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  1. Update... Payplan immediately removed Weightmans from the dmp for me to pay them direct as per CCJ. Hopefully my dmp will now end in August, Payplan are contacting all the creditors for the final balances which hopefully will not be much different from the £220 that they estimate. Thanks for help with this.
  2. We were already in the DMP for 3 years before Weightmans took me to court, so it has stayed in the plan - i will email my case worker and tell her to remove weightmans from the plan and see what she says.
  3. thanks for the reply There is a court order on that particular debt and I object to them getting an extra payment if i give payplan some extra money. I would prefer to pay that creditor by direct debit the exact amount that the court has said I should pay, no more and no less. They took out the court order after we had been in the dmp for 3 years, we had never missed a payment.
  4. hello again cag'ers Does anyone know if I can take one of our creditors out of the dmp and deal with them directly please. many thanks for any advice
  5. summing up.. i got a re-determination, it's taken from november to now. first it was sent to the wrong court, i didn't find out about the court date until 5 days before, they had sent the new date to Payplan who had 'forgotten' to inform me, anyway, i couldn't get to court so I wrote a letter explaining, then i found that the judge had decided to transfer it to my local court and the new hearing was last week. I again wrote to the judge explaining that we were in DMP, hadn't missed payments, unfair advantage on other creditors etc - the result was that my court overturned the £160 that the first hearing asked for in favour of the amount that we have been paying all along - £16.11p. So, really pleased with the outcome, although I think that Weightmans will now go for a charge on our property. I will make sure that the hearings come back to my local court and complain that we are being harassed. It might not do any good but at least my feelings will be made known. SP
  6. Ok, i have just etc spoken to the court who said that as i have admitted the amount owed i can't now claim the bank charges that are included in the debt, so i can't counter claim. the lady said i need to write to the court asking for a reconsideration within 16 days. i explained that we were in a dmp and this debt has been part of the dmp for 2 years. she said it sounds like this has not been made clear and there 's been some sort of confusion! does this mean i can't send the letter to weightmans asking for the CCA (as in pt2527 letter in this thread - http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general-debt/118878-help-court-ccj-letter.html I'm not very good at letters, so any help would be useful. thanks SP
  7. i will know more tomorrow, i didn't send the forms to the court it was dealt with by payplan, so i don't even know how much they have declined. I must say that i am not happy with payplan at the moment - they assured me that the amount i needed to pay would not increase. and the court would take into account the fact that we have paid into the dmp for two years with no problems I know that this CCJ is a step to having a charge put on the house which is what weightmans have been after all along. sp
  8. Thanks PrioityOne, yes the CCJ is in place, i had notification yesterday but at a level we can't afford. i will speak with the court and payplan tomorrow and see what they say SP
  9. anyone? please? I have come across a thread http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general-debt/118878-help-court-ccj-letter.html and think i might just send that letter off to weightmans and see what happens, I haven't had the CCA from them, I mentioned it to our case worker, who hesitated a bit when i asked if weightmans had the CCA and he said Yes they did. do you think that this letter is appropriate for my situation? also some of the debt is made up of charges does the CCJ stop me from claiming them back and what happens to the CCJ if i go ahead with the claim. I think I need to get my butt in gear and get these CCA requests off to everyone concerned. thanks SP
  10. ok - need some urgent advice please. I have had a notice from the court to say that weightmans have refused the amount proposed (i assume that Payplan entered weightmans share of the £170 per month that we pay them). The court has ordered us to pay £160 per month to weightmans. we can't do that as well as pay payplan £170, so where do i go from here? I am going to ring the court tomorrow and I have also asked our case officer to call me urgently. this is really getting me down now. SP
  11. yes, I am aware that payplan can only deal with the debt side of it all. thanks SP
  12. meant to ask as well - where do i stand if weightmans can't produce the CCA? thanks SP
  13. Thanks Powell, for your reply i have had an email from payplan today asking me to fill the forms from 1 - 5 and they will fill the rest, I will phone them in the morning and see what they say, my working hours have changed and my shift pattern means that my monthly pay fluctuates quite a bit, so i don't know what to put in the income section, and i certainly don't want my employer to find out the mess i'm in. Sp
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