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  1. Hi guys, Been helping out yet another friend with some advice and as its some time since I advised on here regulary I thought i would get up to speed. My mate took out a Conditional Sale Agreement for a car with one of the subprime car finance companies. He made his first 3 payments of approx £260 Being self employed sometimes money doesn't come in quick enough and he was late with his next payment. They sent him a default notice The arrears consisted of 1 month instalment £48 of charges stated as administration costs He paid the 1 month arrears (but not the admin costs) 1 day late after the deadline. He then came home to a letter put through his door and a contact number. he rang it, it was a man who said he had a repossession order for the car. My mate sent him photos of the payments he had made in the 4 months he had the car and the repo man said he was going to refer it back to his office. In the mean time my mate spoke to me and I looked through his paperwork and noticed that he had overpaid 1 month by £20 . on his behalf I rang the finance company pretending to be him. They told me that the contract had been terminated and he had to either pay a final settlement or the car would be repossessed the next day. I said how much currently is the arrears, £48 they replied. So your repossessing for £48? Yes . Cant he just pay the £48? No its too late, your contracts been terminated , there is nothing you can do about it. i said lets go through the payments and he agreed that there there was an overpayment of £20 they hadn't accounted for . I said so your default amount is incorrect then? He said that doesn't matter, I argued. In the end I said you get us a settlement figure and I will look for your invalid default notice (I hadn't seen it at this point) 30 mins later my mate has a missed call from them, he phones back and offices are closed. 10 mins later they phoned again (this is out of hours) and said "Mr ***** , i wasn't very happy with the whole situation , i have spoken with my manager and am delighted to say he has agreed to reinstate your agreement tomorrow as long as you ring up and pay the £48 arrears and this months payment which becomes due in the next few days" he does all this and its all back on. A month later, he hadn't reinstated his direct debit , so he pays online using their payment portal onvtime. 5 days later he gets a default sums notice- payment not received by DD £18 charge This just raises a few questions for me 1 Can they default him in the first instance for being just 1 payment in arrears? 2 Can they add charges onto the default for £18 admin fees for non payment by DD? 3 Obviously the default was invalid otherwise they wouldn't of panicked and reinstated it, but if the default is on his credit file can we get it removed? 4 Is there a difference between a default sums notice and a default notice? Thanks in advance
  2. If you book a place i.e a room in a hotel, a caravan pitch etc and on arrival it can provide the services advertised but is nowhere near anything you read up in the brochure and you have to look elsewhere to stay, are you entitled to a refund under the distance selling act?
  3. Hi, I (and my wife) applied for the 30 hours free childcare through the gov.uk website last year. I have been renewing/reconfirming the application details on the website every 3 months, as required. Last reconfirmation was in mid-January, but a couple of days ago, the HMRC have written to me saying the following: "Unfortunately, our checks have shown that you're no longer eligible for 30 hours free childcare for xxxxx because: • from the evidence we hold we have decided that you didn't have a reasonable expectation of your partner earning at least é ú1555.72 (no idea what the symbols mean!) between 15 January 2018 and 16 April 2018 However, you may still be able to access 30 hours free childcare for a short period, known as a grace period. You can check what your grace period arrangements are with your childcare provider. You can still access the 15 hour universal early education entitlement for 3 and 4 year olds. For information on eligibility, go to http://www.childcare-support.tax.service.gov.uk. What happens next Your childcare provider and local authority will be told that you no longer meet the requirements for 30 hours free childcare for xxxxx. If you don't agree with our decision Check the details you entered on your application are correct, you can do this in your childcare service account. If you entered the wrong information, and still want to apply for 30 hours free childcare, you can make a new application. However, if the information on your application was correct, and you've checked you meet the eligibility criteria, you can ask for the decision to be looked at again by requesting a Mandatory Review. You'll need to do this in writing within 30 days, and include: • your name, address and child's full name • reasons why you think our decision is wrong • the words 'Mandatory Review' in the title of your letter Send your letter to: The childcare service, HMRC, BX9 1GR We may ask you to supply original copies of evidence to support your Mandatory Review. If your Mandatory Review is rejected, you have the right of appeal to a tribunal. If your circumstances change Go to http://www.childcare-support.tax.service.gov.uk to reapply for 30 hours free childcare. Yours sincerely Childcare service team" I do not understand what has happened suddenly for them to reject it. My wife started working a contract job (by setting up her limited company) in November 2017. In the reconfirmation form on gov.uk, I have given her job as "Director of Own company", which if I remember correctly was from a drop-down list. Does anyone have an idea why this could be happening? Oh, and she earns more than £120 per week in her job and less than £100,000 per year.
