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  1. Nothing yet, I saw some similar posts so I thought that I should mention my experience.
  2. My new fridge freezer was due for delivery yesterday, but the delivery guy said that he noticed that it was broken as he was about to take it off the van. He said that he would order another one and that it would be delivered today. However, this morning I recieved a phone call from currys saying that this new Samsung freedge freezer is also damaged and that they will order another one, and that they will deliver this on Friday. I told them that the fridge freezer that I was supposed to get yesterday was broken, to which they said that this one is also broken. I have to
  3. No, the only thing I owed before my lump sum was paid was unsecured credit card debt, which was the reason I went the DRO route.
  4. I submitted a new budget to the OR which included the extra £328 for limited capacity for work and work related activity about 4 hours before I found out that the D.O.W.P. was going to give me a backdated payment on the very same day and the OR excepted my new budget which I completed with the help of Step Change. This is how I know that I would have been okay had I received this money over a period of time instead of recieveing a lump sum.
  5. My debts are still with the original creditors, and yes I could do what you suggest because thanks to my DRO being cancelled my credit file is screwed anyhow. My debt is with Barclaycard, Nationwide and Capital One and all are credit card debt. But I would still like to know how the official reciever would look upon me spending my money on the things that I have listed in my post above. And I would also like to know how much spending on essentials, white goods, house hold essentials, clothes such as a pair of trainers, a couple of pairs of pants and two t shirts and maybe a new coa
  6. The back dated Universal Credit I recieved was for limited capacity for work and work related activity. The fact that I was still able to recieve this over a year after it had been cancelled by the conservatives was because I first claimed Universal Credit eight months before the conservatives did away with this for sick people claiming Universal Credit. The fact that it took over 21 months from when I first made my claim to me actually recieveing it is down to the conservatives and the D.O.W.P.s incompetence at rolling it out. To be clear, if I had recieved this money after t
  7. Thanks, you hit the nail on the head, in that everyone I've taken this to, including all the big advice agencies have failed to mention how and if I could take this further. I did over hear a conversation between my CAB advisor and a senior member of the insolvency service, and he said that he did not want to overturn the decision in case it set a precedent.
  8. No and it seems very clear to me that it is not. The only reason I mentioned the first bit was to give an overview before I got into my new questions.
  9. Hi, I have just received almost two years’ worth of backdated benefits during my DRO, so the official receiver cancelled it, but he said that I could keep £700 for bankruptcy. I received this money due to my medical condition and I have started buying white goods to replace items including a 28-year-old leaking washing machine. I also intend to buy a fridge freezer and a cooker as my current fridge is 28 years old and my cooker was a hand me down. These items will be my biggest expenditure. I was wondering what Items I can buy? bearing in mind that I will most certainly be goi
  10. No, but the extra amount of Universal Credit that I receive was awarded after a work capacity assessment found that I was unfit to work because of my medical condition . I think this is just another case of smoke and mirrors from the Tories, just like when they changed the name of sick notes to fit notes. Just because the benefit is not called disability benefit does not mean that it is not being given because of a disability or sickness which it clearly is.
  11. Thanks, thats what I was wondering about. In that case it looks like there is nothing I can do, but I'm going to spend just over a third of my money on white goods, clothes, bedding, food, rent and other things that I need for the house. I wont be buying flat screen TVs or computers but I will keep £700 just in case I need to go bankrupt at a later date and I will use about half of my benefit money to offer my creditors a final settlement of 18p in the pound of what I owe. If they refuse then I will have no option but to go bankrupt.
  12. Why would I be paying a DCA during the duration of a DRO. Surely you know that during a DBO my debtors are not allowed to contact me? I don't think that the Insolvency Service are up to speed on Universal Credit. Either that or this is some new policy to help out the banks and credit card companies where everybody on Universal Credit who is still recieveing a payment for limited capacity for work and work related activity is being screwed over! A lump sum from benefits back-dating These may sound large but they are often not a problem because this treated as “income” ove
  13. Hi, The offical receiver has told me that he intends to cancel my DRO (3 weeks before it was due to finish) as I now have over £1000 in the bank due to a back payment of Universal Credit. I have received this money because the DWP declared me unfit for work and work related activity following a work capacity assessment. I was very surprised he did this as many benefit sites and advisors said that this would not happen because I had received this money due to my medical condition. (Crohn's Disease) I am in a full Universal Credit area and I have heard that this money wou
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