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  1. Vodafone have recently charged me for going over my myfi data allowance without giving me notification that I am about to exceed my allowance as they have done before via the app for the device. I have now been billed for £245 for over using me device without my knowledge. I spoke to the complaints department today who have told me that they can reduce the bill by £44! and that I should have self managed my allowance by checking my app despite me telling them that the app is not working. They pointed out that my bill will increase due to late payment (I refused to pay ) and that my details are now with the bailiffs! I found that I am not the only one with the problem when I searched online this afternoon I found that I am not the only one with the problem. Apparently its in their contract to advise their customer that they are about to go over their allowance. Can someone advise or tell me if this the right way to approach the problem and if so how should I go about it. I did find a link for this but the post wont let me add it as I am new. Thank you
  2. My son was called by Vodafone and told that they would like to offer him a free gift as a valued customer, and said they would send him a new tablet. It was only when he received his next bill that he discovered he was now being charged £19.99pcm for a data plan for the tablet. We called them to complain and the lady apologised profusely and said she had removed the data plan from his account, and raised a credit for the amount already billed. My son duly returned the tablet in the envelope they provided. This was in Sept, he has been billed for the data plan every month since. On the original call we also arranged a new phone and plan, which we were told would cost £32pcm. "Great" my son said, "that's less than I'm paying now". The vodafone representative agreed it was a great deal and cheaper than the old plan that was £35. The first bill came through for the new plan with a monthly plan charge of £57, (plus the data plan). My son couldn't afford this, so they disconnected him. We contacted Vodafone again via web chat. They promised to listen to the original call to confirm he was offered the plan at £32pcm and get back to him. They also promised they had again cancelled the data plan as they could see that the tablet had been returned. The phone was reconnected whilst the matter was being investigated. A week later he was disconnected again, desite no-one getting back to him. Web chat 2 - all the above explained over again - same promises made by the Vodafone representative, apologies for being let down previously. Advised my a/c had been marked as a priority and someone would be in touch the next day to resolve everything and confirm compensation for the problems. Phone was reconnected, and we were advised it would be working by 3pm that day. Restarted the phone numerous times as instructed, still restricted. Web chat 3 - 9pm the same day - Operative confirmed that all restrictions had already been lifted and to try restarting it one more time - this time the phone did work. Web chat 4 - less than 24 hours later, phone was disconnected yet again for non-payment. Explained everything yet again, after over 2 hours of explaining that he was being over charged for the phone plan, and billed for a data plan he never agreed to, the operative said "I have great news for you, I will credit the data plan, but you must call back tomorrow to cancel the plan". No mention of the issues with the phone plan over charge. My son pointed out that he already had called in and cancelled the plan He couldn't call in anyway because his phone was still disconnected. He also explained that he suffered from anxiety and was unable to deal with the matter over the phone. They again insisted he must call in. He reiterated that the situation had caused him anxiety and panic attacks, and that he physically could not speak to anyone on the phone. The operative then said "you must: and cut him off. Today, I received a message on my mobile phone - not with vodafone - no idea how they obtained my details as my son never gave them my number - message was from a debt collection agency saying he must contact them urgentky about hid Vodafone account. GDPR breach???
  3. Hi, I've received a letter from the county court business centre in regards to a supposed outstanding amount on a vodafone contract. The amount is for £1248.72. It says the defendant failed to maintain contractual payments under the rems of the account agreement. I haven't had a Vodafone account in over 11 years. What do I need to do?
  4. Hello I SAR'd VODAFONE for a debt that is on my credit file that i believe is not mine. I asked for SAR but they are asking for proof of my ID and address etc. I have only ever lived at one address, i told them that the credit file and the information they have put on the CRA's is the same as the address they are sending the SAR, but now the time has elapsed for them sending this to me. I don't want to send them any ID as I know they don't have my ID and won't send me any contract or nothing. There also sent it to a DCA, and I SAR'd them, they said its taking longer than expected, outwit the time limit and said will get back to me in a month or so - probably because they don't have any information from vodafone cos the contract and debt is not mine. Can anyone help me out?