  4. Hello Last year, me and my girlfriend joined an X4L gym on a monthly contract basis. We paid the first month on the spot when joining (28th Oct) and shortly after had a bad experience. I went online and saw how bad this place is and we decided to cancel. I wrote down all the things I had to do and when, hoping to avoid this. I sent the cancellation request on 9th Nov online as instructed, saved the 'receipt' and also have the confirmation email that came through a few days later. I allowed the final payment to come out on the 27th Nov and then cancelled the DD on the 28th Nov. That's 48 days before the following payment would have been. I've stuck to the terms, yet here we are. As I mentioned, we both joined. I did everything for us both at the same time. I haven't heard a thing from them, but they are chasing my girlfriend. So far, their demands are 2 months membership plus x2 £25 penalties (sorry, 'admin fees'). Most threads around here are people cancelling DD without letting them know, etc. I can't be bothered to write a letter and post it, considering it's obvious they don't care and will just continue. I just wanted to check, am I OK to bounce their emails and forget about it? I know they have no powers... Or, shall I send a letter with the dates in, anything else?
  5. Hi, My wife attended a company meeting at the Grand Harbour Hotel, Southampton back in May of this year. Her company booked a package that included complimentary parking and a member of the hotel staff was tasked with collecting VRN's from the attendees. Unfortunately, my wife (and another lady) were somehow missed out and, as a result, she received a PCN from Parkingeye. We have appealed to Parkingeye and through POPLA, but to no avail. We have also ignored their 'gesture of goodwill' offer for us to pay £60 instead of £100. The hotel has stated, by emails on two separate occasions, that the PCN has been cancelled. However, the emails are from an intermediary member of the hotel staff and not the person who has, apparently, contacted Parkingeye. So we do not have copies of the communication to Parkingeye, or their response. We also have a copy of the hotel function sheet for that event which clearly states free parking. We received a 'Letter Before County Court Claim' from Parkingeye dated 31 October 2018, which we have responded to (in my wife's name but with my assistance). We acknowledged receipt of their letter and stated that we dispute the claim, re-stating our reasons why. My wife is due to attend another event at the same hotel next week and we are hoping that, with her being there in person, she stands a better chance of getting the information we need from the hotel concerning their PCN cancellation request. Apologies for tagging this on to another post earlier today I understand the need to start a new thread now. Any advice and guidance would be very much appreciated.
  6. Hi all. Hoping someone can advise me correctly. Embarrassing but about six months ago i fell into a bit of a downward spiral and gambled quite a bit so asked Santander to cancel my card so i couldnt gamble online. Up until recently i had no issues but last week i logged back in and the merchant in question accepted a payment off my old card which i believed was cancelled. I spoke to Santander who said they reissued the card and didnt cancel it and couldnt cancel payments to the online bookmaker either. Im not looking for any refunds etc but cannot quite grasp how the merchant can take payments off a card which is now no longer used and has old details, expiry and cvv etc. Thanks all
  7. Cutting a very long story short. Applying for ESA first time in January two letters were enclosed with the ESA50 form requesting a home visit and recording for a ESA F2F assessment. Received Maximus letter for ESA f2f assessment at beginning of April at one of their medical centres. Rang Maximus and told them there was no letter from them to give the reasons why a home visit was not granted. Was told by Maximus the DWP Decision Maker has disallowed the home visit. Rang DWP and told them Maximus said the DM has refused a home visit and and asked the reasons why. Was told by the DWP staff that is was wrong the DWP's DM do not make any decision with regards to home visit nor get involve with F2F assessment that is the job of Maximus their medical contractor. Went back to Maximus and told them what DWP said the appointment was cancelled. Received couple of phone calls from Maximus requesting a letter from the GP to back up the home visit request. GP faxed letter to Maximus stating cannot attend a f2f at a centre due to medical/clinical reasons. Maximus confirmed by phone that they have received the GP supporting letter at the beginning of May 2018 and was told they will send a letter of their decision about the home visit by four different staff. Received several letters to attend appointments at different dates from Maximus including a phone call to ring them very important and very urgently with regards to a f2f at their centre which was to take place some 3 weeks later strange. Each time received a phone call two days before the appointments due date to cancel appointments because their recording machine is broken and that it will take a very long time before hearing from them. Received another letter last week to attend yet another appointment at their centre at the beginning of July but still received no letter with regards to the home visit whether it has been granted or refused. Non of the cancellation letters stating appointments was cancelled because of broken recording machines it just said appointment rescheduled sorry for the inconvenience. Maximus has on record they've book for a Taxi as their making reasonable adjustment but send no letter stating that fact. New appointment letter had not stated a Taxi has been booked for the appointment it just said please attend 10 minutes before the appointment time. I'm looking for a template letter with regards to disability discrimination and harassment from Maximus/contractor and a sample letter under the equality act 2010 requesting a home visit with regards to Maximus making reasonable adjustments for a f2f assessment under the equality act. Any help will be appreciated.
