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Found 8 results

  1. I read the other day that he's talking about visiting and his ambassador suggested May might be a good time. Given that Trump cancelled a visit because of demonstations and more or less hid when he did come over, I wonder why he thinks it would be any different this time? He certainly seems very sensitive to people expressing their opposition to his policies. Downing Street are trying to play down the significance of this.
  2. After his retweet of Britain First videos and attack on the PM and British values [sent to the wrong Theresa May], there are increasing calls for him not to come here. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2017/nov/30/evil-racist-how-the-uk-reacted-to-trumps-theresa-may-twitter-attack https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2017/nov/30/britain-demand-apology-trump-cancel-state-visit-theresa-may
  3. He's doing well in the polls someone pulls out an incident from over ten years ago to discredit him, why wasn't this bought up at the time ?..
  4. Maybe this will focus the world's attention and let us negotiate Brexit in peace....
  5. Big stink in the US house http://edition.cnn.com/2016/06/02/politics/paul-ryan-endorses-donald-trump/ Steven Hawking says its 'really bad man' http://www.newyorker.com/humor/borowitz-report/stephen-hawking-angers-trump-supporters-with-baffling-array-of-long-words
  6. He says what others are thinking but are afraid to say. This sums his thinking up completely. We should all take note (especially Germany) of what he is quoting here:
  7. Difficult to imagine, but the US could vote for Donald Trump to become the next US President. Trump is apparently ahead in some states in the race to obtain the Republican nomination. Could you imagine Trump as President, given recent comments he has made during the campaign. Might help Corbyn become PM from 2020, as the British public see what the loony right is like.
  8. Hi everyone I would like your views on this as I am not sure where I stand so here goes, I had a phone contract with Vodafone and I was coming to the end of my contract I received a letter of which I will add to this post and it states outstanding balance £90.66 and potential termination fee £13.20 and I quote from the letter "We need to make you aware that if you do not pay the outstanding balance within 7 days, we will end your agreement and no longer provide the services to you. You would still need to pay the line rental the line rental for the minimum period-the potential amount is shown above. Outstanding balance :£90.66 Potential termination fee:£13.20 I never paid the bill and have received a debt collection letter from FREDRICKSON asking for £197.35 as outstanding balance I have got 14 days to pay or start legal action with additional costs: Outstanding Balance to pay now:197.35 Court Fees: £25.00 Solicitor costs :£50.00 New Balance if proceedings are issued :£272.35 On top of all this, I belong to the Experian Credit Expert site and have looked at my file on Vodafone of which was updated yesterday (21/9/2014) as defaulted and owing £157.00 which is a completely different figure. my question is what should I do, I am going to add this Vodafone letter and any feedback will be much appreciated i feel the bill should be no more than £90.66 + £13.20 = £103.86 Please help thanks Paul
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