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  1. Original Creditors Idem Capital Services - MBNA Limited Wescot Credit Services - RBS Mint Card Idem Capital Securities - Halifax - Overdraft Robinson Way - Lloyds CC Welcome finance - Welcome Finance Akinika Debt Recovery - We think 02 Blair, Oliver and Scot - Halifax CC Robinson Way - Tesco Credit Card Moorcroft - Nationwide Credit Card If i cancel the DMP won't they start harassing me again. Currently i don't pay interest so worried they will start that again. If i send of a CCA request - which apart from Welcome Finance, non are original creditors. What happ
  2. Thank you for replying My Debts are: Idem Capital Securities: £3500 Westcot Credit Services: £2433 Idem Capital Securities: £1742 Robinson Way: £868 Welcome Finance: £698 Akinika Debt Recovery: £350 Blair, Oliver & Scott: £221 Robinson Way: £159 Moorcroft: £88 Stepchange have been paying them off each month for years (this is a mixture of mine and my husbands debt from years ago, we have a joint step change account) most of them have only been getting a fiver a month for about 8/9 years! however we have paid off in total around 11K.
  3. Hi Wondered if anyone could help?? I have been payin of my debt for a LONG time through StepChange, to be precise i've paid off around £11k in 8/9 years and recently have changed to Pay Plan who have advised me to to a debt relief order which i don't really want to do. However my grandad recently passed away and my dad has £4k that he said he is willing to pay off my debt if i can get reduced payments on them all. Using the National Debt Advice Service templates and calculator i have sent letters to all my creditors which are all debt collection agencies to if th
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