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  1. Hi, thanks for your replies, I wrote to them & this is the reply: Thank you for your correspondence received on 16 October 2019, concerning the above Penalty Charge Notice. Contravention I have viewed your mitigation and the evidence of the Civil Enforcement Officer on the day in question. The issue is that you parked without clearly displaying a valid pay & display ticket or voucher. Mitigation Whilst you state that you ‘tried to buy a ticket using my card but both machines would not accept a card payment’, there is also the option to pay by phone using the RingGo app if you do not have any cash with you. A grace period of minutes is given to allow drivers time to purchase a ticket, the Officer on patrol observed your vehicle from 12:52 – 12:57 before correctly issuing a Penalty Charge Notice. Conclusion It remains the responsibility of the driver to ensure that there is a parking session in place before leaving their vehicle parked. With this in mind I have upheld the Penalty Charge Notice and rejected your challenge. I will still accept the discounted amount of £25.00, provided payment is received within 14 days of the date of this letter. Payment can be made by post to the address
  2. About 10 minutes by the time I got to the bank, then got some change. I only wanted to stay for an hour and the machine states no change given so I didn't want to put £10 in.
  3. Hi, I parked in Maylord Orchard, council run car park which was the closest I could get to where I wanted to go in a hurry. When I got to the machine to pay for a ticket, the machine wasn't working for cards. I went to the other machine and that was also not working. I decided to run into the shopping centre to get some cash with the hope that would work and when I returned I had received a PCN. Any advise please?
  4. Hi, wonder if you could advise. I signed up to post office broad band as i found a good deal for my home phone and broadband. It worked very well for the first year, they sent me out an offer for free upgrade to fibre, which i didn't bother with as my broadband was perfectly fine. I had in the meantime recommended a friend who signed up and she took up the offer of a free upgrade. For the last 6 months my broadband has become painfully slow, rather like the old dial up systems we once had. I've telephone the post office on numerous occasions to complain as my laptop while try and sign into my next door neighbours (I don't have the password for) broadband, mine is about 6th on the list of connections. Post Office have said there is nothing wrong with the broadband and won't upgrade to fibre without charge. Is there anything I can do? Thank you.
  5. Thanks for your advice, will do nothing. Just to be on the safe side, will it effect my credit score? thanksx
  6. Hereford Anytime fitness. Nothing on the site explains a contract it's just selling itself. I absolutely have not attended after the initial sign up, except for the first introduction. Is it right that an establishment can bully someone in this manner, especially as they claim to be encouraging & nurturing in the selling point of people’s wellbeing?
  7. I received a letter from ccs collect for £353.50
  8. Hi, I signed up for a membership for Anytime Fitness & never went. After two months I wrote a letter cancelling my membership & so paid for 3 months membership to give them a months notice. After a month they began sending me messages & emails saying my account is in arrears. I telephoned the gym & explained I had cancelled my membership. I was told in a very unmannerly way that I was not allowed to leave the club for a year. I refused to pay any further payments, I don’t like their gym & I don’t want to be forced to use it or pay for something I have no intention of going to. I have now been told it’s been passed onto a credit control agency. Can anyone help please?? Thanks
  9. How do you know if I have had a good deal, you don't know what my car is worth.
  10. Hi, only the usual services etc. 3600 is about what I would get for it if I had sold it.
  11. Hi, This is the email I received back from the insurance company:
  12. Hi, I spoke with my doctor on the phone because I was in too much pain to walk to the surgery. He has prescribed me some painkillers. Tomorrow I will go & see him then. I valued the car car based on its market value today. They informed me on the telephone it has been written off. I have called the garage the insurer sent to retrieve the car at the time of the accident & told them I still need to check the car for valuables. This has delayed them, in the meantime I will write to admiral requesting the information you have advised. thank you 146610903.pdf
  13. Hi, They say I am only entitled to a courtesy car when the car is being repaired not when it has been written off. They have not given me details of the cost for the repair. The value of the car is approximately £4000. The insurers are called Admiral. Also, my insurance states they provide up to £100 to cover injury. I have really hurt my back but there has been no mention of it at all. Just what they want from me.
  14. Dear All, I had a car accident yesterday, the road surface has been gravelled that day & the stones were still loose. I was driving 20 mile an hour because I didn’t want the stone to chip my paint work. Other cars we’re over taking me & one overtook me on a bend, before I knew what was happening my car skidded on the stones & I was veering onto the other side of the road. I pulled the steering wheel to the left to get the car back on the left hand side. It skidded even more, steering wheel locked & before I knew it the became out of control driving off the road, knocking down a Ballard & into a hedge. I found the insurance company very unhelpful, The recovery truck picked up my vehicle & told me I had to get myself home Today I have been told by the insurance that my car is a write off, which means I loose the 5 months left on it’s insurance that I’ve paid in full, I can’t have a hire car because although I paid nearly £500 for my insurance which included a courtesy car in the event of an accident, I don’t get a courtesy car. I pay £250 excess on top of all this. Is all this allowed, do my insurance company really get to do this.
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