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  1. Thanks for your reply and time BankFodder! To answer your questions: Switch to business account from personal account was purely to simplify accounting, not any kind of tax avoidance. I run my own small business, so rather than being billed personally and recharging to the company, the payment could come straight from my company account. A Vodafone customer service / salesperson advised I needed to switch to a Business Account and couldn't just change my billing / Direct Debit details.. . maybe I was misguided by a hungry salesperson in that instance. Actual losses
  2. Hi everyone I'm hoping for some advice to resolve an ongoing issue with Vodafone. My next planned action is to write to Ofcom but I would appreciate any guidance as to the best approach. In short, I'm a former Vodafone customer, I recently discovered that they have trashed my credit rating without communicating with me. My attempts to resolve this have so far proved futile, despite contacting the Ombudsman. The background (and I'll try to keep this as brief as I can) is as follows. I had been a satisfied Vodafone personal customer under the same mobile numbe
  3. Thanks dx100uk and uneverdid for the advice. I contacted Barclaycard a few days ago and hope / expect they will back me fully on this. Apparently it may take a month or so to resolve. Despite this I would still like to make a point of writing to Dell Head office. I think its shocking that they deliver sub standard product and customer service while trying to hold a customer to ransom, withholding funds and causing easily avoidable issues with my work life. Am I right in thinking that quoting the Sale Of Goods Act in my letter and also mentioning that I will be informing Trading
  4. I'm having a nightmare with Dell who are refusing to refund on a laptop that was faulty on arrival. The purchase was an essential replacement to an outgoing (dead laptop) and I had to buy as a 'Business User' as the Win7 Pro OS was only available on the business part of their site. The Dell laptop arrived faulty straight out of the box upon first boot-up (Touchpad not working). To cut a long story short, the laptop is not fit for its intended purpose. I allowed a more than reasonable window of several days for Dell to try to remotely fix the laptop. Staff were slow, incor
  5. I'm pleased to say that Lee from the Vodafone Web Team took the time to look thoroughly into the matter for me and has now adjusted my bill accordingly. Customer Service as it should be (and should have been first time I contacted Vodafone!).
  6. Hi Locutus Thanks for the reply. I will certainly make contact with Lee the Vodafone rep. However, I would also appreciate anyone indepenent who can offer some sound advice on where I stand with being advised my usage was 'X' and being billed for 'Y'. A couple of hours ago I had Vodafone call me about my Direct Debit cancellation. I'm pleased to say that the people I spoke to were far more understanding and co-operative than the guy I spoke to before. As such, I was offered a 20% reduction on my Data Charges for that period, which I requested was noted on my file while I conside
  7. I've been a happy Vodafone customer for years, but have just been stung by an outrageous £668 bill, most of which comes from data charges which I'm disputing from a recent trip to South Africa. Put simply, Vodafone informed me by text message on most days when I was using data that I'd used 3MB (£9) of data. Now they've billed me for anything up to 18MB (£50) data use on these days! To make matters worse, when I called Vodafone Customer services a few days ago when back in the UK, after a couple of first line support scratched their heads about the discrepancy, an abrasive, cocky second l
  8. I parked outside my gym on Saturday, as I have done for five years knowing the parking bays are Mon - Fri ending 6:30pm. Returning to my car I was surprised to see a parking ticket for 'Contravention 06 - Parked without clearly displaying a valid pay & display ticket'. Upon checking the white parking signs in the street, I saw that they'd been neatly re-stickered to display Mon-Sun ending 10pm! I don't doubt Brent Council's right to change the hours of parking bays as such, but surely there must be some kind of formal notification that regular visitors can see, e.
  9. Can anybody give me some guidance about how best to report / stop the underhand sales tactics being employed by United Airlines and their advertised but non-existent airfares? I'm hoping there is an official regulator in the airline sector? Or even a good press contact who will name and shame United for these tactics. Ideally I'd like to be able to claim some kind of compensation from United also as in the past week I've suffered loss due to reliance on their published airfares for a specific route, having passed up on other good options on other airlines on the natural assumption that w
  10. Thanks for the guidance on my original post. I helped my father to send off a Statutory Declaration, and yesterday (some 9 weeks later) he got a reply from the Traffic Enforcement Centre 'County Court Bulk Centre'. The reply states "… the Court Officer's decision to refuse your application to file your Statutory Declaration out of time." It continues "… the Court Officer is not required to give an explanation for refusal" and concludes by offering the right to appeal through a form N244 for review before a District Judge in the County Court. Back in May I viewed the claims of £500 'f
  11. Many thanks for the advice on this. I'll take my father to a solicitors before work on Tuesday this week to get the PE2 & PE3 forms witnessed. Fingers crossed for a sensible reply from TEC on this. I'll let you know how we get on!
  12. A quick run down on my scenario: I've just found out that my 70 year old father has bailiffs hounding him for a supposed unpaid Congestion Charge in London. I'm horrified that an £8 charge is now being called in by a company called Equita at over £500 just a few months later after the alleged offence! What I'd like to do is get this resolved as quickly and as fairly as possible. Having read through these forums tonight (very helpful BTW) to get some grasp of what's ahead, I'm thinking I should file a 'Statutory Declaration Out Of Time' to get back to basics on this mess and establish with
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