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Found 21 results

  1. Hi, I (and my wife) applied for the 30 hours free childcare through the gov.uk website last year. I have been renewing/reconfirming the application details on the website every 3 months, as required. Last reconfirmation was in mid-January, but a couple of days ago, the HMRC have written to me saying the following: "Unfortunately, our checks have shown that you're no longer eligible for 30 hours free childcare for xxxxx because: • from the evidence we hold we have decided that you didn't have a reasonable expectation of your partner earning at least é ú1555.72 (no idea what the s
  2. Hi All This is my first time in posting about this topic. I am a divorced mom with two teenagers. Up until recently my children were going to their fathers pretty much every weekend. He is now starting to complain about having them on weekends, and is demanding to change the schedule this is alongside his gf who is shouting the odds about the fact they live together and its her house and they go their because of her goodwill. I am standing fast and saying no, but this is being met with resistance. There is a constant request to change nights, and I get no suppor
  3. Hi i recently spent 23 days in hospital as the main person who looked after my kids while my wife was at work i wasnt able too so our youngest was put into a day nursery. we had to pay the costs for a month up front ..and we attempted to claim some back i can claim for anytime i was in hospital care but not now i am home, problem is i am not well i had pneumonia severe case and sepsis i cant chase after a two year old for at least a month and it seems now i am home i cant claim childcare. they advised i try for any form on temp sickness benefit as i am unfit for work and i cant i tried
  4. 68% of eligible two year olds in England are missing out on free childcare, which they're perfectly entitled to. Are you one of the parents missing out on this? Figures from the Department for Education show that huge numbers of kids are missing out on the free 15 hours of childcare per week, with estimates showing 78,552 in total. Of course, there's criteria you'll have to meet, but if you do, you really should utilise this. What Do You Need To Know? If you claim Jobseeker's Allowance, or similar, you could be eligible. Basically, funded education has been extended
  5. Hello there. I may have got myself in a muddle. I claim £41/week for my child's care costs but in reality, the charges have gone up significantly. I haven't increased the claim as I have had help from my family and have managed, and most importantly, trying to get through my BA studies, single-parenting and a self-employed job, didn't leave me time to even think about a phone call or filling in new forms. So I left it. Now, I have a check, wanting me to provide 'any invoices/receipts/bank statements showing actual childcare providers from 6 April 2015 to 5 April 2016
  6. I have been looking into entitlements all day and I am just going round in circles. I could really do with some advice. The abolishment of the family element in housing benefit is my main worry. I don't know if it will affect me or not? I have a 2.5 year old and our second baby is due in May, and according to 'entitledto' we will be entitled to some housing benefit in 16/17. But I don't know if this will start after I have the baby, or when I go on maternity leave in April. Also, as mentioned above, I don't know whether the abolishment will affect the result I am getting. I know it only af
  7. Hi, I'm hoping someone can shed some light on this and just put me a bit more at ease! I received a letter as I see many people have the last few years asking for proof of all childcare payments from April 2013 - April 2014. I have got all this information but there will be some overpayment as my daughter changed nurseries April 2nd 2014 and my son got his free 15 hours as of April 28th 2014. I called many times to update but as with tax credits I was on hold 20-30 minutes at a time. I think my overpayment is around £1000. My question really is how soon after sending information off were claim
  8. Hi I received a letter today saying my claim would now be handled by Childcare Management team and start saving childcare receipts bank statements and payslips I couldn't understand why as my childcare ceased in 2012 I have phoned HMRC and they said I am still claiming for childcare and have no record of me informing them of any change I have a scribble on apiece of paper with time and date of phone call but panicking now thinking I will end up being prosecuted I am due another baby in 7 weeks and really can't cope with the stress
  9. Hi all, I may be being stupid here (!) but wanted to check. I had a previous thread couple days ago regarding compliance check letter for 2012-2013 about income. Rang them Monday, income adjusted, overpayment for last tax year which we are going to pay back. Also adjusted income for this tax year which means the childcare payments we have received since April we will have to pay back once we have confirmed earnings by way of our P60s in April next year. All of them, so that's all the money they've given us since April. Sorted, I thought. As a last question to the nice lady, I said I wou
  10. Please help, I recently received a letter from tax credits asking for proof of childcare from april12 to april13. The problem is the money I have been receiving I thought was just general child and working tax credits. My child went to a childminder from april 12 to sept 12 and then started at afterschool club which is the fraction of a childminders costing. I didn't think I had to inform them as I didn't think the money was childcare, I have proof of the childminder and afterschool club, I think I will be due to pay back around £5000, but im more terrified of getting a criminal record or goin