  8. Hi, Having aggravation with a second hand car purchase (in another thread). Feeling a bit of financial pressure. Need to get to Stansted Airport so I thought I'd give a One-way for a £1 rental a go. No luck here either it seems. Booked and paid for a £1 one-way rental from Europcar. Online booking was a bit slow but seemed to go ok. Got a confirmation back and all looked fine. 48hrs before I'm due to pick up I get 2 emails saying don't forget to prepare for your rental and please remember your driving licence etc. 3p.m. today, (19hrs before) scheduled pick-up I get a call from an unknown number to my mobile. It's from the pick-up location for the car and the woman says, 'we don't have a car for you tomorrow, so we're cancelling your booking". I explain that with less than 24hrs notice I'm not impressed and can she please give me a written explanation as to why this is? She refuses and says, "I've told you twice we don't have a car for you". So, I call Customer Services which wastes more time. They say 'It's nothing to do with them and you need to speak with "reservations". Another call and more waste, and yep you guessed it, they say, 'nothing to do with us, you need to speak to the branch.' They do say that the branch should be sorting it out and organising another vehicle, but I'm not sure the call agent has got a full understanding of the problem. So out of interest, I go back to the online reservation and find that there's a vehicle available under the same scheme, with the same destination drop off, for the same dates, but from another not too distant branch. Call Customer Services - No use at all. Can't do anything about it. Verbal acknowledgement that it's not good Customer Service, but they can't do anything. So, I book the vehicle from the alternate location via the web site even though it will be more time consuming for me. Then I go back to the reservation system and there it now shows a vehicle available from the original location for return to Stansted. Just like the one that was cancelled a couple of hours earlier. (I have copied all of this information) Oh. In case anyone else is trying to use this system. It comes up with a "How can we Help You - Web Chat/we'll phone you back" dialog. - This goes to Barcelona and a very nice call agent who is absolutely no use as they can't do anything with these bookings. Question then please: The rental agreement - I believe it's only binding after you have signed at pick-up? , but does a contract exits before this and are they in breach of contract? Certainly their T&C says a whole lot about what the bailee can and can't and how if you don't show for your rental they can charge you £85. Which rather suggests they would like to impose a 'fine' for a customer breaching a contract or have I got that all wrong? Have help greatly appreciated.
  9. hello everyone i have been reading your answers and help to other members i really need your help. I moved from Amsterdam to UK I did not have bank account here my friend started paying my DD of 9.99 per month from March 2018 I started gymicon with him now in june some how he missed the DD. he received a call and letter stating that you missed a DD you need to pay 25 pounds plus your monthly fee for X4Less. he cancel the direct debiticon I only went to gym for a month because now I was little far from gym I was paying my friend to pay the DD. now I am receiving the text msg from X4L saying your account is default call on this number to solve the default when i rang on this number it says you have to pay all 9 months fee plus 25 admin fee Ii told him I was paying monthly and I want to continue gym again and I will pay month by month, he said you sell your membership to us with total fee and you can go to gym till march 2019 which is end date of contract. I also rang the gym and tell them I received msg from you but I want to pay monthly m/ship fee but I will not pay extra they said your account is default now you call on 0144444 ... number to clear your matter then you can start gym again. please advice me what should I do i want to continue my gym but I do not want to pay extra fee. I will appreciate help . thank you:
  10. Hi, The offical receiver has told me that he intends to cancel my DRO (3 weeks before it was due to finish) as I now have over £1000 in the bank due to a back payment of Universal Credit. I have received this money because the DWP declared me unfit for work and work related activity following a work capacity assessment. I was very surprised he did this as many benefit sites and advisors said that this would not happen because I had received this money due to my medical condition. (Crohn's Disease) I am in a full Universal Credit area and I have heard that this money would have been disregarded had I been claiming Pip or other sickness benefits with a disability premium. I was wondering what the law is regarding this? I went to see CAB and they managed to talk to the assistant to the official reciever but he stonewalled and was arguing that because my benefit did not include the words disability premium they did not have to ignore it. He also said that he did not want to reverse the decision in case it set a precedent! Cab tried to argue that it was a disability PREMIUM, and sent me on a trip to my local benefit office to ask if I could get a letter stating this. However they said that Universal Credit does not have a disability premium. I asked a lot of people as to what would happen about this backdated money including Debt Camel, Step Change, Debtline and they were all wrong I would like to know where the law stands since I think I am being given the shaft with the Insolvency Service using a play on words as an excuse to cancel my DRO.
