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  1. I was offered a locum job by an agency who applied for a DBS certificate on my behalf. They wrote back to me last week that the "DBS has come back" and "you need to register for the subscription online", which I have done. However, when I log in to the DBS online account, I can see under a heading "Applications and Certificates", an application number, a certificate number, certificate issue date, level of check (enhanced), Application status (printed), Update status ("Blank, no new information") and a check box to REMOVE. My question: Can I view the actual certificate contents online on my account or do I have to wait for the paper copy to arrive? EDIT: If the certificate is issued, does that mean that the DBS check is clean?
  2. Hi, didn't want to start a new thread for this. My wife is in the same situation as OP. Today, I came home in the afternoon to find a card within a hand delivered envelope asking to call a mobile number with client reference and account numbers. She has no.idea what debt this may be. Wrt filming with mobile, I've been thinking about getting CCTV installed (separate matter not to do with debt collectors) in the house. Would that suffice? Do I have to display some CCTV logo or the other for it to be admissible to police and court? Tia
  3. I don't want to swear but Good Lord! Since requesting the SAR, the HMRC have sent a letter stating that I now owe approximately £6600!! I am wondering if I should get a tax accountant to help me in this.....
  4. Finally heard from Hastings Direct. Attaching the email they;ve sent, in case anyone on here with similar issues can learn anything from it. Apparently this: ‘In circumstances where it is considered appropriate your insurer will be entitled to admit liability, for the costs covered under this policy, on behalf of you or any person claiming indemnity under the policy. Such admissions may be made prior to or after the commencement of proceedings in relation to any event likely to give rise to a claim under the policy.' FFS! This means they can just go ahead and do whatever they want whenever they deem it "appropriate". As much as their offer of a measly £70 is tempting (not!), is it worth pursuing this with the ombudsman? Hastings Direct Complaint reply email.docx
  5. I;ve returned this forms with signature and such. Waiting to see what they send next.
  6. If he has been staying with you, AND is father to your child/children, it's only fair that it was taken as a joint claim. I am not an expert in these matters, but your single claim would mean that you were receiving amuch higher sum than if it had been a joint claim. I would recommend being completely honest with the HMRC, not just because it will be easier, but also because it would be fair to the millions of couples who actually take the trouble to give precise info to the HMRC. Edit: Since you're actually receiving tax credits, overpayment would be clawed back from your future payments, which may be more a more manageable situation than going to court. Sorry if that sounds judgmental...not intended.
  7. Many thanks for your replies, everyone! I've called HASTINGS DIRECT to correct the error, and found this: They have entered a claim against my policy without informing me! Last year August, I had an incident where I was driving my wife's car and a young chap on a moped drove into the front bumper. His fault, not mine. He had no insurance and no driver's license. HASTINGS contacted me about this when the other driver tried to get compensation for repairs to his moped. I denied liability, and clearly stated that I do not want to claim since I fixed my wife's car bumper myself. Despite this, they have entered in their notes that I accepted liability in October 2018, and therefore a claim has been entered. Interestingly, there is NO paper trail or emails or any way that they have informed me that this claim was entered against my policy in order to pay off his damages! I asked the agent for a recording of the call where I have accepted liability and he just repeated that it's noted in my account. VERY frustrating! I have put in a complaint, and they have responded with an email. Can anyone advice me on what my options are in this case, please? Questions in my mind: 1. Should they not have informed that they are entering a claim, and if so, should they not inform me about the outcome? 2. If they have made it a claim, why has my NCD gone down from 7 years (july 2018 when i took out the insurance policy with HASTINGS DIRECT) to 4 years on cancellation? Thank you for any replies.
  8. I recently cancelled my insurance with Hastings, and they have sent me a proof of NCD. However, it has 4 years on it, whereas I'm certain I had 6 years of last year when I had applied! Is there a way I can track down my NCD history? I need to dispute this with Hastings as soon as possible!
  9. Hmm. Looks like HMRC are going the way of Eon. They've sent a letter in the post asking for "more information and identification"; basically, a letter that asks me to sign that I am, indeed, requesting this info!
  10. I am not receiving tax credits. The information they have for childcare costs is incorrect. By a large amount. Is this not something that I should rectify?
  11. Hi everyone, I have received a " CHECK YOUR TAX CREDITS NOW" letter from HMRC. I stopped claiming tax credits back in (I think!) April 2018. They have sent me this letter which mentions an overpayment pf £4324.46 Although I believe there may have been a slight overpayment (possibly between jan 2018 and march 2018), I'm sure it is somewhere in the £1500 region. How can I get more info on this, particularly details about when they believe the overpayment started? They have mentioned that "if you want to dispute recovery of the overpayment of £4324.46 for the year 2018-2019" i should contact them as soon as possible, and that I have until 01/11/19 to dispute recovery. I dont understand how there can be an overpayment for a tax year (2018-2019) during which I have not been paid any tax credits! Also, they have my weekly childcare costs as £5 which is incorrect since I have been paying close to £400 every month. If I report the change in childcare costs, will this increase my child tax credit award? Will it have any effect at all?
  12. No, It isn't worth the hassle. I'll collect the phone, and pay them the balance of the discounted price he quoted. So, there is no regulator for such shops run by some lovely people from certain glorious middle eastern countries? Rather than take them to court, I would spend that money on replacing the screen with the company!
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