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  1. I have a separate file box with sections for each of the creditors, CCA requests, DCA and or OC replies. SAR is broken down into each type of account - and I will make notes on the crapbot file to refer to SAR request for proof. I guess I just wait to see if crapbot do try to issue any threats in time to come and be ready with my proof tks again guys - especially like DX confidence
  2. I was re-reading my correspondence over the weekend and have a further question around DCA reconstituting CCA. the original response from cabot in response to my CCA request, clearly informs me that they do not have this information on file and they have to request copy of credit agreement, statement of account and original and varied T&C from original lender. as mentioned above - the SAR I have from Barclays clearly states they had a request from DCA (6th Nov 17) which they advised unable to comply as no information on file as an old account. surely due to the above, if the
  3. thanks Andy - guess my celebrations are now on hold
  4. Loan was agreed post Apr, am I correct in saying that Barclays are not allowed to send my personal correspondence to Crapbot, ie a copy of the initial offer letter, without the details stated in the offer letter and no agreement, I do not see how anyone can reconstitute an agreement without knowing the exact amount, interest rate or agreed terms for payment. is it worth sending a letter to Crapbot advising they have not complied fully with my CCA and I now consider this debt unenforceable and closed ?
  5. by accurate - I assume they need the exact date it was taken out, the interest rate applied at the time and the actual type of loan, I will need to re read the offer letters when I get home, but have noticed a couple of strange things, ie, interest and the type of loan. will revert tomorrow thanks again
  6. Andyorch - I will post exact details of loan date tomorrow (at work ATM) Maybe I misunderstood but thought that under the pre action protocol reconstituted version was no longer allowed, section 2 - 3.1 - a - iv - where the debt arises from a written agreement, the date of the agreement, the parties to it and the fact that a copy of the written agreement can be requested from the creditor. if DCA does not have copy of the agreement, how can they prove one even existed or what date it was taken out. am now worried crapbot may be planning something as also on the notepage th
  7. OK guys - I think I have some great news, do not wish to celebrate until you people can confirm. I have finally received my paperwork from Barclays re SAR - hundreds of pages and NOT a single agreement anywhere - re this loan - I only have the INITIAL offer letter, now the exciting bit. due to being at work I am unable to post a copy of the account notes and account changes (1page), however, it shows new status of 'Debt Sale Account' where old status was Agency write off - I presume that is when they sold it to Crapbot, it looks like it has gone through various stages DCA Case C
  8. Am sure this is just Cabot willy waving - but posting just in case I need to do anything. Cabot have sent me a letter advising that this debt was being managed by an agent of theirs (Westcot) and Cabot have decided to have it returned to them so they can work with me directly on a payment plan. I still have no reply to my original CCA request to Cabot. shall I just file letter and ignore or do I need to advise Cabot they have not complied to my CCA ??
  9. Have been in contact with Barclays as still do not have all the paperwork, have given them some space as they send me details of person who signed for package, although never heard of the person, last week they agreed to resend. On the Cabot front - have heard nothing at all since the letter advising they have requested from OC, this is from last October now so assuming Barclays has not sent them anything.
  10. I had a good look around and could only find the lba letter, not sure I am ready to go down that route at this time, can anyone advise who in Barclays I can call first - tks I just popped into the Barclay branch next to Churchill Place - guy did not have a number but emailed the relevant department with my details etc and now await a response, guy was helpful and advised me to wait 2 days and then go back to see him if nothing received
  11. Still nothing from Cabot and well past the 40 day period, guess I just ignore now, although they did say they would write again in the unlikely event they were unable to get said documents. Also - nothing at all heard from Barclay re the SAR - I have proof of receipt from Barclays dated 26th Oct - DO I now chase Barclays as they are over 40 days ?
  12. just a typo - see post #13 where it is spelled correctly lol
  13. CCA reply from Cabot - they do not hold records on file but have requested them, acknowledge 12 day limit but need 40 blah blah blah - am sure this is 2005/6 so hoping they don't get em.
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