  11. My transatlantic flight form USA back to UK was cancelled by airline 4 hrs after the flight was due to depart . I was not put on another flight for 48 hrs. Can I claim from both the airline and on the insurance which i took out or am i only permitted to claim from one or the other. Thanks
  12. Hey Guys, See if you guys can assist me. I have been working Flexible Working since 2015 as I look after a disabled wife and a child. Recently during a meeting with my manager, my manager informed me that he wants to cancel my flexible working and wants to increase my working days from 3 (under flexible working) to 5 days a week. I was given 2 weeks notice and given a date when this change will be applicatble. I objected to this decision, but the manager simply announced his decision and ended the meeting and said no further discussions. I received his decision in writing with inaccuracies in statement to which I objected, as his decision contained various factual discrepancies and asked him to give me evidence to substantiate his reasons. I have however, not yet received them. I further wrote to them formally rejecting the proposed changes to the terms of my contract and informed them I would be sticking to the currect terms of my contract and would be working 3 days a week only. I then received phone call asking how I was from another manager as I had gone AWOL. I asked this manager to check my 2 letters that I sent in and have not received a reply to yet as these letters clearly address that I do not agree to new terms and I would be work 3 days only. I then had further discussion with another manager and I told him exactly the same that I am expecting a reply to my previous 2 letters. I then received a letter from another manager informing me that I have gone AWOL and if I do not turn up under new terms i.e. 5 days a week I will be marked down AWOL. Today I have received another letter calling me in an investigation for Disciplinary hearing regarding my AWOL. All of this is despite: 1) Management, unilaterally changing my terms of contract. 2) Management, not replying to my objections I raised in response to their decision. 3) Me formally rejecting their proposed changes. 4) Me informing them that I will be doing my shifts under flexible working and that I have not had response to my 2 letters. Can someone kindly guide me, 1) am I wrong here? 2) Can I be sacked in this AWOL hearing? knowing that I have already told them why am I not turning up to shifts? 3) Can flexible working be unilaterally changed? 4) Should there not be a status quo applied till my objections raised are answered? Thanks
  13. Hi all, I had a judgement registered against me which i paid in full within 28days. I have spoken to the court and they have confirmed it is showing as cancelled however the lady said that it can take time to filter down to credit reference agencies, does anyone know what sort of length of time this may be as it is having a significant impact on my score and i need to get a letting agency check done. Is there anything i can do to speed up process??
  14. Hi everyone. We've had a motor trade policy for 5 years now. 10 days before renewal this year, the insurer flagged up 4 vehicles we've had for a while, and wanted proof of ownership and V5s. I neglected to send these when requested. Over the next few days, they started sending me emails regarding renewal, and that the policy will auto renew. The policy autorenewed, but I know they always want proof of trading (ie. recent invoices) and driving licences. I could see emails coming through, that we had X days to send these documents. In all this, I understood that the deadline for the documents for the renewal was 5pm on the 25th May. I sent the proofs of trading and driving licences, and said in my email "Here are the documents for renewal", and asked to confirm some details about cover. The lady answered my email, but didn't mention those previous proofs of OWNERSHIP of the other vehicles. I assumed those were for the past policy (same insurer). I carried on as normal, awaiting the insurance certificate. It never came, and the following Thursday 31st May (almost a week later) I called them at 4pm to chase it up. I was then informed that insurance had been cancelled due to not providing those proofs of ownership. I'd never gotten so much as a courtesy email informing me of this, and had been driving uninsured for a week. They said if I sent them, they would see about insuring me again. As it was late, they called me the following day (1st June) to say they could cover me, but that since it's a new month, the premium is now £450 more. They wouldn't budge. AND I now have a cancelled policy in my history, bumping up my premiums. Now my question is, all the policies so far were under our Ltd company which is being closed down. Obviously on the schedule of fact it was "Mr X and Miss X (XXX Ltd)" and the account payer for the insurance (on their docs) is "XXX Ltd". We are no longer trading under that Ltd company, we are now a partnership. So when we're asked have you ever had a policy cancelled, what do we say? Legally, if I say no, since the cancelled policy was under a Ltd company, am I covered? Thank you.
