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  1. I watched YT videos as no one responded on here at the time. The YT video was from a sheriff office, not any Tom, Dick and Harry.
  2. His 28 days to appeal expire today. As I understand it I now have to send him a letter with the decree attached asking for payment. Are there any template letters I can use? Bear in mind again I'm in Scotland.
  3. I have read and watched YT videos. There's no mention if I can do anything within 28 days to secure monies. I'll call the court tomorrow.
  4. The decree isn't actionable for 28 days. I'm concerned he may move assets to others names during this period.
  5. Here in Scotland a few years ago the local council misnamed a road. They discovered the error after a year or so. The police had to contact every person caught speeding on that road and cancel any prosecution. Whether they did or not is another matter.
  6. Is there any way to ring fence this money? Although it's 4k he might try and move his assets to his wife or family member.
  7. A wee update on matters. The Sheriff set a date for early November to meet with the second respondent (son) and try and come to an agreement. I was getting frustrated as this has been dragging on for almost a year. However he did suggest I make an application for a decision against the first respondent (father) as he hasn't acknowledge the court in any way. Even after the deadline being extended by 17 days in order for him to respond. Success! I just received a decree from the Sheriff granting me the full damages I asked for and over £300 for expenses towards the first respondent. So I might not need to meet the son in November if the father pays what he owes. I expect an appeal against the decision by the father even though he hasn't made any response to the courts. So I need to wait 28 days then I can take action if he doesn't pay. Bear in mind I'm in Scotland.
  8. I raised a complaint with PayPal which they rejected as Oneplus provided them with details saying the item was delivered. Of course the item wasn't delivered as it was left outside in my recycling box and gone when I returned home later that evening. I've raised a complaint with PayPal which they haven't responded to. I intend to take it to the Financial Ombudsman but I think I need to wait 6 weeks (can someone confirm). OnePlus stated the government ID can be my driving licence. I can't see how this would help. As i said I'm wary about sending them my driving licence. Why do they need this?
  9. Self certify yourself for 7 days. During that time go see a doctor and get a sick note if you need longer. What you're feeling now may not what you feel next week. I would imagine calling your work would only stress you out so email your work if you can telling them you're going sick. Get a friend to drop off your sick note if you intend staying off longer than 7 days. You don't need to provide a sick note for the first 7 days.
  10. Please forgive me I don't want to sound rude but if you just want to pack the job in without a fight what are you looking for on here?
  11. No safe space was nominated. I thought as it was a phone it would be left at the Post Office not left in a recycling box.
  12. Go sick with stress. Take a few weeks off and speak to Acas like the fella suggested. By resigning you're playing into their hands and potentially you'll lose a lot of money if you do.
  13. To be honest mate I'm fed up dealing with Axa. They don't acknowledge emails so I have to call them. The respondent hasn't made any attempt to settle the claim with Axa. He's let me do it all so hopefully if I get a positive result from the court he can deal with it. I shouldn't have been dealing with Axa at all. He should have and with hindsight I should have taken him to court a lot sooner but tried my best avoid court action.
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