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  1. Hi Again I come to get great information and help. I was with PayPlan Plus for about 5 years, paying £22+ per month for payment protection. My questions are ... 1 ... Can I claim Payment Protection from a Debt Management Company even though it was a free plan 2 ... Can you advise of the address of payplan as i have since emigrated and no longer have anything from them 3 ... If successful They are not allowed to pass this on as a split to the creditors are they Many thanks for your help again. Very much appreciated especially as I no longer reside in the UK. Grumpy
  2. Hi quite some time ago I got myself into some difficulty mainly as a result of several redundancies and a failed business venture. Due to this and feeling I had an obligation to pay my debts I entered into a DMP with Payplan. have been paying £150 a month again I'm finding myself in a redundancy situation have started to think I'm not doing the best for myself. I have a mortgage that I have never defaulted on and never had issues, I've never changed lenders whilst in the DMP, I have been making payments into since December 2011. I went wi
  3. Hi Wondered if anyone could help?? I have been payin of my debt for a LONG time through StepChange, to be precise i've paid off around £11k in 8/9 years and recently have changed to Pay Plan who have advised me to to a debt relief order which i don't really want to do. However my grandad recently passed away and my dad has £4k that he said he is willing to pay off my debt if i can get reduced payments on them all. Using the National Debt Advice Service templates and calculator i have sent letters to all my creditors which are all debt collection agencies to if th
  4. Hi, Just had the following email from Payplan for my 6th review: ************************************************************************ It's time for your Debt Management Plan (DMP) Review Throughout your DMP we like to check that your plan is running smoothly and that the amount you're paying is right for you. It's also important for us to check if your DMP is still the right debt solution for your needs. For your reference, we've enclosed copies of the most recent income & expenditure details and creditor list we have on file for you. As a reminder, yo
  5. I have been with payplan for 11 years, and they advised and kept me on a dmp although I was getting no where with it, and now they have just emailed me to say they are cancelling it as it is not suitable. What about the money I have paid in, and the efforts that I have put into updating and doing everything they told me. Even though last year, they were no help when Nationwide put a CCJ on me for an unsecured credit card. I am iin ill health, and am now feeling completely let down and desperate. How can they recommend a plan then just cancel it after 11
  6. I have a dmp with Payplan, and have only been able to pay a token payment for about 2/3 years. I am now off sick from work with the anxiety and worry from it all. I have informed Payplan and they have come back to me saying that if I don't pay anything, the DCA will start harrassing me again. I can't take any more hassle from Payplan, as they are really trying to push their products on me. I know if I was taken to court, as Payplan says DCA can do that, the judge would just throw it out..... Any experiences with Payplan, I have been with them for around 6 years. They are useless with advi
  7. HI, Been with Payplan for 10 years now and my yearly review is now due. However for aslong as i have been with Payplan, paying various montly amounts over the years i just do not feel i am making any headway into my debts. I am considering managing my own DMP but really do not know where to start or even if this would be a wise decision. Payplan have informed me that they no longer think a DMP would be the best solution for me, and indeed in the past they have suggested IVA or Bankrupcy. Not sure i want to go down those lines. Anyway here for a bit of advice and support on how to pro
  8. Been in a DMP with Payplan since May 2013, was originally for 4 years but over the last couple of years due to a debt being added and monthly payments reducing this is now showing as ending July 2020! what worries me more is that even in July 2020 we still don't know if that wil be the end due to charges and interest being added. Not even sure if we can both get iva as we have 2 debts with link financial and I have been told they reject a lot of iva's. My worry about an IVA is at the moment of budget is not 100% accurate and would have to change as I know they r
  9. Hi guys. Ok so I'm going to try my best to explain it all date by date below. I had some debt issues awhile ago and was put on an IVA with Payplan. November 2008, I started the IVA with PayPlan November 2013, I completed the IVA and was given the completion certificate which I have here with me 10th September 2015, I was informed by AI scheme limited (by letter) that I may have a PPI claim 21st September 2015, I received letter from Barclaycard saying my claim was sucessful and that they has sent a cheque for £3601.61 to Payplan 25th September, I called Barclayca
  10. Hi, It’s been nearly five years since we asked PayPlan to help us with our debt difficulties. And In that time our debt has gone from nearly £29,000 down to just £5,000. We are paying £340 per month. Now, the child benefits/Tax we have been receiving will be reduced with our eldest finishing college. There will be a loss of about £65 per week, but we don’t expect to regain the full amount from our son due to his indecisiveness about his future. With our reveiw due in August, we are unsure what to say about the his income. Would the creditors expect an income figure for him? or
  11. Hi there I have received a letter today from Lloyds Bank asking my for a repayment plan saying I owe them £1030.24 I had an original debt with them in 2003 which was and is being dealt with by Payplan. I have checked on my Payplan account and even though I have been paying them every month for the last 12 years I still owe £174. I am really confused how having paid over £5000 towards a debt of just over £5000 I am now still owing over £1000!!! I understand that they can still put charges on but is it unreasonable to stop paying seeing as I have now cleared the origin
  12. Hi all Me and my partner are currently on a joint DMP with Payplan (in the sense my outgoings to PP are noted in the household outgoings for me, and vice versa) We currently rent a private property and all income/expenditure is based on this place. Her folks are moving abroad and can't sell their property, so asked if we'd like to move in there for the time being. It's a larger property than we currently rent. They won't agree to a tenancy agreement, but will agree to a Licence. In this Licence, it will stipulate they agree for us to live there until they return from abroad
  13. Hi there, I have a Lloyds TSB Credit Card debt. Until 3 months ago, they were happy to recieve payments via my DMP Payplan. Despite that, they havent actually written to me for 2 years. No sign of being passed to a DCA. Now my PayPlan account is closed as I have decided to deal with all my creditors myself. Not sure if I should just wait to hear from them or take some other course of action? The outstanding balance is confusing because of PayPlans shoddiness, and my over-reliance on them. For example, I have another bank a/c debt with Lloyds. Payplan said the outstanding wa
  14. Hi there I am seeking advice about approaching creditors for a settlement offer, and wondered if this was wise, and what is the best way to do it. I have been on a DMP with Payplan for over 10 years, drip feeding my debts - no IVA or bankruptcy. Originally over 25K, now looking at just over 5K. One of my creditors last year offered me a settlement of 60% write off (mbna), and I was lucky enough to have a family member to help out in that respect. This drastically reduced my overall debt. Still chipping away, I wondered if there was any merit in approaching other creditors
  15. Hi, I've been with Payplan for a number of years now, and suddently I get a letter telling me my yearly review is close, and they have asked me to provide payslips and bank statements, and have given me an envelope to use. Usually I update them with a list of income and outgoings. Why are they suddenly asking me for this? Are they trying to flog insurance? I pay around £150 a month and never missed a payment.
