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  1. Hi, yes i understand this. But it doesn't work with my schedule so i end up using electricity during the peak times. They say they will charge me £150 to change the meter. It was already on this tariff when I moved into the property. Any ideas anyone?
  2. I don't have any pictures of the old signs but I can take pictures of the new ones.
  3. Yes they had planning permission for signage, I'm not sure if there was any restrictions ... ? Will contact the council again.
  4. No, I think just to make it clearer to people about the time limit & to spend a minimum of £5 in the shop because the mitigating circumstances I pointed out was that the signage could not be see upon entering or leaving the carpark.
  5. Thanks Honeybee. I did have a little giggle when I saw the mass of signs that have been erected since the letter.
  6. Hello All, I have been having an ongoing discussion with my energy supplier regarding what i consider to be extortionate charges for my electricity. I am a single woman who lives in a very well insulated, double glazed, one bedroom apartment. I have a modern boiler that was brand new 6 months ago and the old one was only replaced because my bills were so high I thought it was the boiler to blame. My supplier have me on an economy 10 meter, which they refuse to change without a charge of £150.00. They say I am on the best tariff for me. I pay around £110/£120 a month which goes down to around £85 in the summer. My friend who has a family of two children & a husband in a 4 bedroom house pays less than I do. I use electric for everything (so do they) but I don't shower every day and bath probably once or twice a week. Is there anything I can do? At least get a different meter fitted? My boiler is not on a timer it heats the water and keeps it warm once a day. Thank you.
  7. Hello All, It's been a long time since i've heard anything from Highview Parking. I sent a letter to Mr Dave Lewis (I must've missed your reply honeybee13, although I had already found out the name of the ceo & sent it to him I hadn't enclosed the parking charge numbers which I would've done had I seen your reply at the time). This is what I wrote: I am writing to complain about the harassing letter’s I am receiving from Highview Parking Ltd via DRP Ltd, who threaten, if I do not pay the sum of £250.00 for overstaying on various occasions at the Bewell Street Tesco car park Hereford, I will be taken to court. I have been a regular shopper at Tesco, but since the start of this debacle I have ceased visiting your store in Hereford and shall continue to avoid doing so unless some form of resolution is established in this issue. I feel bullied by what I consider to be criminal activity and having sought advise I now understand that no parking limit was applied or set in the original planning application and consent agreement with Hereford Council. If this does go to court I will name Tesco as a co - defendant as Tesco is equally culpable for this breaking of the 2007 Town and Country Planning Act. I’ve spoken to Hereford Council and it nowhere states in the original planning application and consent that there is a maximum of two hour parking. In mitigation I consider the company Highview Parking’s signage to be inefficient and misleading, there being no signs on entering the car park to indicate their enforcement of a maximum stay. I have been given until the 20th of February when the case will be referred to a solicitor. I am very disappointed and upset with Tesco’s regarding this matter and so are my family & friends. I would like you to resolve this matter for me please.Yours sincerely,I have not received any reply from Mr Lewis. Instead I received no further threats until 11/04/2019 when DRP sent me another NOTICE OF INTENDED COURT PROCEEDINGS if I don't pay £250. Then on 18/04/2019 I received a CHARGE NOTICE REMINDER from Highview Parking for 07/01/2019 for £70. I have visited the carpark once (just in and straight out) since the letter, I observed they have now got signs everywhere informing people where and how to pay for parking.
  8. Thank you. I have made a donation I do very much appreciate everyone’s time
  9. Ok this is the letter I am sending to Tesco head office: Dear Tesco, I am writing to complain about the harresment letters I am receiving from Highview Parking via DRP Ltd, threatening if I don’t pay the sum of £250 for going over the two hour permitted time on various occasions, I will be taken to court & my credit rating will be effected. I used to be a regular shopper at Tesco before all this, now I have stopped shopping there & so have all my family & most of my friends. You have already lost at least £250 of profit for the bullish attempt to extort money from me. We think it’s disgusting that I am made to feel bullied by this criminal activity. If this does go to court I will name Tesco as a co-defendant, as you are equally culpable for this breaking of the 2007 Town & Country Planning Act. I’ve spoken to the council, they have informed me that it nowhere states in the original planning application & consent that there is a maximum of two hour parking in that car park.
  10. Thanks dx. Shall I get onto contacting Tesco now I have the information from the council?
  11. Hi, thanks for replying. That amount £250 is an accumulation of times when I went over the two hour parking time, they would send me a bill & I didn’t pay it. Who are HV?
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