  5. I also obtained this from them regarding a JD Williams account. It does not makes sense. Debt written off. No copy of contract, can't remove default as information was correct at the time but they can't send or have copies of nothing..? letter below including the reply from Exuifax, which tells me that the dca can't leave a default if it buys the debt? so something really wrong here.
  6. My mother has a phone contract with Vodafone, she's nearly at the end of the agreement and she would like to cancel it as she has no interest entering into another. She called them to cancel and to pay off any remaining amounts, however they cannot access her account because the main account holders name has been changed, nobody knows anything about this, the name in question is an Arabic name that nobody can pronounce for a start. Vodafone have essentially been useless and unhelpful, we're concerned that her personal data has been compromised, surely this is a breach of the General Data Protection Regulations? Not only has someone accessed her account, they've changed the name on it. Vodafone are still collecting her direct debits and recording her payment history with the credit reference agencies, yet she cannot cancel as per the terms of her agreement.
  7. Hi, My son received a CC Summons from Lowell for and old Vodafone broadband account when he was in bad relationship with a woman. he has not dealt with this and has stuck head in sand, ex has nowt and only know he got letter in March from lowell offering 20% discount then another in June saying something like 30 days to prevent legal action which he also ignored. Next thing CCS Issue date 25 July arrives at mum and dads house with his name on it. Any help appreaciated please! Thanks
  8. My wife has a CCJ to the value of roughly £800 from vodafone, containing what i presume would be a large value of early termination fees. She has made one payment towards this, as she only became aware of it last month (dont ask, burying the head in the sand...) Now, ive seen some members on here stating that OFCOM are against early termination fees being included in a CCJ/default? Is that correct? maybe dx100uk you know more? as its one of your posts referencing termination charges and mobile contracts that i have referenced
  9. I have received a pre court paperwork from Lowell Solicitors to fill out and send back. I am disputing the debt as belonging to them but not sure what I need to do next. the debt was assigned/Sold to Lowell 18 months ago they are claiming the full amount outstanding to Vodafone, but on checking my credit file bot Lowell and Vodafone are marking my credit file as the debt belonging to them. the other thing I would like to get hold of is how much Lowell paid for the debt because this debt is subject to VAT and if they only paid a percentage of the debt, they can not claim full amount because of the VST debt relief Scheme if Vodafone used this to claim back VAt on debt Lowell can not claim the part of the debt claimed back by Vodafone. any ideas what to do next
  10. Hi, has anyone ever upgraded their phone on the Vodafone website and then a week or so later they would like to change it? Iv got the iPhone 8 but would like the iPhone X, I’m just wondering if anyone has done this by contacting the returns team and they offer some sort of exchange as in can they give me the new phone with a similar deal to what I’m paying just now and then return this phone once it’s set up and get the upfront cost refunded also? many thanks
  11. Good Afternoon, I am new to this site and after popping Lowell in my search engine, this amazing site popped up! After reading several posts on this forum I have plucked up the courage to post and ask for help. I had a dispute with vodaphone over two years ago after been a customer with them for 15 years. It all started when they changed their billing system and did not take payment for over 12 months and then I received a massive bill .. they continued to provide service until eventually they restricted use of my sons phone (on my bill) and then after three months put it back on.. They eventually cut my phone off and refereed to a DCA, name escapes me now.. I received a letter last June, stating unless I contacted them my case would go to court, three weeks later. I contacted them explained what happened and I never heard anymore from them until I received a letter from Lowell in May. In May of this year I received my first letter from Lowell, and have since received three more, offering a 30% and a 40% discount on my debt. The last letter received on 17 July stated that the 40% discount would apply until 31 July, before they take legal action. I was so close to calling them this morning to set up a payment plan as 40% off the orginal debt of £1187.71 is a lot of money, but then I found this site. I have read a lot about requesting SAR, but tbh I dont understand it. Shall I ring to set up a payment plan? if not I would be very grateful if you could advise my of the next steps. I am worried sick that it will be sent to court. Thank you in advance.
