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  1. Hey guys, Had 3 accounts with Lowell - old Vodafone, very old Provi loan and JDW catalogue. I recently got letter from Lowell that due to my circumstances (mental health problems) they will close all the accounts but the defaults will stay on my credit report. Now. I have sent a CCA request regarding loan and catalogue and never got any reply. Am I right to think that now that they actually closed the accounts and never reply to CCA I could somehow get those two defaults removed? How would I go about it? And I take it, no matter what I do or don't do now, Lowell c
  2. Hello, I was on ESA for a year and then had assessment and they said I no longer qualified. I thought, maybe it's a good thing, and claimed JSA back in May and was looking for work and started Functional skills for maths and English as well. Now after 3 months of being on JSA I had Genuine Prospect of Work assessment. I went for it, they asked me 4 or 5 questions and sent it off to the decision maker who requested additional documents. I sent them over 50 pages detailing my employment history since 2006 (when I first came to the UK from EEA). Turned out I failed the assessment
  3. Well I sent Lowell two CCA requests recently regarding old Provident and JDW accounts and got this letter all of the sudden. I knew from my credit report that I had a third account for telecoms with Lowell, just wasn't sure what it was. I took this out late 2014. It got defaulted Aug 2016.
  4. Hello, So what do I do now? Start paying £1 to Vodafone or does Lowell now actually own this debt? Or do i just leave it as it is for now? I mean, the debt is mine, was defaulted Aug 2016, and I would like to pay it off but can only afford £1/month. Lowell_Vodafone_CAG.pdf
  5. Will do one for JDW and one for Provident. Thanks for all the help so far, dx!
  6. Okay, so got response from EE (Orange). Didn't really tell me much but I take it my details have now been updated: Also got a response to my two CCA requests from Lowell, I hope the pdf file got attached correctly. All it says it's that they need more time to locate Credit Agreement, standard response I suppose. Lowell_CCA.pdf
  7. Okay, got a response from Orange (EE). So do I now have to forward a copy of my deed poll or should that have been sufficient to update my address? Also sent 2 CCAs to lowell (Provi and JDW) 1 CCA to BWLegal 1 CCA to MMF for three Sunny loans
  8. Not Vanquis, I (apparently) have three accounts with Lowell 1. Provident 2. Crazy Clearance 3. Some communication supplier They're sending occasional letters, notices of default, and annual statements
  9. Okay, With Orange I have to email credit report queries department and they will be able to change the address for me. With Natwest I need to pop in to any branch with my ID and they will also be able to change the address. That's in my books for tomorrow. I will also inform Next and Very re: hardship and offer £xx pcm What do i do about the rest of the debts? Do I fire CCA to Lowell x2?
  10. I can't find old Natwest acc number nor client number. Same goes for Orange. Not sure how to write to them now as I changed my address and my name since, how do I identify myself to them? Just by old name and old address? And as for Next and Very, they are current catalogue accounts but Very is already 2 payments behind... Should I just offer both £1 token payment and inform them of being in hardship?
  11. How do I write to Orange and NatWest? Just update with the new address? Or SAR? edit: sorry just read your post properly, but if I write to them updating them, will they not start taking care in my account? And refresh their memory about the account? It's coming off my CR soon, I'm just thinking, do I want to go round stirring things or do I just wait it out? Thanks
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