  16. I have a dmp with Payplan, and I have been receiving phone calls, and not answering them on my mobile, but the other day I answered my home phone, and it was a company called Stake Your Claim, and they said they are acting on behalf of Payplan, and had all my details, of loans and credit cards. They asked had I paid PPI, and I replied NO, as I hadn't any PPI's on any of my debts. But they told me that that credit cards and loans have been putting PPI on loans etc, and just adding it into the interest. They said they would charge me 12 per cent, if any of my claims
  17. Hi All, Really really need your help on this one as i am in an IVA with Payplan which started in December 2012. My total loans came up to £8,351 and Payplan calculated that i can pay 64.48p in the pound which worked out to be £5,361.84. With my income and expenditure, my payments had been set at £116.81 which was perfect, however i had a massive increase in pay due to a promotion and Payplan increase my payment to £231.89 a month. I have been in contact with Payplan to find out what my end date will be and they said that my plan is for 5 years, howeve
  18. Hi, This is a strange one, I'm posting here to see if a common problem. About 6 months ago Pay Plan messed up my DMP by increasing payments to my creditors without contacting me. One creditors balance was cleared and PayPlan created a new payment plan without contacting me. It turned into a gigantic mess so I sent a formal letter to Pay plan to cancel the DMP and started to self administer my DMP, as well as complaining about their mess up. Got an email response, very poor response, and decided to get new SAR details to confirm the facts before making a formal complaint to the
  19. Hi Guys, I've been using PayPlan for close to two years now to steadily get myself out of Debt and free of the creditors nooses I put around my own neck. My balance is presently in the region of £1000 left to pay off, but in recent months PayPlan seem to be increasingly frustrating to work with. Case in point - One of my creditors Oakam, have now sent the wrong balance three times for my account, the first time this led to me spending over an hour jumping through hoops only to find that my balance and what I owed were not the same thing. This happened again in October and a
  20. Hi Will keep this brief. I have been with Payplan since 2005. Made a huge mistake and took out two more payday loans. Could not pay them so entered an arrangement with both. They accepted a much smaller payment - about £50 each. I owe about £700 on WageDayAdvance. However due to more financial issues I find I cannot keep up the payments so I called Paypaln who agred to add them to my DMP. Wagedayadvance have now rresponded thus: DEBT MANAGEMENT ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Dear Customer ID: We have recently received a notification from Payplan which advises you ha
  21. I have been with Payplan for around 7 years and have cca all of those whom I don't recoginise as the original creditors. Not surprising no one has complied which means three quarters of them are non-compliant. I thought of asking payplan to stop paying them but don't have much confidence in them doing it with out a lot of hassle so I am thinking of cancelling the dmp and dealing with the legit creditors myself. Any thoughts anyone?
  22. I have had a dmp with pp since 2006 and now approx 24K is outstanding. The final two defaults drop of in November. All debts were sold on to DCA's and I pay nearly £500 per month and to be honest everything has gone along fine. As far as I can see no interest or charges have been added since the debts were sold on although a lot was added on in the first instance before they defaulted with the origional lenders. I am getting to the stage where I really want these debts cleared off so as it is becoming a real financial strain but equally I do not want to hinder my credit repo
  23. hello again cag'ers Does anyone know if I can take one of our creditors out of the dmp and deal with them directly please. many thanks for any advice
  24. My dmp is managed by Payplan. I have been with them now since 2006. I have been told tonight by Payplan that a DCA can ring you up to 3 times a day, to try and get you to up your payments. I have asked for the legislation that allows that, as I am being plagued by phone calls day and night. Can DCA legally do this?
  25. Hi, I have been with payplan for 8 years, however i am beginning to wonder about the debts im paying. For example i get letters from Activ Kapital offing me a massive 3k discount to settle the debt, then the other day a letter from them charging 1.2k interest on the debt for the year. Also 2 companies on the debt list are charging me for Egg, and Egg prudential which is odd, as i did have a credit card and a loan from Egg, but 2 not 4 so cant figure out why this is. Now i begin to wonder about my other debts, have charges been added etc, are they enforceable. Payplan are ok, b
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