  15. On the 1st March I gave notice to my old broadband provider (Virgin) and signed up with Vodafone. The agreement for this service included the transfer of my phone number from Virgin to them. My service allegedly went active on the 13th march, but my broadband wasn't working until the 21st March. Whilst on the phone to them (my old cable line with virgin) I asked when the number would be transferred across, and was told it hadn't even been requested. I was rather ****ed off by this, but they assured me it was being done there and then. about 10 days later and still nothing, we go into a new month which incurs me more line rental charges from Virgin as my phone service isn't disconnected until the number is transferred. I spend a further 95 mins on the phone with Vodafone and am assured that it's being done, I'm told that it's been sent direct to Openreach and they will do it within 72hrs. I am also told that they will be crediting my account with £30, but when I try to check... the online account I setup is mysterious non existent and I can't set it up again as it doesn't recognise my phone number or account number. They are told that the 72hrs ends at 5pm on Friday 6th and if the number is not transferred by then, my services will be terminated due to breach of contract (they failed to transfer the number which was part of my agreement to use their services) 72hrs pass and nothing, virgin claim they've never even received any request to transfer my number over and confirmed this again as of the 16th April. On the 7th April, I send an official complain both through Vodafones website, and via mail to their complaints dept. This complaint terminates my services with them for their failure to do something as simple as transfer my number. A process that has been simplified to make it so easy that a trained monkey could do it. So far they have completely ignored my complaints and have not terminated my service. I am now in limbo, I cannot switch to another provider because there is a temp number on my BT line that I have never used and have no intention of ever using... A new provider will try to transfer that number across instead of my virgin one. I am also still paying for a virgin line and number which I've had for many years and don't wish to lose, because it will cause so many problems. Because they had credited my account with £30 (allegedly, I've not seen proof of this) I cancelled my DD and had the previous one of £27.06 returned to me. Today I got a threatening email saying my 'April' bill is unpaid and I owe them £34 (which would be about right if there was a £30 credit as my normal bill would have been £37) So far they have ignored my complaint, failed to transfer my number and failed to terminate my service. They have been clearly informed of their breach of contract, and my service was terminated within the first 30 days (even if they claim 13th March as date service started, it's still less than 30 days). I am now being threatened with my service being restricted, and if it's not paid service disconnection and payment for the full term of the contract will be pursued. I think I need to escalate this to the regulator... But have no idea how to go about this. Switching is supposed to be easy, but this has been the worst mistake and has caused me so much hassle and stress.
