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  1. Hi Bank fodder,Thank you for your reply. I don't believe there is any overlapping for the bills the £400 will be monies owed to SSE and I am confidentish I haven't been overcharged (don't undertand Kwh) and the £112 is for my first DD with Cooperative. But I'm not in a position to pay out £512. I could enter into a repayment with SSE for the final bills but then I will be financially worse off than before I switched as I was only paying £120pm for Gas & Elect with SSE unless I only repay £8pm therefore breaking even. Yey!
  2. Hi Everyone, I'm looking for some advice and also a platform to rant. it started 4 months ago when I got a switching quote from Cooperative energy and I decided to switch from SSE to them. I received diddly squat from Cooperative energy from then till Monday and also nothing from SSE until Monday. Monday I received a final bill from SSE totaling £400 for both Gas & Elect. On that very same day I received a letter from cooperative energy stating I owe them £112 for my first quarter of energy. I was obviously taken back by this as i mentioned I haven't received an email, phone call or a signle letter in the 4 months since applying for the energy account. No switch over date details no details in regrads to payments how much when will it start absolutely nothing! I emailed Cooperative energy stating I don't wish to switch as they have proven even the most basic customer services is a struggle for them ...first impressions and all and wish to remain with SSE. They emailed back apologising stating I should have received an email detailing all this information but they can see this didn't happen ...please pay us the outstanding balance of £112??!! Please advise on where I stand? I don't wish to switch but I think switchover is actually complete now even though I hadn't even received a 'sorry you're leaving' letter from SSE and I had no idea what was happening until I was slapped with £512 worth of payments due in the middle of the month?
  3. I currently rent my home from Home group in the North East. I have received my annual rent increase letter. However it has been brought to my attention we are paying a higher band of rent than a friend of mine who lives in the same size house just 10 houses away, on the same estate but different street. Now I'm not talking a few quid difference I'm talking £30 per week difference which i think is extortionate. With this in mind I did a bit of searching and found a valuation office agency electronic rent register and found tenancies in my street moving in after us where the rent is shown as £20-30 less than what we pay. Can anyone advise if I should query this and how I should do so? thanks for your time!
  4. Hi, I'm hoping someone could advise. I have been a Vodafone customer for 6yrs and thus far had 3 seperate contracts. The 2 previous contracts I had insurance and up to now thought I had insurance on my current contract. I dropped my IPhone earlier today and now it won't turn on. I rang Vodafone Customer Services and got through to a very abrupt unhelpful CS rep who just told me I had no insurance and they couldn't help and was told to sit tight till September and I could upgrade. I argued the point I've had insurance on all other contracts and I had specifically requested insurance on this phone also, I was paying £42 on this phone when the contract which was sold over the phone by a Vodafone sales person was £35 so i assumed insurance was included (stupid to assume I know) and I have also brought my wife over to this contract and she has her own Iphone WITH insurance which again I specifically requested. I currently pay between £80-£90 pm for both contracts. I feel incredibly let down by Vodafone and feel like being a valued customer is non existent these days. Is there anyway around this? Or am i infact left paying upto £42pm for the next 5 months for nothing?
  5. I have no problem going elsewhere. They were utterly useless and their customer service is appauling it took 3 emails just to get them to send my login details but if I hadn't bugged them I'd still be waiting now, hence why I feel I am not liable for the cancellation fee and due to the fact they were incompetent to do the simplest of tasks I wouldn't trust them to insure anything!
  6. Thanks Unclebulgaria. I have sent them a complaint via email stating:I’m shocked and disgusted to receive a letter from yourselves stating I now have to pay £42.70 for cancellation of my policy.I set this policy up 1/08/2013 I received an email on 01/08/2013 welcoming me to the policy but there was no policy number or login details. I never received any login details after this and no letter detailing this either. I did receive a letter 05/09/2013 stating I was in debt to yourselves because I cancelled my direct debit. Of course I cancelled it why would I pay for as far as I was concerned a non-existent policy. From there I exchanged several emails which still did not detail login details etc.. Until finally I was sent login detail 06/09/2013.Now if you were in my shoes and a company were useless from the get go would you trust them to insure your home and all your worldly possessions??I was told there was no phone number on file but I know this is incorrect because I was receiving voicemails from yourselves concerning the direct debit.If you wish to take this further be my guest I will be building my own case. I have kept all email proof. Personally I do not wish to take out your home insurance as you have proved to me I am unable to trust your company but I also feel I should not have to honour your cancellation fee and there wasn’t a policy (I was aware of) to be cancelled until 06/09/2013I have just received a confirmation email to say this has been escalated to the complaints division of Customer Relations but if I receive any further communications in their favour I will use the FOS line and proceed with a complaint to FOS.many thanks for your help!
  7. I took out a home insurance policy with kwik fit 01/08/2013. I received a welcome email but this didn't contain login details or policy details but in this email it stated i woiuld receive these in the next 7 days, this didn't happen, and life carried on I work full time and have 2 kids so i totally forgot about it. Until i received a letter stating I was in debt to them because I cancelled their DD I did this because as far as I was concerned there was no policy and I wasn't paying them for nothing basically.I have had a few back and forth email conversation with them and finally I received login detail 06/09/2013 but I stated I didn't want to use them anymore as they had been useless from the get go and why would i trust them to insure my worldly possessions.Today I receved a letter stating I now have to pay £47 cancellation fee??!! where do I stand?Please help!
  8. I have attached the Credit agreement, I personally can see no wrong with it.Any advise would be greatly appreciated
  9. I suppose so, althoughI intend on informing all relevant conpanies of new address just didn't want those idiots knowing my new address
  10. payments already stopped, its frustrating becuase I have managed to clear all my debt barr this one and they are infuriatingly slow at any and everything.....no doubt on purpose so consumers just give up and pay!I'm moving house in 3 weeks and don't want to give them my new address so wanted this sorted by then, if it's not should i update them?
  11. CCA request ignored, postal order cashed!Next stage - Failure to Comply letter just printed and ready to post out today. How long do I give them? Then what's my next move?
  12. OK CCA sent to marlin today recorded delivery with £1 postal order included. by my calculations they have till the 3rd of June. Hope to report back then!
  13. Thanks for your reply, I think I'll will try that. Cheers x
  14. If they Don't have it, what then? Make them whistle? If they do have it I.'ll just have to suck it up and keep paying?
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