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  1. Ok cool. Thought that! I am paying via standing order that goes out same time each month. They have no card details of mine at all. Yes no charges etc.
  2. Hi, Had a large loan with Uncle Buck. After emails back and forth, including my MP sending them an email they agreed a payment plan. They now have emailed saying there is a 3 month review and to send two bank statements. I have NO intention of sending them anything. Shall I just ignore them emails or tell them that I will stick to paying the £40 a month to them. Only have about 6 months to go anyway.
  3. @CookieRocks how did you complain? I am aware that it was my fault i overstayed.
  4. Well we parked on the 3/8/14 and the date of letter sent was the 8/8/14. Bit confused as some websites say sod'em whilst others say pay then complain. Have a few days to sort before it goes to £70.00. Only left it due to trying to see what was the best thing to do.
  5. Hi Quick one. Received a letter a week ago saying that I had parked in Asda for too long. This is true! I thought it was 4 hours free whereas it is actually 2 - my fault. But there was nothing on the car and just got the letter through. Basically do I pay? Read lots but all seem conflicting. What do you suggest? Thanks
  6. Had a letter from them saying we will hear by 11th August. A letter came on the 11th saying they needed more time and now a response by 11th September. Would this indicate a positive result?
  7. Really need to know if they are right in their 'shrugging their shoulders' attitude? As its over 6 years it tough or not? I will write to them again but wondered if anyone knew anything certain?
  8. I had a look at an American site and it said £50,000. Could this be right?
  9. Just an update. I offered £40 per month and stuck to my guns. Slow at responding to emails but they accepted the £40 per month till paid off and no fees added. I owed a lot £600+ so won't be paid off till end of 2015 so pleased with result.
  10. I have seen it but we know the account number as we have the passbook so not sure of the point. The letter basically brushed us off saying "well we haven't a record of the account so go away". Just wondered if worht pursuing as £5000 in 1971 is worth a fair bit now. The passbook shows the credits but no withdrawals and no note of being transferred etc.
  11. Hi, Apologies as not sure which section is best. I will shorten this as rather complex. Have a passbook from Greenwich Building Society from 1971 with £5,000 in it. (was my father in laws mother but both passed away now - mother in law still with us!) I found out that ultimately it was sold to Portman and then to Nationwide. So wrote off to Nationwide, send copies of the passbook and they now say that as it is well over the 6 years and due to the Limitations Act 1980 that they do not have any details of the account and all files would now be destroyed. I have a problem w
  12. Wow. Well done you! I can hear hundreds of little fingers now typing to emails to all the PDL's!! How much will you get back??
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