  12. in October 2016 I've started a 2 years contract with Vodafone but after half a year I couldn't keep up with the payment and didn't pay since then. I do plan on getting rid of the debt once I'm fully back on track, I can't afford it at the minute and hoped I still have some time before any legal action can be taken. Recently I started receiving letters from Lowell Financial Ltd, headlining with "Pre-Legal Assesment". Do I have to be worried about any legal action? My Vodafone contract ends in Oct 2018 in theory. Are they able to file a CCJ even if they bought a debt of a contract that is not even brought to an end? I have read many other posts where people come with contracts that are 5-6-7 years old, and I'm here wondering how worried should I be about this letter. See the letter below. Thank you in advance.
  13. Hello, I am starting a new thread here after discovering some things on my credit record. The story is: In 2013 whilst I was a Vodafone UK mobile phone customer, a Vodafone phone agent advised me that if I purchased a call package which gave a discount to Intl calls made outwith the UK, this package would cover Russia, which was the country I was going to make calls from. When I returned from that trip in October 2013, I found a bill of £122, increased to £203.70 by Dec 2013. I even offered to pay some portion of the £122 in instalments and paid ~£15 per month as a goodwill gesture. But I still disputed the Russian call charges and said this constantly. I disputed this constantly from Oct 2013 by email and phone; I spoke with them over the phone several times from the end of 2013, emailed up until Feb 2014 and spoke with an agent called Jeff Phoenix from Vodafone UK by Dec 2013 and still no resolution from then. J Phoenix tried to bully me over the phone to accept everything. I emailed Vodafone and Fredrickson International, a debt collection agency hired by Vodafone UK, that this occurred a few days later after this phone discussion. I also exchanged email in Jan and Feb 2014 with Fredrickson International and Vodafone UK after the phone call as Vodafone did not respond to my communication. I told both Vodafone UK and Fredrickson I was going to contact Ofcom about this problem. Subsequently, I lost interest and did not contact Ofcom but I never heard anything back from either Vodafone UK of Fredrickson. And now looking through my credit record I see a default of £200 dated from 01 Jan 2014 even though I had email communication with Vodafone UK and Fredrickson from 10 Feb 2014. My questions are: 1) Is there some sort of redress I can get from Ofcom for the damage to my credit record? 2) What can be done with regards to the conduct of Jeff Phoenix? 3) Can I get these phone charges removed and my credit record cleaned, backdated to the time of the dispute? Thank you for your help in advance.
  14. Hi there, I would like to get some advises regarding Vodafone had shared my personal information regarding (full name, address, DOB, email address) Undeniable, once a contract has been formed in between Vodafone, if without monthly payment, Vodafone will pass the information and shared with Debt Collection Agency because Vodafone appointed DCA to collect the debt on behalf. Vodafone claimed that, that clause was in the contract. (Thats what I have been told by Vodafone after the incident.) However, I do not owe Vodafone any money nor any outstanding amount, however, my account was closed yet Vodafone did not do a proper job to close my account, leaving my records in their systems as debit situation hence passing my information to DCA without me knowing it at the first place. A few months later, I got 2 letters, 2 emails from DCA (generic name Jayne Carter) asking for payment as I owed Vodafone, out of the blue, I have no ideas because during the time I had left Vodafone, I have ensure no outstanding payment, which I got a text message from the Customer Service department to confirm that (still have the text message as evidence). I went to Vodafone, they never admit it was their systems fault due to the system automatically flagged up as outstanding and and accidentally passed my personal information to DCA. During the months, no letters from Vodafone or emails to stated that I am owing them money, but directly passed my information to DCA. Numerous phone calls and complaints lodged, Vodafone finally contacted DCA to close my case and no outstanding amount. However, my concern is, Vodafone told me, they couldn't ask DCA to delete my personal information which they had passed to them in the first place because of their mistakes. I have phoned to DCA, they said the same thing and they will archive the record but could not delete my personal information even though they will not need it anymore (from my view, no reasons they will withhold my personal information). Could anyone please advice? is it worth for me to send the SAR to DCA to ask for the information they are holding? thanks for your advises and very much appreciate. Regards,
