010 but something has always nagged me to say...something isn't right hence I've kept all paperwork. I can't see anything about PPI on either agreement. Both agreement wording the same apart from company name different, 2005 Barclays plc and 2008 Barclsycard.. Can anyone offer any advice as to why I was forced to sign another agreement or have the baliffs sent to my house? (Even though I'd never been in arrears)
  14. Thanks for the info. I have a letter from them about a 16k debt. They are threatening to repossess my house. Should I follow the instructions above in regards to a SARS and the CCA Request? Should I refrain from calling them? Thanks
  15. Hello all, I am hoping to get some advice as to how to proceed with my complaint regarding barclays bank charges on my account. My history: Since my original account was upgraded to a First Additions account in 2006 with a personal overdraft I was under the impression at the time that increasing my overdraft limit incurred fee's onto the account and was paying initially £5 per month until upgrading in 2006 with a larger limit for £11.50 per month. My account was upgraded again to £14.50 a month (additions plus), and i cannot recall if this was automatic or whether I was given an option at some point by a barclays staff member. I can assure you that I did not need any of the packaged services on each of these account; did not use any of the services provided as I wasnt even aware of them until finding out on online banking which is when I phoned barclays to remove all of them, as I was unable to over the internet - upon speaking to an advisor at barclays I explained that all I wanted was an overdraft and I wasnt happy that I was paying for services that I didnt need... He then referred me to the complaints department and after many weeks I have been given a lengthy questionnaire regarding an 'initial investigation' conducted by Barclays. I note in the questionnaire notes it states: "You held a non-fee paying account from July 2002, until you upgraded in July 2006 indicating you were aware of the account and that it was not necessary to pay a fee in order to have a current account" I would like to note that this account was opened with my Grandad at the time, as he introduced me to Barclays originally and I was merely present and not fully understanding of the circumstances. The investigation notes go on to say "You used your overdraft after you upgraded your account and this shows that you were aware that you had this facility as part of your packaged bank account". "You previously had an overdraft which you used before you upgraded in 2006. This shows that you were aware of the benefits of this account and that it is not necessary to pay a fee in order to have a current account with an Overdraft". The extent of the 'products & services' that were bolted onto these accounts were unknown to me at the time, and over the years bumped up the monthly fee's from £5 to almost £15.00 - I stress again that these services aside from not being disclosed to me, were practically useless for me in the circumstances that I was in and most therefore rendered useless. I feel that the response from Barclays indicates that they feel I should have known about the cause of these charges, without entertaining the fact that I was not fully informed about the product I was being sold. I wanted an overdraft with an increased limit, that was all. I really hope I can get some advice on how I should proceed with this case, do I fill the questionairre in and send it back? They have said they will proceed with the investigation using their information without me returning it either way... Thankyou in advance for your help. Jason
  16. Bough a Samsung Washer Dryer from AO.com November 2015. It comes with a 2 year warranty. Bought using AO's finance to be paid over 2 years. So 6 months warranty and 6 payments left. A few months ago the dryer started becoming less and less effective. It has also started vibrating badly despite my efforts to relevel it. Then 2 weeks ago half way through a wash it stopped with an error leak sensor detetor. Water trickles out from under the machine and it won't work. Phoned Samsung on the Friday and they sent a 3rd party engineer out on the Wednesday. Engineer says the detergent drawer has been slowly leaking probably from new. There is extensive rust inside the machine and limescale all over everything. Externally the machine still looks like new. The dryer motor is only getting half voltage which has damaged it. Probably due to water going all over the motherboard which also needs replacing. The pressure switch needs replacing. The pump / sump is leaking and needs replacing. The struts have been rubbing against the concrete block and the rubber has completely worn away causing the vibrating. He wanted to order in all these parts from the Netherlands and come back to fix it. I said no I want a new machine, especially as the rusty chassis can't be replaced. Engineer was understanding and said they have to send a report off to Samsung for authorisation and that's the last we heard. He also left the machine in the middle of the room and when I went to move it back I realised its because all the vinyl tile floor underneath is ruined. Where do I go from here? We've had no working machine for 2 weeks now and it's driving us crazy. We are using laundrettes and family but it's starting to get costly and extremely inconvenient. We have 2 young kids and a puppy. We got the most expensive machine on the market at £1100 because we expected reliability and for the big drum size. To be fair the first year it was fantastic my wife says its the best thing we ever bought. This is half a rant and half a what should my next steps be to get this resolved asap? Many thanks
  17. I am a little concerned as I have insured a friend to drive for me whilst I have an ankle injury. We was heading down a dual carriageway where roadworks were happening, lots of cones throughout this 2 or 3 mile stretch which is usually 60 in to a 70mph zone. To be fair he stuck to 40mph for the majority of the road, however there were only three signs stating maximum speed as 40, these were yellow signs with just text and not the usual type, also not the easiest to see as it was raining and there were tons of differing signs. These only covered the first 1/4 of the dual road which had now been coned off in to a single, once we got most of the way down the road he started to put his foot down as there was a 'no stopping, end' sign which he SOMEHOW mistook for an end of roadworks sign. I asked him why he was returning to the usual speed limit of the road, then he realised and slowed down. Now the reason I am worried is because I did see someone with an item in their hands, although likely one of the workers with a tool but I am super paranoid. We drove it back around to have another look, couldn't confirm this. We did notice though even after the road returned to a dual carriageway that there was nothing to say the speed limit had returned to normal. This was quite late at night, around 11pm? I know there were no fixed cameras, I am just extremely worried about the speed guns. If what I saw was in fact a speed gun, would we have been stopped immediately? Does he have any reasonable explanation, should signs have been implemented for most of the road? Also if it was a speed gun and he happened be going 20+ over the limit, how long would contact take? Sorry about my English, its my second language. Thanks!