  16. My first foray into independent travel with my new powerchair didn't end that well! Outward flight was spot on, all promised help was provided, cheerful assistance staff at both airports and a seamless journey from end to end. Return flight was cancelled with no notice. I have had conflicting reports as to why including weather (at the destination, not the departure airport), earlier delays due to weather at the destination meaning the aircraft was not in the right place and earlier delays due to bad weather in Ireland causing a knock-on effect on other flights. At the time my flight was due to depart there were no issues with weather at either end. Assistance at the airport was non-existent - no Flybe staff at all. Eventually directed to the Swissport desk who just shrugged. Eventually they said that all passengers would be taken by bus to an hotel. After some argument I persuaded them that I really couldn't drive the chair up the bus steps and they sent me to the taxi rank with a voucher. I was absolutely refused any further assistance with locating a suitable taxi or with my luggage but was assured that an accessible room had been reserved for me. I was given nothing about my rights nor any contact details or information about when to return to the airport. An extremely helpful Spanish taxi driver phoned for an accessible taxi for me and also translated the hotel name scribbled on the voucher. The taxi itself had a ramp, full stop. No means of securing the chair or me, and every time he went round a corner, the chair tipped sideways. Scary. After 45 minutes or so I was literally deposited in the middle of a junction outside a building which I presumed was the hotel but could equally have been a posh office, but not a dropped kerb in sight. I did eventually locate one round the back of the building next to the disabled access, relief! Or not. The receptionist took one look at me and said they didn't accept wheelchair users (so why a wheelchair entrance?) even though they did have a lift. By this time the bus had also arrived and was offloading 65 other passengers several of whom tried to intervene. About an hour later another taxi arrived (this one did at least have a strap that the driver wrapped around the chair a bit) and took me to another hotel, though I had to pay. Neither I nor the hotel were able to obtain any information (or even a reply) from Flybe or the airport next morning, I opted to take myself back (another dodgy taxi, another fare) to find out what was happening. In the meantime, I'd asked my sister in the UK to keep trying Flybe and get them to ring me, which they did just as I arrived. Unfortunately 45 minutes later and we were no further forward - according to Flybe there were no other flights from anywhere in Spain to anywhere in the UK for 48 hours, which was an absolute lie as there were seats on several other flights from that airport that day. Having given up on Flybe I joined the other passengers who'd decided to take matters into their own hands at the Swissport desk. Once again the first reaction was not promising, but once I made them (and everyone within earshot) aware that Flybe would have to reroute us with a different carrier if they couldn't get us home that attitude changed somewhat, perhaps because I was also handing out slips of paper with CAG's web address. They were in the process of getting authorisation from Flybe to route us through Barcelona and Paris when I was told to go to check-in as they'd miraculously found a seat for me on the next flight, leaving in 20 minutes. I've let things fester for a few days, mostly because by the time I got to the UK I was wiped out, I've just received a generic letter from Flybe offering everyone a £75 voucher. My first response wouldn't get past the CAGbot, my second is to seek opinions from the forum. 1. Flybe are claiming 'extraordinary circumstances' so no automatic compensation. Are they right as there was no problem with the weather at either end by the time our flight was due to depart. 2. I know I can claim the taxi fares, would it be reasonable to hold Flybe responsible for the humilation of being refused a room in the hotel they picked and the stress of being carted around a strange city at night and on my own? I wouldn't normally consider travelling alone at night other than with a taxi firm known to me. I was genuinely quite terrified by the whole experience. 3. When booking special assistance, Flybe promise that should there be any issue with your flight they will notify you direct as soon as possible to discuss with you how to proceed. This obviously didn't happen, and in fact other than reluctantly sending me by taxi, they made absolutely no allowance for my disability. Had they spoken to me earlier I'd have told them the best option would be for me to stay where I was where I not only had accessible facilities but also several people on hand to help me use them. Is this breach of contract? Very sorry for the long post but I hate when people give bits of information piecemeal.
  17. I was on income based ESA in the support group. I just got a letter today, 29 Mar 2018, dated 23 Mar 2018 that my ESA will be cancelled from 27 Mar 2018. Reason: You have not paid or been credited with enough National Insurance Contributions. We have based the tax years ending 5 April 2011 and 5 April 2012 to assess your claim. What confused me is that I was claiming JSA all through those tax years. I thought JSA credited NI payments? Also, in the same letter it says: We will still credit you with National Insurance contributions while claiming Employment and Support Allowance. So, I am confused. How can I run out of NI payments on income based ESA in the support group? There are absolutely no instructions what to do next. They cancelled my ESA 2 days before I received the letter so I have absolutely no income provision. What are my options? Will my housing benefit be cancelled and I am made homeless again?
  18. After his retweet of Britain First videos and attack on the PM and British values [sent to the wrong Theresa May], there are increasing calls for him not to come here. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2017/nov/30/evil-racist-how-the-uk-reacted-to-trumps-theresa-may-twitter-attack https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2017/nov/30/britain-demand-apology-trump-cancel-state-visit-theresa-may
  19. Hi, I've been reading through some of the previous threads with similar issues. I would appreciate some help with my particular problem if anyone can give me advice? I joined Fitspace gym on 29/06/2015 and the membership was 12.99 per month. In around January of 2016 I finally sought help with my debt problems and eventually got a DMP with stepchange. My bank overdraft was one of the debts included in this so my account was closed and the direct debit to Fitspace was cancelled. In June of 2016 I received a text message from Zinc saying I needed to contact them with no other details so I ignored it. Last month I had a similar text message from CRS and another today simply asking me to contact them. I had a search and realised they must be contacting me about my previous fitspace membership. I have had no written correspondence from them and I have not yet contacted them. I assume they have my current address as its the one I used when joining Fitspace. I'm not sure where to go from here? Should I write to them asking for them to contact me via letter? Any advice is much appreciated, thanks for any help!