  15. On the 1st March I gave notice to my old broadband provider (Virgin) and signed up with Vodafone. The agreement for this service included the transfer of my phone number from Virgin to them. My service allegedly went active on the 13th march, but my broadband wasn't working until the 21st March. Whilst on the phone to them (my old cable line with virgin) I asked when the number would be transferred across, and was told it hadn't even been requested. I was rather ****ed off by this, but they assured me it was being done there and then. about 10 days later and still nothing, we go into a new month which incurs me more line rental charges from Virgin as my phone service isn't disconnected until the number is transferred. I spend a further 95 mins on the phone with Vodafone and am assured that it's being done, I'm told that it's been sent direct to Openreach and they will do it within 72hrs. I am also told that they will be crediting my account with £30, but when I try to check... the online account I setup is mysterious non existent and I can't set it up again as it doesn't recognise my phone number or account number. They are told that the 72hrs ends at 5pm on Friday 6th and if the number is not transferred by then, my services will be terminated due to breach of contract (they failed to transfer the number which was part of my agreement to use their services) 72hrs pass and nothing, virgin claim they've never even received any request to transfer my number over and confirmed this again as of the 16th April. On the 7th April, I send an official complain both through Vodafones website, and via mail to their complaints dept. This complaint terminates my services with them for their failure to do something as simple as transfer my number. A process that has been simplified to make it so easy that a trained monkey could do it. So far they have completely ignored my complaints and have not terminated my service. I am now in limbo, I cannot switch to another provider because there is a temp number on my BT line that I have never used and have no intention of ever using... A new provider will try to transfer that number across instead of my virgin one. I am also still paying for a virgin line and number which I've had for many years and don't wish to lose, because it will cause so many problems. Because they had credited my account with £30 (allegedly, I've not seen proof of this) I cancelled my DD and had the previous one of £27.06 returned to me. Today I got a threatening email saying my 'April' bill is unpaid and I owe them £34 (which would be about right if there was a £30 credit as my normal bill would have been £37) So far they have ignored my complaint, failed to transfer my number and failed to terminate my service. They have been clearly informed of their breach of contract, and my service was terminated within the first 30 days (even if they claim 13th March as date service started, it's still less than 30 days). I am now being threatened with my service being restricted, and if it's not paid service disconnection and payment for the full term of the contract will be pursued. I think I need to escalate this to the regulator... But have no idea how to go about this. Switching is supposed to be easy, but this has been the worst mistake and has caused me so much hassle and stress.
  16. Think I might be fighting a losing battle with this one but I'm coming to the end of my contract and checked my phone bill just to see what I pay out. Dont normally check the details I just pay it as I trusted that it was correct Really shocked to see throughout my contract i've been paying insurance which I never agreed to. Contacted Vodafone who said tough as I should have checked the phone bill. They also said I took the insurance out in store. I know I didnt take out this insurance and my query is can anything be done to get a refund? Surely they must have a signed copy of the agreement. Then secondly didnt like the attitude of saying if you dont check your bill then tough. What they're saying they can charge what they want and if you dont notice it then tough Any advice would be appreciated Thanks
  17. Hi everyone I'm hoping for some advice to resolve an ongoing issue with Vodafone. My next planned action is to write to Ofcom but I would appreciate any guidance as to the best approach. In short, I'm a former Vodafone customer, I recently discovered that they have trashed my credit rating without communicating with me. My attempts to resolve this have so far proved futile, despite contacting the Ombudsman. The background (and I'll try to keep this as brief as I can) is as follows. I had been a satisfied Vodafone personal customer under the same mobile number for approximately 20 years up until 2014. In June 2014 I made one VERY SIMPLE REQUEST - to be billed a business customer rather than a personal customer - to help with my company accounting. I was assured this would be an instant and seamless process. Immediately after this date countless things descended into chaos for months after, including: My number getting "lost" between different Vodafone platforms more than once (resulting in no service on