  18. Hi, I took one of these out back in the day around 2000 maybe..? I phoned them today to put a claim in. The lady asked me a few questions and said they had a £3600 amount on file. She is going to send me some paperwork. I defaulted on the account and it went to Cabolt finance. I can't remember why i didn't pay it but they will ask me in the paperwork they send I am guessing. I think it maybe because i split with a partner and moved back down south which meant i quit my job. I don't think that is a reason they would pay out on is it as I intentionally made myself unemployed...
  19. Morning everyone Back in October Myself and another friend popped into see a friend and drop off/collect some bits and pieces at his flat from a project we working in together. At his estate there are many residents bays for the private owners and housing association residents plus a small area for loading and unloading items as its a fair walk to the flats across the garden if you've got shopping etc As I was just dropping bits off I stopped off in the loading and unloading area which is not at all sign posted, no warnings etc, got on with with seeing my friend whilst chatting on the way out the door a very well known resident who is also very unliked but virtually everyone who lives at the estate burst out the door saying he had photographed my car and was reporting it for not being parked correctly. Minutes later he was messaging my other friend, who was parked next to me for the same amount of time doing the same thing as me (and clearly visible in the photograph as his car is bright yellow!) saying that he won't report his car as he'll give him a bit of leeway but he's reported mine as he doesn't like me (pathetic I know!) esidents at this estate can have an app on their phones for reporting parking issues on behalf of ukcpm There was many a heated conversation about this subject, many people involved and even the management committee for the estate (he's on the residents directors committee) I received a letter from cpm with the photo attached clearly showing both cars etc But this letter said on it a notice had been attached to my car, the appeal date had passed and I had no responded, it's now escalated and cost has increased!! I appealed this anyway outlining the whole story to which ukcpm just sent a standard rejection letter back. I was advised by many other residents to just ignore it, they're not enforceable "fines" and don't worry 6 months on I've had a letter from Debt recovery plus. I've done a fair bit of research and most threads here say ignore and don't pay them but nothing too recent. In the letter they say a landmark court case was won in November 2015 at the Supreme Court which was found in favour of the car park operator after my long story my question is should I be worried? I've got messages, phone calls and a video of the reporting resident having a rant about why he did it etc nd shows clearly in the notice another car next to me that was not reported Just after some advice and opinions really, thanks in advance
  20. Hi, I was driving back from London home to Somerset, and due to a long day pulled over to the service station to take a rest. I fell asleep in the car and stayed there for 3 hours 22 minutes. They have sent me a charge notice saying I was parked over and above the time allowed without payment and have sent an £80 charge notice for this. However, the notice has a photo of my car arriving, and my car leaving, but no photo of me actually being parked. Surely there is no actual evidence that I was ever parked in their car park, and that I could for all intents and purposes have been driving round the car park for 3 hours. Without an actual photo of me being parked on the land owned by MOTO, surely they cannot enforce this notice.
  21. Hi all. I used my wife's car last week for an appointment at the hospital. I didn't see any parking meters but then again I am not very observant at the best of times. She has now received a letter from CP Plus asking for £15 if paid before a certain date, which has now passed. Please can I ask if I have to pay this and does she have to tell who was driving the car? Thank you all.
  22. afternoon all, after a bit of advice. I have got a PCN and im thinking i may have to pay this one but as always, i like to get your advice before doing anything around parking tickets. I overstayed by an hour in the services at MOTO swansea west and ive been sent a NTK in the post. I hold my hands up, i overstayed. Reason being im a fireman and i was lift sharing with my mate as we only needed to drop some stuff off at the station, thought we'd be an hour tops and we ended up being longer because there was a call. I think if i appealed this one id be relying on the POFA and just chancing it. what is the expert advice? I think my defense would be shaky if this one went to court but i do despise paying these people so much money when they have incurred ZERO loss. It was an empty motorway service car park. I will as always rely on your advice. Regards
  23. Hi Everyone, As the title says, my car (I wasn't the driver - really!) got an £80 Penalty Notice from CP Plus while parked at Hampton Court Railway station car park. The reason for the penalty was given as code '03' - which is "not displaying a valid pay and display ticket " even though a ticket was purchased and on display! Thanks in advance for any help/advice on this one?
  24. I live in Scotland Last autumn I parked in a retailers car park and done some shopping at that particular retailers. I was gone for just under an hour and then drove home. A few weeks later I received a parking charge notice stating I had overstayed my 2 hour limit which was untrue. I wanted to contact them but I was advised not to contact them what so ever. I've ignored a few of their letters but have just received a threatening letter from a DRA called Debt Recovery Plus. What's the best course of action?
  25. Hi guys, I was in the fortunate position of being referred to the WP a few weeks before I was due to sign off. I had two meetings at People Plus where they tried unsuccessfully to get the details of why I was signing off. I signed off due to “Personal Reasons” so the DWP wouldn’t pass the information on. This was over a year ago and People Plus have been making me appointments that I’ve just ignored. They continue to make appointments and have tried the sanction threats and have started to get increasingly desperate with several home visits. I even got offered shopping vouchers for getting in touch. I could have sent them a stern cease and desist letter but I reasoned that the time they were using chasing me to attend meetings is better than chasing someone they can bully, threaten and sanction. I’m moving house soon and do not want to give them my new address, so would like to be as much of a pain to them as I can be before this. I thought about turning up for a meeting but billing them for my time. Additionally, there’s the route of finding out what they claim to have been doing for me during my time there and raising a complaint about every point. Any advice or ideas would be appreciated, thanks in advance.
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