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  1. Thank you, that is what I think also! Do you think I give them my new address abroad? There will be no property asset abroad but there will be abroad. Also Im wondering whether to offer 10/20% as a F&F just so it goes away, my concern is they wont accept. Other option is £5/10 per month as I have no income or finally ignore and let the clock tick for 6 years i think i read for statute barred? Thanks for advice
  2. Hi, Yes all the info above is correct as of today. I took it from my PP account on line. So you suggest dealing with them direct and providing my new address and apply for another CCA request? What am I hoping to achieve with another CCa request? Im guessing they will provide me with the info I already have that they sent in 2014?
  3. I requested them all in 2014. In every case apart from HSBC I received a copy of the signed agreement by myself, application forms and credit agreements. No one has ever said they were enforceable, I just received them so assumed they were
  4. Hi, I have taken the information from my PP online account which details the creditors name and dates of transfer along with all the payments made which are all logged going back to April 2006. I actually have 3 accounts with Hoist. All we HSBC 2 x bank account and 1 CC. I requested a CCA and they have been unable to provide it so put my account on hold although I have continued paying it via PP. (Ive detailed this in another rather longer thread!! Yes I know I have been cash cowed but I just wanted and still do want the peace of mind !
  5. I have been with PP since April 2006. I have paid in total around £40K but still owe £14K. I have reduced the payments over the years as I no longer work. I have had an excellent credit rating since 2014 and all the debts listed below have never appeared since 2014. I am now going to live abroad and unsure how to proceed. Details are: 3 x Hoist 2 x bank accounts 1 credit card originally with HSBC/then Lewis/Hoist/HSBC/Hoist Total £2.5K (£1600 is the CC) I applied some years ago for a CCA. They placed my account on hold whilst requesting info from HSBC. They sent 2 follow up letter to me saying still waiting and since then nothing although they regularly offer me settlement letters with a 20/30% discount. 5% on the bank accounts Link credit card originally Egg then Barclaycard and now Link. CCa requested some years ago via Barclaycard and they sent a reconstituted agreement and confirmed they were unable to provide the copy of terms for my agreement but went on to remind me I still had a duty to pay although they could not enforce. Amount outstanding £2K Link x 2 MBNA CC. I applied for CCA and both received (they had to request them from MBA first so took time ) Total outstanding £6K Paragon was M&S CC CCA requested and received but by Moorgate (must be Paragon?) Amount outstanding £900 Westcott credit services was Natwest/RBS was a Mint CC sold to Westcot/Cabot and then back to Westcot CCa requested and received Total outstanding £2K All the CCa provided a copy of the agreement with my signature. There was no PPI, I checked all that. Im unsure how to proceed and wanted some advice, my thoughts are: Should I give them my new address abroad? Occasionally some of them send me a statement, but I wish they would not as this all happened before I remarried so have never shared this info with my hubby. Do I reduce the amount I am paying via PP from the current £70 to a more affordable amount Should I bin of PP and go direct to them with new address and F&F offer of around 20% ( I will be in a position to offer this next month) but it would be a one of as I will be gifted some money I will no longer be on the electoral role in the UK but do not want to cause any problems down the line. I would just like this whole thing done with. I defaulted in 2004 so 16 years ago and so many charges were added at the beginning, I think the debt to start with was only £45K. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance
  6. I have a payplan agreement which I will write a separate post about but just checking on line and discovered this: Original account was with HSBC for a credit card, I started paying through PP 1st April 2006. They sold it to Lewis Group on 15th Jan 2008 who sold it to Hoist on 17th Jan 2014. Here is the interesting bit. They sold it back to HSBC on 17th Jan 2019 and immediately transferred it back to Hoist on same day. Any idea why this would be? Thank you
  7. Hi Dx dont worry I have fgured it out!!! When I worked out the rolled over interest I didnt have information of any rebates deducted at settlement of these loans and they didnt provide the statements in the SAR. When I got their response yesterday they had included the statements for loans 2,3,4,5 already had 6 so these detailed any rebates. I recalculated taking into consideration rebates and the figures are now within £100 of each other so we will accept. I am now happy I know we are not being swindled any more so result!! Thanks for your help
  8. I sent a letter to the CEO Mr Keir last week and finally today I got a response. Top and bottom of it is they are sticking to their origional offer. The difference is the rolled over premiums and interest on them so not sure what to do. Sorry to be a pain but DX did you manage to check my calculations my sheets are on post 50 which I worked out according to Ims instructions and break down of their offer above on post 69. Im keen to reach a decision one way or the other on this so really appreciate some help??
  9. So the 14 days are now up and still no copy of the letter. I am thinking i need to send a very strong letter about why the delay and request once again a detailed breakdown premium by premium and/or a revised offer and give the 10 or 14 days to provide befor escalating to FOS? Any suggestions on what to put would be appreciated. Also I am thinking maybe i saw an email address of a senior person somewhere that may be worth emailing instead? Also Dx if you are reading, I am just wondering if you have had time to check my calculations? thank you
  10. Ah thank you so much for confirming, i was sure it was a mistake on their behalf, had a letter today about the origional complaint for insurance I took out in 2005 so I will see what happens with that. Thank you so much, really appreciated.
  11. Sorry, just noticed it was a homestart mortgage so first 36 months were interest only then it reverted to repayment so I have two figures one lower and one higher. The figures I have are for the first 36 months the payments were £296.87 per month and after that they were £536.54. Does that sound about right?
  12. Hi theoldrouge, The origional mortgage was for £75000 over 20 years at a rate of 4.75% and it is a repayment Thanks for your help in solving this riddle, Im certain its a mistake though as the origional quotation shows two amounts on with the ppi and one without and the agreement is for the amount without. Ill be interested to see what figure you come up with!!
  13. Hi Dx, I am attaching a spreadsheet I have done which details (as per their words) the offer. it is broken down by loan and then a summary at the bottom. In the second column you will see i have broken out the various elements of the statin sheet to math the way they have broken it down. It seems to me the differences is the Hamilton Insurance and the rolled over which obviously both affect the interest. I would really appreciate it if you could let me know what you think. Thanks Mcc
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