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  1. I have looked on it before and only Barclaycard was on there - I assumed it was down to the payment agreement through Payplan being accepted by the creditors!
  2. Hi - thanks for your advice Sadly I don't know the dates or even years of the accounts being opened as I have no paperwork due to it all being so long ago. The only information I have on any of them is what is on my payplan account! I shall start getting as much information together as I can
  3. These are the original debt amounts: Barclaycard - £1,894.44 Barclaycard - £1,902.65 Cabot (previously equidebt) £1,311.50 - Abbey National Cabot account (abbey account) £1,284.98 - Co-operative Bank Collect direct £440.15 - Ikea Lloyds £5,144.22 Moorcroft (HBOS) £1,180.76 - Halifax Moorgate (MBNA) £ 4,102.23 - MBNA Moorgate (MBNA) £ 2,395.58. - MBNA Interesting to see that the Ikea original debt is £440 but they say I have paid £583 but still owe £463!!! No mobile debts - one loans the rest are credit cards and store cards! So is it worth spending the £10 per SAR and how would I go about reclaiming anything I am owed???
  4. Thank you! I have 9 including the Lloyds ones. Most are now done through collection agencies like Moorcroft and Paragon. I did have a debt with Marks and Spencers but they wrote to me two years ago to say that they were finalising the account and it would be closed. I think I am going to contact them all regarding CCAs as looking at my Payplan account most of the debts seem to have been passed around to several collection agencies so I am thinking they may not be able to find the CCAs! I can't remember if I had PPI on all of them there was definitely on one of the debts but it is so long ago since I defaulted on them and the repayment agreement was set up through Payplan. If they cannot provide the CCA how would I go about seeing if I am owed PPI?
  5. Oh thank you - I will do that and see what they come back with Isn't there a time limit on claiming PPI though?
  6. Would I contact Lloyds about it being enforceable? Sorry for the lack of knowledge but thank you for your help
  7. It was a credit card debt
  8. Hi there I have received a letter today from Lloyds Bank asking my for a repayment plan saying I owe them £1030.24 I had an original debt with them in 2003 which was and is being dealt with by Payplan. I have checked on my Payplan account and even though I have been paying them every month for the last 12 years I still owe £174. I am really confused how having paid over £5000 towards a debt of just over £5000 I am now still owing over £1000!!! I understand that they can still put charges on but is it unreasonable to stop paying seeing as I have now cleared the original debt? I feel like I am going to be paying this forever and ever. As soon as I feel like I am nearly at the end of it all I am landed with a request to give them another £1000. Can anyone suggest what my best option is? Should I request a CCA and see if they can provide it? Should I write to them and explain that I have paid x amount and that I have cleared the original debt? I really don't know what to do and am at the end of my tether Thanks for any help
  9. Hi I have been receiving letters from Lowell for a debt which is in a name which isn't mine. This was the fault of the catalogue company who completely read my name incorrectly and when I asked them to change it they wouldnt. Lowell have somehow got my address and have been sending letters saying that I need to pay the debt. They have now sent a letter saying they have done a credit check and that they have found out various things including that I am working! I am a bit confused as to how they have done a credit check on a name that doesn't exist at this address and found out anything - is it possible they have just done a search on the address? They are now threatening court action and I am not sure what to do - would the court be able to enforce anything against me if the name they have is incorrect? Any advice would be greatly received!! Thanks
  10. Hi - hope you don't mind me jumping in here I am being chased by Lowells for a debt which has my name completely wrong on it. Firstly can they do anything if they have the incorrect debtor name? Secondly they say they have all the details of my credit file and as I have not contacted them they will be getting details of my work and my salary - is this possible? (Aside from the fact that they have my name wrong!) Any help/comments would be greatly appreciated
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