  20. Hi, hope you can help. On the 10th October 2017 I took out car insurance with GA and paid in full. They asked me to send them proof of no claims bonus, so I called them to establish I would email them a copy of the letter sent to me by my previous insurer stating how many no claims bonus I had and that’s exactly what I then did. On Wednesday 15th November 2017 I received an email saying my car insurance has been cancelled due to them not receiving my proof of no claims bonus. I was put into quite a predicament because under duress I then had to buy some more car insurance. Do insurance companies have the right to do this? My car is parked on the road side so apart from the risk involved while I was searching for a new insurance company I was unable to drive my car until I was able to reinsure my car. They refunded my insurance less £90. Thanks
  21. Sorry if this is long winded, will try to get all info here on 1st attempt 5 x creditors total outstanding approx. 46K Barclays loan with Cabot – debt purchased by Cabot Barclays overdraft with Barclays Recovery – debt still with Barclays Store card with Cabot – this one is clear, see below Mint card with Westcot – not sure if bought or just being collected Barclaycard with Mercers – not sure if bought or just being collected Store card with Lowell – not sure if bought or just being collected All were in default but now expired (2016) on credit report, which is going in right direction. Entered DMP with Financial Atlantic (FA) approx. 2008, paying £150 pm across all creditors, have been model client and paying regular. During this year’s DMP review, it was clear that FA would not entertain any CCA requests and would only negotiate F&F at rate of 40%, plus there 10% charge on savings made. After checking forums, I decided to go for CCA requests myself, letters sent 1 week ago, Cabot already replied for the store card debt and will no longer pursue the debt as cannot obtain CCA, £3.3K gone. I asked FA to hold all payments to creditors pending CCA replies, they have now advised my DMP account will be cancelled and to continue discussions myself with creditors, I guess they saw what I was doing and wanted no part of it. FA will write to creditors advising plan is cancelled. My option, as I see it, is await for CCA results, if no CCA, debt unenforceable, ignore, if CCA, then maybe go for F&F starting at very low figure, I am guessing for bought debt, I have paid more than the purchase price already, others were only on token payment, duration left for each as per my DMP between 8 and 15 years, one (Barclays loan has 38 years at current payment) I understand these debts cannot be put back onto credit file as once defaulted that’s it, am I correct here? Has anyone done similar, what was result and how should I play this now.
  22. We have had numerous issues with a caravan purchased from a dealership in less than a year we have had approximately 44 issues with the caravan with several issues being serious. Four of the issues resulted in the front and rear panels being repaired and then replaced. The advice I got from a lawyer was as follows; Although I appreciate you approached XXX Caravans to supply you the caravan, as you took out a hire purchase agreement with Black Horse, they are the retailer of the caravan. T herefore any rights you have under consumer law are to be exercised against Black Horse and not XXX Caravans. Under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 Black Horse have an obligation to ensure the goods supplied to you under a contract are of satisfactory quality. This means they should be fit for their purpose, free from minor defects, safe and durable. For the problems you have described in your email it would appear this is not the case, as a result Black Horse are in breach of the contract between you. I have always been under the impression that the supplier is the retailer and that the contract is between the consumer and the supplier and if there are any issues I need to approach the supplier and not the finance company although the finance company do have a responsibility. As we have had so many issues with this caravan which appears to be a Friday afternoon lemon made from left over pieces of other rejected caravans, we are considering rejecting the caravan even though we have had it since July 2016. The £1000 deposit was paid using a credit card with the balance financed by a trade in and HP. The caravan cost in excess of £30000. We have had approximately 100 days usage from the caravan. The question is whether the advice from the lawyer is correct or not? Thanks.