multiple days) Call bars being placed on my account despite staff assurances that all account settings would be left the same (resulting in no service while abroad on work) Services being removed from my account without authorisation or communication (resulting in beneficial call packages being removed from my account even though the packages were available) Services being added to my account and charged to me without me requesting them or approving them Account details being mishandled multiple times, resulting in a range of inconveniences, from not having permission rights to speak to customer services about my own account(!), to receiving correspondence in a variety of erroneous name / company name / address formats… I even got the distinct impression I didn't actually exist either partially or completely in the Vodafone systems when I called to correct on multiple occasions Billing - perhaps most seriously, there were months when I received no bills and the online billing section showed no statements, yet money was being drawn from my account by Direct Debit each month Aside from the massive inconvenience of wasting hours of my life and work time over many months on the above and being given the run around and being let down by countless members of Vodafone staff (I have logged dates and names of many calls), the final straw came when I discovered I was being charged for unauthorised services when I was finally emailed three of the missing bills I'd been chasing for months. I'd given Vodafone numerous ultimatums to resolve outstanding issues and was given broken promises of resolutions each time. in January 2016 I ported my number out to another network and left Vodafone. Vodafone wrote to me in March giving me a Notice Of Default letter (I had stopped the Direct Debit they had been helping themselves to without billing me), claiming an outstanding balance of nearly £300 including charges for "cancellation prior to contract date". I replied with a detailed letter on all the above issues advising I was forced to leave due to the catalogue of disasters and erroneous billing, and that the unacceptable level of service and repeated failures to resolve amounted to breach of contract and that no cancellation charges were due. I requested a copy of all missing bills to I could calculate the erroneous charges taken from my account. My letter was acknowledged by Vodafone and a Case Reference given. That was the last I heard from Vodafone. I (rather naively) assumed they'd taken a look at the lengthy and detailed crime sheet against them and walked away from any attempt to claim early cancellation charges. And to be honest I was more than happy to get on with my life rather having wasted countless hours chasing them over recent months. The credit rating issue first came to my attention when applying to open new bank accounts for my business in August 2017. Needless to say I was furious to find out Vodafone had done this without any communication or justification. I was advised by the Ombudsman to send a final complaint email through the Vodafone website in an attempt to resolve which I duly did. Once again, no reply from Vodafone. My take on this is that Vodafone are acting in a completely unaccountable manner and have been vindictive in their placement of a bad credit mark against myself. Surely it's a basic legal requirement of a telecoms company to give statements to customers when taking Direct Debit amounts and to actually reply to customer complaints? I would love to throw the largest proverbial book in the direction of Vodafone for their conduct in the hope they clean up their act for other customers, and of course to clear my credit report ASAP. Any advice on the above would be greatly appreciated, thank you!
  18. Hi everyone, I'm hoping for a bit of advice on this. My son has an account with Vodafone. He is 19 and the whole thing has turned into a bit of a nightmare! He lost his phone last year but continued to make payments on his account. He made a payment in July and then received a letter in September about the account being in default. As he is only 19, I have been dealing with the matter on his behalf and we have been passed from pillar to post with various people as he no longer has the phone. When I found out that the account was going into default, I phoned Vodafone myself and made the payment of £59 which was outstanding and the phone service was resumed so that he could continue to make payments till the contract ends. However, upon checking his credit file today, I have notice that Vodafone have registered a default which is now marked as settled but has obviously trashed his credit rating. The account is also marked as closed but its actually still open as hes received a bill in the last 7 days. Hes a professional rugby player and was saving for his first house so hes devastated about this. Does anyone know what we can do about this? Hes realised that hes made a huge mistake but I feel that penalising him for the next 6 years over £59 is pretty unfair. Thank you so much for any help you can offer.
