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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all, my first post here so hoping I am in the right place Its a bit long winded but I will try to be concise as possible. I work in local authority in care centre. The same group has a number of similar centres throughout the County. We have recently been subject to management restructuring and additional responsibilities have been added to my role and other staff who do the same role as me in the other locations. We also have regular review meetings where we get together and share ideas to standardise our policies and operating procedures throughout all the centres, so we all work the same way. However, at these meetings I have discussed working hours with other staff doing this role, and find that whilst my contracted hours are 18, most of the others are on 25hrs/week. I raised this with management several months ago, both verbally and in writing, requesting that my contract be reviewed to align me with my peers. This was verbally acknowledge with a "we will look into this" but I have heard nothing more since. I have also recently discovered that when I was recruited, I was put on a higher pay grade than my peers, through employer error, which I had no idea. I suspect that they are holding off increasing my hours as they are already paying me more than everyone else for the same role, but that does not give me more time to complete my work so is not a valid reason. I am struggling to keep up with my daily tasks and finding it very stressful that I have to rush and make mistakes/forget things due to time limitations. I am looking for alternative employment as I feel I cannot continue doing this job successfully on the hours given, but feel I shouldn't have to go through this upheaval if they just agreed to increased hours. I also suspect that should I leave, my post will be re-advertised at correct pay and 25hr contract to sort this anomaly. What are my rights here? It is their mistake that I am higher paid for the same job, but that doesn't enable me to complete the work in less time, so feel I am being discriminated against. I feel its verging on constructive dismissal, but I know the terms needed to apply this are very specific. Any advice appreciated, thank you
  2. After his retweet of Britain First videos and attack on the PM and British values [sent to the wrong Theresa May], there are increasing calls for him not to come here. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2017/nov/30/evil-racist-how-the-uk-reacted-to-trumps-theresa-may-twitter-attack https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2017/nov/30/britain-demand-apology-trump-cancel-state-visit-theresa-may
  3. This is all kicking off this week and next.. if you are receiving letters Check if they are SRA registered. Basically lloyds and other have been sending out scare letter under the disguise of a third party solicitors firm. http://www.theguardian.com/money/2014/jul/04/banks-legal-demands-that-scare-customers http://www.lawgazette.co.uk/practice...042018.article
  4. Hi Everyone, I am suspended awaiting a discipline hearing. My employer said that when I am given a hearing date I cannot resign, but that they would consider it. I asked them to explain and give me details of my contract or the relevant law that they are relying on, they didn't reply. Does anyone know the answer, my opinion is they are talking rubbish, if I hand in my notice, what are they going to do? say " sorry you can't resign, we won't accept it" can't believe they even think they can do it. In that case I could say, I don't accept you sacking me, but I might consider it. Surely resignation is not a two way thing. Look forward to your opinions.
  5. Hi Please be gentle as im new here but ive been browsing and im hopeing to get some advice - god knows i need it. Today I received a letter from Cabot regarding a really old Barclays overdraft - the last communication i had from Barclays was a termination notice in march 2008 and then the account had been back and forth to wescot and now cabot. They are asking me to pay £1600 immediately - they will need to join a very long queue We have long debts going back 3-6 years due to my hubby being out of work for a while, im disabled and having chemo although i do work if im able, and we seem to be getting a lot of letters regarding 'old' debts just recently. Last march we had a bill for £12k tax credit overpayment which we are paying back @ £25 per month but i dont know where to start with these, i have a couple of catalogue debts (reliable collections) who are not very helpful when we asked if we could make token payment of £1 until we get back on our feet and they are hounding me night and day, as well as Studio who agreed an affordable amount but then added charges on and wont stop phoning me. Its all getting too much and sometimes i just think it would be easier if i wasn't here. And now this - can anyone advise if there is anything i can do? Can i send a CCA request ... or not as its a bank account/overdraft? I dont know what to do. Hope someone can help. Thank you DD
  6. Hi all. Just looking for a bit of advice please. I have recently started dealing with my Father's debts. He is currently on a DMP with Step Change Debt Charity (Step Change) (formally known as CCCS). He has several creditors, most of which are happy to deal with Step Change and stop all interest. Apart from 2 creditors, Argos Card Services and Marlin Europe II. These two creditors are absolutely refusing to stop the interest meaning about 70% and 30% respectively of my father's payment is actually coming off the debt. Step Change will only say that they are very entitled to continue adding charges and say they are powerless to do anything. Neither of these debts will be paid within his lifetime, my lifetime and probably my children's lifetime!! Basically they are going to want his money until his death, the debts can never be paid. I will probably concentrate on one of these debts at a time not to make too much work for myself. So I will start with Marlin Financial II. The original creditor was Black Horse Ltd. In all fairness they stopped the interest and charges. When the debt was passed to Marlin they have decided to add the interest varying from around £3 a month to nearly £16 a month, depending on which way the wind is blowing! I am assuming they are entitled to continue doing this, at least by law. Still why do some creditors 'help' and stop all further charges and some, like Marlin and Argos, do not? I am just wondering the most appropriate way to move forward. The DMP, whilst not ideal as they seem to be leaning towards the creditors is handy as it's free and makes things easier as my father only has to pay 1 payment instead of several. On the other hand they won't budge and even make an effort to try and negotiate an interest/charge freeze as they say the creditor has rights. Any advice on moving forward will be greatly appreciated.
  7. Hi, I have been sending various SARS and PPI Claim forms and started receiving some back. This thread is about Abbey, First National and Wagon Finance who are all part of Santander. I sent them a SAR request but they have written back (having cashed the £10 cheque) stating that they are unable to locate any details on me for any of these fiance companies. ("Santander are not obliged to comply with your request unless you have provided enough information enabling us to locate your data"). As I provided them with my DOB, all relevant addresses and current address I am unsure what else I can do. They also state that anything over 6 years may have been deleted from their data inline with their data retention policy. Can anyone suggest a way forward or is this just something I have to accept? thanks JJ
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