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  1. Thank you for your information and advice. Is there any guide here that can explain to me how are debts being paid out? It's the first time I'm encountering something like that. Are they being paid in full or in instalments? I need to understand what should I expect in case when encountering the pay out of the debt.
  2. I was only thinking I have got a bit more time until any legal action can be taken on the matter. By the time the contract ends I will be able to repay. Thank you very much for throwing some light on this case. is there any formal letter I can send them in order to get the full information? as it was mentioned above, a Prove It letter?
  3. anyways the amount stated on the last letter is 1024£ which is the amount for the full contract is there anything preferably to be done by me at this point?
  4. The previous letter was saying that they would be ready to settle at 760£ I find it way to early to take legal action on this matter, at least until the contract ends.
  5. The amount is 1024£ and the contract was set on a 52£/months where 52£/month would be the 19 months left of the contract left to be paid since I've kept up to date with the payments for 5 months
  6. in October 2016 I've started a 2 years contract with Vodafone but after half a year I couldn't keep up with the payment and didn't pay since then. I do plan on getting rid of the debt once I'm fully back on track, I can't afford it at the minute and hoped I still have some time before any legal action can be taken. Recently I started receiving letters from Lowell Financial Ltd, headlining with "Pre-Legal Assesment". Do I have to be worried about any legal action? My Vodafone contract ends in Oct 2018 in theory. Are they able to file a CCJ even if they bought a debt of a contract that is not even brought to an end? I have read many other posts where people come with contracts that are 5-6-7 years old, and I'm here wondering how worried should I be about this letter. See the letter below. Thank you in advance.
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