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  1. I was with PayPlan for just over 2 years, after the first year they called to do an annual review. I supplied all the info they asked for and the plan remained the same (they did ask for bank statements but I never got round to sending them, nothing was said) Year 2 anniversary came about and got the same e-mail you got, stating that if nothing had changed not to do anything. The plan has since finished. What is annoying is they overpaid a creditor to the tune of £320 (no idea how that happened) but not complaining as got a refund hassle free (118 118 Money) It seems to be prett
  2. Hi all Me and my partner are currently on a joint DMP with Payplan (in the sense my outgoings to PP are noted in the household outgoings for me, and vice versa) We currently rent a private property and all income/expenditure is based on this place. Her folks are moving abroad and can't sell their property, so asked if we'd like to move in there for the time being. It's a larger property than we currently rent. They won't agree to a tenancy agreement, but will agree to a Licence. In this Licence, it will stipulate they agree for us to live there until they return from abroad
  3. She can claim over the phone 0800 99 1234 Free call from landline. Will call back if calling from a mobile if you ask. Claim should take around 20 minutes maximum. You can do the claim if she gives consent for you to do so (providing she passes the security checks).
  4. Well done. It's a great feeling isn't it Nice to see a good news story, and kudos for getting free of it
  5. Read with interest (excuse the pun) that PaydayUK were falling foul of offering loans that customers would struggle to repay. They offered loans that would normally "fail" their internal credit check/affordability check. Out of interest purely, I logged in to Wonga tonight. I was immediately offered £1000. I earn £1156 take home pay, and they know my outgoings (which is about £860 all in) Repayment amount is more than my take home pay next month.. Not that I mean to take a loan, but I'm curious if this doesn't fall under the same criteria that PDUK has been slapped with
  6. Hi folks. Not posted in a while, wonder if anyone can help. Need to try and locate the sort code and account number for 118 118 Money. I'm trying to setup a self managed DMP due to a fairly catastrophic change in circumstances and have a loan with them. Customer service has been no help (just "please pay in full") I've had no joy via email route (extremely difficult to find a working email addy for 118 Money) Going around in circles, and want to make a payment. Anyone had any dealings or should I just write in and complain? Seem to be getting nowhere fast.
  7. Roger that - I'll post that tomorrow Worrying that they bombard ex customers with these calls, shouldn't be allowed in my opinion
  8. Hi all I managed to get out the payday loan trap, but this month I've clocked up over 12 calls from PDUK offering me (in a fairly desperate fashion) another loan. I'm just wondering with all the bad press regarding these companies, do I have a valid complaint and if so, where to direct it? Surely, trying to bombard an ex customer with a high interest loan should be against some kind of code of conduct (take that term as loosely as you like) Took me years to get settled up and they all knew I was struggling with the repayments at the time. I've managed
  9. Equifax holds no info on my past PDL's, Noddle on the other hand makes for some uncomfortable reading
  10. You need to make sure your money is safe come payday - they will simply try to collect the debt from your account. You must (and I mean must) cancel your card and contact the bank to stop any Continuous Payment Authority. Sometimes, even if you report your debit card lost and get it cancelled, these leeches can still push through a debit from your account. Ring the bank, report your card stolen and request any CPA's are stopped. Some banks will play ball, you may need to press them to have it done. Safer bet is a parachute account and get your wages safely into an account these
  11. In experience, you usually have to default on the loan repayment before they will entertain talking about a repayment plan. If you ensure they don't receive their money come payday, you can enter into dialogues to repay the original loan amount plus one months interest. Some are easier than others to deal with. PayPlan helped me sort myself out in terms of negotiating repayment terms, maybe worth contacting them and discuss your situation in detail. It worked for me anyway. Good luck
  12. Yeah, that's what I was thinking. I'll draft some letters today in anticipation of another new company trying to collect. Quite annoying really, but I'll stick to my guns. I'll keep you posted of any developments
  13. I'm not entirely sure - the default was applied in 2009. I disputed the debt last year following a mailshot from CapQuest last December and heard nothing at all since then. It's been removed from my credit file now, Noddle had a start date of 2008 is memory serves me correctly, so it's still within a six year period. Just seems odd I've not had to fight to have the Default removed is all. I'm wondering if it's heading back to Barclays, but then again, why would they remove the Default notice? I suppose it's a good thing - just got me slightly confused is all.
  14. Hi Not a problem (I hope) but just checked my Equifax credit report and found that an old disputed account with Barclay's which was assigned to Capquest has just been removed. I disputed the debt around a year ago and heard nothing since. Do you think they have actually conceded the account was not mine and this is the reason for removal? Seems like folks normally have to jump through hoops to get a default removed before the six year date and just wondered if there's something fishy going on (i.e. is the account being sold on to another firm who will add their own default?!) An
  15. Nice to see this thread. I'm just starting the process and it's good to see it's not impossible. I shudder to think how much interest I've paid over the last three years, and I'm starting to get control again. Fingers crossed I can break free of the payday loan hell soon!
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