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  1. To pay by card. I always pay by card, that day the machine was not working with cards (other people also tried). That is why I went to the bank to get cash.
  2. i didn't have my phone on me or i would've considered that the easiest option, rather than walk all the way to the bank and back, which meant i was late for work.
  3. Have we really got so bad as a culture that we can't just nip into the bank for the machine without getting a ticket .
  4. I received an email in response to the first email I sent contesting the ticket, when I first explained my situation. This is the response I received: Please see attached with reference to the above. Please read carefully and follow instructions contained within. Any response to this email account will not be monitored. Parking Appeals and Representations Team Thank you for your correspondence received on 16 October 2019, concerning the above Penalty Charge Notice. Contravention I have viewed your mitigation and the ev
  5. Hi, does anyone have any ideas how to approach the council regarding this ticket? Thanks
  6. Excuse the delay, a close friend of mine has had a stroke. I will look at it all now. Thanks It's a letter written as though i have not emailed them at all, There is another two letters but I'm not allowed to send more MB on this site. The first document is entitled: HOW TO MAKE REPRESENTATIONS IN RESPECT OF THIS NOTICE, (you may be familiar with it?). The other document I'm not sure I can send because of data protection, it's various photographs taken of my car at the time and two curious one's I'm uncertain at this time why they have
  7. Hi, I didn't get a reply to my email . Instead I received a letter today charging me now double (thought I had a right to appeal). Could anyone offer advise about what to do now? Thank you.
  8. Thank you BankFodder. I called them up yesterday asking to speak to the complaints department. Spoke to this very nice guy, I put forward all of my concerns which he is going to look into and get back to me within four days. It's the first step of the complaints procedure I believe.
  9. Hi, I searched online for an insurance company using compare the market. Sheila's wheels came out with the best quote so I telephoned them to arrange the purchase. After I had paid out the initial amount of £70 and agreed a direct debit I then cancelled my soon to expire Insurance policy. I immediately received an email from that insurance company informing me I no longer had my no claims bonus due to an accident last June. I telephoned Shelia's Wheels to explain that I had made an error, instead of 3 (which I had put on my original agreement), I had now been informed I had none. T
  10. Hi, I've replied to them. I explained that I didn't have my phone with me & that I was fed up with them behaving like some nazi dictator, demanding penalty charges, when I made every effort to go to the bank because the machine didn't accept my card. Then I lost my rag a bit more suggesting we should take it to court....
  11. Hi, thanks for your replies, I wrote to them & this is the reply: Thank you for your correspondence received on 16 October 2019, concerning the above Penalty Charge Notice. Contravention I have viewed your mitigation and the evidence of the Civil Enforcement Officer on the day in question. The issue is that you parked without clearly displaying a valid pay & display ticket or voucher. Mitigation Whilst you state that you ‘tried to buy a ticket using my card but both machines would not accept a card payment’, there is also the option to pay by phone
  12. About 10 minutes by the time I got to the bank, then got some change. I only wanted to stay for an hour and the machine states no change given so I didn't want to put £10 in.
  13. Hi, I parked in Maylord Orchard, council run car park which was the closest I could get to where I wanted to go in a hurry. When I got to the machine to pay for a ticket, the machine wasn't working for cards. I went to the other machine and that was also not working. I decided to run into the shopping centre to get some cash with the hope that would work and when I returned I had received a PCN. Any advise please?
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