  19. Hello, I am looking for some advice as Vodafone have treated me very unfairly and I am disgusted with their customer service. In April 2017 I called to give my 30 days cancellation notice as I had a new phone on order from a different carrier. I was told I could cancel my direct debit as I would get a letter with the final bill amount. Towards the end of July I received a letter stating I owed £112, I called them to query why it was such a high amount and to make payment. The advisor said it was a termination fee, I asked if I could make payment next month and he checked with the billing department and came back and told me "as the account is closed I can make payment whenever I can". He said he could set up an automated payment to come out of my bank on the 1st September, I asked him twice would it affect my credit file and he assured me it would have no affect at all so I gave him my card details and thought it was all done. Towards the end of September I received another letter saying I owe £116. I was confused by this as I thought this was dealt with. Upon checking my bank I saw that they didn't take it out as promised. Also noticed 2 late payments from Vodafone on my credit file. I was very annoyed by this as he promised me it wouldn't touch my file and he set up an automated payment which failed! I called them on the 2nd October to complain and the advisor said it was a mistake their end that the payment didn't go through and promised me the late payments would be removed, he put this in my notes. He said I can make payment now or at the end of the month when I get paid. So I called on 27th October to make payment and to get my late payments removed as promised. The advisor told me they could not remove them as its correct. I spoke to her manager and he was understanding and spoke to the credit department and said they cannot remove it as its correct from their point of view. I explained the advisor in July told me it wouldn't affect my file but he said he couldn't find the call recording so no proof he said that. He did say in my notes the advisor from the call in October had put he promised I could get them removed, however he said this was misinformation on their part. I escalated it to someone called Paul from customer relations department who quite frankly didn't care, his attitude was unprofessional and basically implied I was lying. He offered me £50 for the "misinformation" but I said I didn't want £50, I want my credit file rectifying as I will be applying for a mortgage and because of them it would affect my file for the next 6 years and its not even my fault.... He said they cant do anything else and said I can complain to the ombudsman but they probably will favour them and not get it removed. He put my complaint in "deadlock" and I await their letter. I have complained to the ombudsman and will forward them the deadlock reference when it arrives. I cannot believe the way Vodafone treat their customers. I had been a customer of theirs all my life. Absolutely disgusting. I will not give up until I get this fixed and I will be letting the public know how they have treated me. Any help much appreciated.
  20. Vodafone mis-sold me contracts on my account and have refused to cancel them as requested. This has been going on since June last year, even the Ombudsman didn't seem to see where I was coming from legally, but agreed Vodafone had made errors in handling my account and complaint and there was a shortfall in service. The Ombudsman also told me about an invalid charge on the account (which Vodafone have not admitted to me) and a voicemail I was apparently left regarding a credit to the account they were making, but neither has appeared and reduced the balance I'm being asked to pay. If a company don't tell you they are changing their contracts, but mislead them on the phone and make them believe their payments won't change, without mentioning increases in charges and a new 24 month contract, is that not illegal? I've quoted the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Practises as I believe they've carried out an unfair practise: Misleading practices – a practice misleads through the information it contains, or its deceptive presentation, and causes, or is likely to cause, the average consumer to take a different transactional decision specifically; general misleading information, creating confusion with competitors’ products or failing to honour commitments made in a code of conduct. They never sent me the promised email detailing the upcoming changes I should expect, which I believe is in violation of the Consumer Contracts Regulations. I also believe they broke their terms and conditions by not correctly informing me of the changes that would take place. Breaking any of these regulations/terms would give me the right to request the contracts be cancelled without penalties. I contacted Vodafone 3 times before I received a response, from June to November. Nick Jefferys was no use and ignored my legal points when I emailed him. I requested a copy of the call that took place in June but Vodafone ignored my requests, which resulted in a complaint to the ICO, who agreed that Vodafone had breached it. Does anyone have knowledge of where I stand legally please? My head's a mess over it all now, any help is greatly appreciated.