  11. Please help me. I have totally screwed up and know I am facing prison. I have received a letter asking for my childcare receipts to finalise my 13-14 award. My ex moved back in within the last few weeks, this was totally unexpected so the kids no longer need childcare. I have called the tax credits and told them this and have had a letter saying I no longer qualify and have to pay the last few weeks back. That's not my big problem, the problem is now I can't call and finalise my 2012-13 award as I have claimed childcare costs that I haven't paid. My ex was out of work so starte
  12. Hello, I am new to the site and I in need of some help **PLEASE** I have recieved a letter this morning re a compliance check and I need to send in reciepts/ contracts etc. I have been STUPID- my daughter turned 4 last March and got 15hours free at her daycare. I signed a form re this and assumed this would inform the tax credits that my costs had decreased. I was claiming £160 per week when my costs were £70 after the 15 houts free. So i have been overpaid and never rang up the tax credits to ask why/ change the details... I just thought that automatically happened after I sig
  13. Hello, we have received a letter from the Benefits and Credits Compliance arm of the Tax Credit Office. They are requesting receipts and invoices from our childcare provider for the past year. Unfortunately we do not have them nor have any way of getting them as the nursery has changed hands since our children left in September. The letter lists various nasties that will be heaped upon us for not submitting said documents, and also states that we may have to pay back any credits we have received. My issue is that we do not receive any credits for childcare due to our income. a
  14. I currently work for a further educationinstitute where in addition to our teaching duties we have administrativeduties too. In 2011 we had a new line manager who introduced a policy of a workfrom home day and I managed to secure a Monday as my work from home day toassist with childcare. This was a scheduled work from home day agreed andtimetabled by the line manager as part of self-managed time but not arrangedvia HR. In late 2012 we had a new HR manager whodeemed that self-maanged time was not a right. The operational needs of theinstitution needed to be put first. I mentioned flexible
  15. Hi thinking of putting my 5 month old son into nursery 1 day a week to get him used to being there then when i return to work i will be putting him in nursery 2 to 4 days a week depending if we get help with childcare costs my partner is currently unemployed after being made redundant the nursery is £28 a day and just wondering would we apply to childcare cost help if so how much would it be im on £18,000 a year before tax
  16. hi all i have a very stressing problem my son and daughter both attended private nursey while myself and my wife worked as such we claimed childcare which we was entitled too . now back in april 2011 we had a random request from the tax credit office asking for proof we had children in nursery this we did by having the nursery which is council run provide a letter stating childcare costs by this time my daughter was no longer attending there as she started school..and my son we was removing in the july ..so when our tax credits dropped we never gave it a second thought .. now we rene
  17. Hi Does any body know how long it takes to add a new childcare provider to a claim? my friend put her son into nursery back in January and has only just informed tax credits - she told them he started in june - this was over the telephone just over a week ago The reason for this is he wasnt settleing well and she thought she would have to pull him out - so her mum was helping her with the fee's - rather then her claim via tax credit them pull him out and have to cancel him off the claim again- he has now settled and her mum isnt able to help her with the fee's due to being made redundant
  18. The facts, we received a letter saying we (my partner & I) have been selected for review and asked for recepits and invoices for childcare over the last year. I have two children ages 2 & 3. From, Sept 11 both went into childcare for a full 4 days a week because my partner started college. We claimed accurately for childcare up to this point through our tax credits . We changed this and was awarded £150.00 per week. Now the problem, my partner was eligible to apply for "Financial Assitance" from the college she attends, initially she lost and then appealed and they agreed up to £8000 g
  19. Hello everyone. I was very relieved to find this site and see how many people have been receiving these review letters. I recieved one today asking me to provide them with information on my childcare for 2010/12. They want a contract, invoices and receipts and bank statements showing the payments going out. I told them on the phone in March that my daughter was no longer in childcare. My payments went down significantly and I received an amended award in the post. Then I receive my renewal pack and it still has in there that I'm claiming the childcare element. I sent the renewal fo
  20. A fortnight ago I received a letter asking for my childcare invoices/receipts/contract. I am luckily able to provide all of these once the nursery give me new copies. I am slightly concerned as to why I have been selected for a childcare review. Are these really 'random' checks, as the letter tries to say, or is there a more systematic way of selecting those to be reviewed/checked. The letter has made me feel already as if I have done something wrong. Quite an accusing tone, and leaflet explaining about fines etc if you are found to be in the wrong. I know that I have claimed childcare le
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