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  1. Dear all, I am hoping that I can get some advice about a situation with bwlegal. In November I received a letter from them which was a letter of claim stating that they were planning to take court action for a loan amount of just under £5000. This was a loan initially from 118 118 Money and was sold on to PRAC Financial. I replied to this Letter of Claim stating that I was seeking financial advice and also that I was challenging the debt under the ‘affordability’ counter. This is based on the fact that 118 118 Money did make several offers to top up the original loan and due to my financial situation at the time I went with it. I also completed the section asking for relevant information to be sent to me including written contract of the debt, statement of account etc. I received two replies on following days and have uploaded these. The first reply also included a copy of letter from 118 118 Money that says PRAC Financial had purchased the debt, a copy of a letter from PRAC Financial confirming that they had acquired the debt and a copy of a letter from bwlegal stating that they were acting on behalf of PRAC Financial as recovery agents for the debt. The second letter is more confusing in that it says they have given 30 days to allow time to provide sufficient information but no guidance as regards what information, I can only assume they mean how I am getting on with debt advice and challenging 118 118 Money as regards affordability. It also says its with reference to our recent telephone conversation which is entirely in accurate. They have not provided all the details requested such as contract, loan information, interest ect. My basic question is where do I go from here? Do they only have to offer one 30day hold or should it restart if I ask for further information? Any advice greatly welcomed. bwlegal2.pdf bwlegal1.pdf
  2. Hi Andy, thanks again i think that is the next step.
  3. No, the CCJ was recent and under my current address, the date of judgement being 26th April, i paid in full 22nd May (within 28 days) i have never had any other judgement entered, the search on the registry was today, the court that dealt with the judgement are saying it shows as cancelled, it just seems that the credit reference agencies have not been updated and my original question is how long would this normally take and can i speed up the process.
  4. Nope, the registry trust search which cost £6 and sent an email confirmation shows as "NOTHING REGISTERED" But this is how credit report looks on check my file, both from today. regsearch.pdf credreport.pdf
  5. Hi Andy,That's really interesting as the marker on the credit file went on almost straight after the judgement (Timescale: Judgement entered 26th April, paid in full 22nd May), the court confirm it showing as a cancelled judgement but the markers still there, like you i thought they would not go on until after the 28 day limit to pay.
  6. Hi Andy, Just completed a search using Trustonline and under England and Wales Orders and Judgements and it has come back with nothing registered.
  7. I need to get a credit check done for renting a property, it appears that a CCJ has quite an impact on Landlord searches as i know previously when i have checked my credit rating for public searches has been far higher than credit searches yet now it is lower.
  8. Hi all, I had a judgement registered against me which i paid in full within 28days. I have spoken to the court and they have confirmed it is showing as cancelled however the lady said that it can take time to filter down to credit reference agencies, does anyone know what sort of length of time this may be as it is having a significant impact on my score and i need to get a letting agency check done. Is there anything i can do to speed up process??
  9. Hi all, Thanks for replies, i did manage to pay it in full so should be ok regarding the court!! Oh and will look at PPI
  10. Hi BankFodder, thanks for reply, i am just looking at the letter that they sent out confirming the payments and that again states in the 'Ways to Pay' attachment: "All payments made via these services are only accepted in reduction of the outstanding balance and not as settlement unless otherwise agreed by us in writing" (the bold bit is as it is in the attachment. Part of me wants to just phone the automated line and pay the amount it says in the letter but i am worried that it will be bounced back and then i will go over the one month limit. i am also a little concerned that the judgement is for £680.62, i have already paid 130.40 at the start of May, their letter to me says that for the next four months i will monthly payments of £131.40 with next being due 31st May and that they will contact me approx four months from date of letter to review account. My simple math is 4 x £131.40 = £525.60, add on the £131.40 already paid = £657 which leaves £23.62 outstanding??
  11. The original creditor was Rentsmart and it was a computer lease through PC World (never ever do that again even if i could), Shoosmiths look like they're affiliated to Rentsmart. I paid first installment 2nd May. Had little to defend, my own fault led to it going to a CCJ which is a lesson learnt.
  12. Hi all, I had a CCJ issued against me on 26th April, I contacted Shoosmiths LLP who were acting on behalf of client and agreed repayment terms over five months. I am now in position to repay the debt before the 26th May, i checked with the court this morning and they agreed that if that happened then i can ask the court to cancel the entry on the register (they stated that normally the claimant will notify them). Tonight i phoned the automated payment line where a message says that they cannot accept payment to clear outstanding balance unless agreed in writing, this now worries me that i will not be able to get this done before the 26th May. I will contact Shoosmiths in the morning but does anyone have any thoughts??
  13. Hi all, I have just received a letter asking to pay a tax credit debt of £2777. The debt goes back to April 2004 and was from a previous relationship. I can remember something coming through to me well over seven years ago and i said i would dispute it and did a SAR for paperwork which they sent through but i didn't hear anymore from them so just left it. The letter today says we have written to before to tell you that you were paid too much through your tax credits, which they may well have done although i have never responded. Does the debt become statute barred after a period of time as with other debts if not acknowledged and should i do anything in response to this letter? Thanks for any help/advice.
  14. Hi Andy, I can see your point, i suppose its just the comment " Do not send to court. Entering an admission may result in a judgement against you" - It seems to imply that sending to claimant would defer that, otherwise why not send admission and offer of payment back to the court? Appreciate you have better knowledge over this than me but does strike me as a little bit misleading.
  15. time to pay.pdfHi Andy, Attached is the back of claim form with time to pay text highlighted.
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