  21. Hello, So what do I do now? Start paying £1 to Vodafone or does Lowell now actually own this debt? Or do i just leave it as it is for now? I mean, the debt is mine, was defaulted Aug 2016, and I would like to pay it off but can only afford £1/month. Lowell_Vodafone_CAG.pdf
  22. I love Vodafone, although a lot of society has had a fair few issues with them as a Service Provider and even I sometimes query why I am with them. Somewhat now, we need to take a closer look at one of their products and how it affects you. Yesterday I attended store and picked up a shiny new device but something that caught my eye on the paperwork I'd signed was Vodafone Securenet... So what is it? Its a security product designed to protect you against threats while using Vodafone's network. Its built into the network already and doesnt require an app to download it. . So whats the deal and why have CAG reported this...? This is terrible for many reasons. Vodafone are auto signing people up to this with Upgrades and some people are being signed up automatically without their consent. Sure its £1 per month per device... But remember that Vodafone has 19 and a half million customers in the UK. If everyone is paying a £1 for this then thats a fine turnover moneymaking scheme. More about it? They are free alternatives for Antivirus which will protect your phone locally anot need a requirement for Vodafone to do this for you. Not only that but this doesnt work on Wifi unless you have an app installed and it has to the master handset that has it on! Vodafone should be offering this for FREE as part of their NDS (Network Development Scheme) - Not charging people for it! Not only that but both Android and IOs have built in security features to disable your phone remotely. Are We Being Charged? I would say check your bill. Vodafone have already applied this to a fair few customers through Upgrades and Tariff Changes. If you are paying for it whether in free trial or not, then consider the alternatives - Lookout AV etc... If you are not using it - Complain for your money back if it has been added without your consent!
  23. Hi. I was on last 3 months of sim only contract, got in touch with Vodafone on the chat to get new device. Was told that they will put me on 24 month contract with iPhone 7 for £60/month with £9 discount, so I would pay £51 for 24 months, was happy with that so agreed to it. 'The other deal I have is for you, The deal is 24 months Apple iPhone 7 128GB (PRODUCT)RED Data 16GB, Minutes and text Unlimited, Take your home plan abroad Vodafone Global Roaming With the line rental of £60 and with the discount it will be £51. With the upfront cost of £100 and for you it will be £0.00 How does that sound? Also as I was told my new 24 month contract will start in August and I will be credited for the amount I would be overpaying now "I have taken the approval from my supervisor to end the contract on 18th of August and the deal will be updated this month with the credit for the current plan of £17.00 and half the month." I got bill from Vodafone recently for over £70 and next month charges for line rental are £54 instead of promised £51. There was no credit applied to my account as promised on the chat, luckily enough I got chat transcript so I can prove what has been agreed. Have they breached the contract? what can I do in this situation as it is annoying, they just don't care, they tell you one thing and they do something else. can I terminate contract with Vodafone fault as they did't keep to this what was agreed? Please give me some idea what can be done. Thanks in advance.
  24. I am currently with Vodafone and have been for years now. Cancelled a contract with them which they then put all the outstanding month bills into one. Now they have suddenly said I need to pay all in one lump sum which I can not do. On one month they hadn't taking out a bill and because of there mistake I was getting charged left right and centre. they first said I could pay £186 each month and now suddenly I have to pay the whole lump sum. they were threatening me over the phone for £150 today and the rest next month otherwise they would have cut off my phone line.
  25. around 3 years ago I took out a vodafone contract. I was promised 4g in my area along with a nhs discount on my bill. From the get go I never received 4g and as soon as my first bill came through it was completely wrong. Fast forward around 6 months multiple phonecalls and visits to store and still never sorted it. Phone was constantly being cut off because I hadn't paid what they claimed I should have yet every time i phoned they admitted to be charging me wrong and would reconnect the phone and amend my bill. This went on to the point of driving me mad the phone was useless as you never knew I'd it was connected or not.. . they finally called me one day and I told them it wasn't fit for purpose and I wanted to cancel the contract and that everything from this point would be in writing. After that nothing. No more bills no more letters requesting payment etc. Around 6 months after this point I moved house to my current adress and have never heard anything. Fast forward to yesterday 28/11/2016 And i get a letter through door for the county court business centre from lowell portfolio ltd. Claiming I owe £763 for failing to make the required payments. In the particulars of claim it states it was taken on in by lowell in March 2015 and that there has been repeated requests for payment. I have up to yesterday heard nothing from them. One other thing that seems odd is the date of issue the letter claims date of issue is 21/11/2016 yet it was only received yesterday. My question is where do i stand. I plan on contesting it and was going to submit a subject access request to see exactly what they claim to have sent me. My only concern is timescale as the date on the letter is a week different to date i received it. It's also just shown on my credit file but wasn't there before. I know this as I checked it earlier in the year as I'm trying to get a mortgage. Thanks
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