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Found 11 results

  1. Hi everyone. We've had a motor trade policy for 5 years now. 10 days before renewal this year, the insurer flagged up 4 vehicles we've had for a while, and wanted proof of ownership and V5s. I neglected to send these when requested. Over the next few days, they started sending me emails regarding renewal, and that the policy will auto renew. The policy autorenewed, but I know they always want proof of trading (ie. recent invoices) and driving licences. I could see emails coming through, that we had X days to send these documents. In all this, I understood that the deadline for the d
  2. My son used to work for a big retail company and had a company car. The company failed to inform HMRC that he had a fuel card with his company car and now my son has been hit with an unpaid tax bill for £1700. The company only sent off the proper form declaring he had a fuel card when he left the company. He is very angry to receive this bill as it appears that he is being billed for the actions of this company and it appears malicious that they only sent off the form when he left. Is there anything he can do about this?
  3. I'm looking for some advice please . I recently applied for a mortgage, and was asked initially over the phone "have you ever had any CCJS or IVAS". The answer was and is no. I was given an agreement in principle. This has now progressed to full application stage , after passing a full credit check. I have received a check list to sign and return to the lender. One of the first questions asks "Have you ever been subject to county court judgements (CCJs) , defaults or a repossession"? Is this asking if I have had a CCJ, county court default judgement or county court reposses
  4. Hi, I passed my driving test last year and went down the route of the examiner taking my provisional license to send to the DVLA in order to obtain the full one. According to everything i read and was informed about, the full license would arrive inside three weeks. one week in and in my excitement, i bought a car and via a comparison site arranged insurance. I had explained i did not at that time have the full license to send them, just passed etc and was told this would be OK as it should arrive before they would cancel anything, and to mail them the license whe
  5. I have applied for a position with British Gas. They asked if I had any CCJ's or IVA's against me within the past 6 years. I said no. However I have progressed a bit further now and have to fill in forms for a full check by Experian, and the question is now worded differently - Have you ever received any County Court Judgments or Individual Voluntary Arrangements against you? My CCJ was over 6 years ago, and has dropped off of ALL of the credit reports I have paid for to check, so my question is - Do I have to tick yes? Thanks in Advance. Tony.
  6. Hello. Long story which I will try and simplify. I purchased a car in September 2013. The car, the key and the logbook have been stolen by my mother (very long story). Whilst in the process of trying to get replacement paperwork, I ran a check on my vehicle. Turns out it was a category D write off back in 2009. Now, should the dealer not have declared this to me? I would not have touched the car with a barge-pole had I known this snippet of information. Obviously I feel less inclined to go through the rigmarole of gettibng paperwork, getting a new key and recovering the vehicle. I am f
  7. Dear cag, I have significant debt in UK. I am overseas and has been 4 years since the default. My house was repossessed. 1-Is it worth declaring bankruptcy now. what are the pros and cons? 2- If i were to declare bankruptcy and came to work in uk ,i am worried that i will not be able to open a bank account with out which i will not be able to get paid among other difficulties. any solution to this problem? 3- What if i continue to work overseas for another couple of years and then come back, will that change anything? I really need some sound advice on how to plan my f
  8. Hi, I am looking for some advice. I have a number of debts but the creditors have accepted a token payment each month, the only one I'm having problems with is Barclays Bank. I have an overdraft with them and have written to them asking if they will accept a token payment in order to clear the debt. I do not work due to ill health, but cannot claim benefits because my husband works. The bank has refused my payment because I have not given details of my income, which I have it is zero. My question is does my husband have to declare his income to them even thou
  9. Hi. Please go easy when I ask this! I am asking for advice before I take out any insurance. Sainsbury's are doubling my insurance quote (from £500 to £1000) for an sp30 speeding offence. This is for a named driver, and resulted in 3 points and £60 FPN. I ask if I should include this, as on the quote for it asks if you have had any CONVICTIONS in the last 5 years. I was under the impression that an FPN was not a conviction, as you can only be convicted of something by a court. When you try and add a conviction it asks you this: ''Please select any convictions this drive
  10. hi there, I wonder if anyone can give us an idea of what to expect when we renew our tax credits... From April to August last year, my partner was working 40 hours a week as a self employed subcontractor. Then the company he was working for folded, but rather than sign on and claim JSA as we were sure we could weather the financial storm without doing so, he continued to look for work and we lived off our small savings (and sold pretty much everything we owned). Our second baby was born in November, so having him at home was a godsend really as I was pretty ill, all in all he was not work
  11. French farce as British expats face a shock £8,000 fine if they do not declare their inheritance trusts to the Paris tax office Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/mortgageshome/article-2158326/British-expats-France-face-shock-8-000-fine-declare-inheritance-trusts.html#ixzz1xmmGQ3RJ
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