  23. In October 2015 we ordered a new Buccaneer Cruiser caravan and paid a deposit of £1000. The caravan is due to delivery within the next few days. We chose this caravan as it is wider and has self levelling making it easier for me as I have rheumatoid arthritis and therefore mobility problems. Between the time we paid the deposit and now we raise a few issues about the rear panels on these caravans as there was an issue with some developing cracks. The caravan is advertised with a 10 year water ingress warranty and one would assume that this covers the outside panels however on reading the owner's manual which cna be obtained online I found out that the panels only had a 1 year warranty. I emailed the dealer on a few occasions with our concerns about the rear panel and they replied and gave us re-assurance and I left it at that however on Saturday someone went to take delivery of their 2016 Cruiser and foudn crazing on the rear panel. I raised this with the dealer as we were have 2 units fitted onto the caravan and requested if we coudl view the caravan when it was delivered and before they did any fitments to the caravan. This was their response; Martyn is on holiday at the moment and won’t be back for a few weeks .I have just been looking through your email with the concerns you have with the buccaneer cruiser 2016. I then started to look though the rest of the emails you have sent us over the past few months. You have great concerns with the caravan . On a personal level ,this occasion we feel this would cause you a great deal of stress to yourself and the company if a problem was to happen in the future with the buccaneer cruiser. with this in mind on this occasion I obliged to return your deposit and cancel your order. we feel this is the best course of action for you .can you please call us to return your deposit asap . Can they cancel the order and issue a refund bearing in mind that they have had our deposit for 5 months plus I have had to paid £425 for the air con on our current caravan to be transferred and another £99 deposit for a Paintseal treatment? The wife is absolutely livid as she has been looking forward to us taking delivery of the caravan.
  24. Hi there, First time posting, but in doing a bit of research before I delved into discussing a letter I received from Harlands, there seemed to be a lot of valuable information on this forum, so hoping someone can help with my specific situation. On 31st March I took out a gym membership with Xercise4Less on a monthly rolling contract with the following information in an email confirmation from that date: "You are committing to a single £20.00 admin fee payment and £19.99 per month for a minimum of 1 months. After this minimum term your membership payments will continue on a monthly basis. You have chosen to pay by monthly Direct Debit and we can confirm that the Direct Debit details provided by you are correct." "You have the right to cancel your Direct Debit Instruction at any time simply by writing to your Bank or Building Society, with a copy to us. Please note cancelling your Direct Debit does not absolve you of your Membership contractual obligations." The following dates had direct debits of £19.99 taken out: 02.05.2017 30.05.2017 30.06.2017 31.07.2017 30.08.2017 I since have been taking on more responsibilities within work that mean I am not getting to go to the gym at all, and as such have cancelled my Direct Debit a couple of weeks ago, and thus my membership (or so I thought, as had been the way at previous gyms...) However, yesterday I came home to the following letter: "Dear XXXXX, re: Your membership to Xercise4Less Harlands administer the collection of all payments due under your membership agreement with Xercise 4 Less. Your bank have advised us that your September instalment has been returned unpaid "instruction cancelled". You have therefore been charged a £25.00 administration fee which means you need to pay £44.99 to bring your account up to date. Call HARLANDS HELPLINE - XXXXXXXX immediately so we can collect this by DEBIT / CREDIT card and reinstate your Direct Debit over the telephone. If you wish to pay by another method, you must still phone to discuss your options. If you do not call us by 23 October 17 you will be charged a further £25.00 administration fee. Our telephone lines are open 8:00am to 8:00pm Monday to Friday & 09:00am - 12:00pm on a Saturday. Your sincerely, Harlands" My question then is how to handle this? I do not want to reinstate my DD / gym membership. I do not think they are legally allowed to charge me an 'admin fee' (?!), I do not want them to continue adding more lots of £25 to my 'account', and I'm not sure whether ringing them would be a good idea at all. Any help would be much appreciated!!
  25. Hi This is from earlier this year but after seeing a lot of press around refunds I thought it was worth pursuing. My daughter had booked a flight with Flybe from our local airport Newquay to Gatwick to connect with a Malaysian airlines flight back to Australia. I dropped her off and she checked in. Her connecting flight was 1.35pm, so plenty of time to connect with the flight. The flight was meant to take off at 7.25am, but took off at 8.35am. It landed in Exeter as Gatwick airport was shut down due to fog. They sat around for 2 hours until they informed them that they had cancelled the flight and they would take them to Gatwick by coach. This journey took 5 hours. I called Malaysian airlines but I had to buy another flight. Flybe knew that Gatwick was closed and had they said that they couldn't get there we could have driven my daughter to Gatwick - it would have been a close call time wise but we could have made it. Can we get any compensation for this, any help much appreciated
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