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  1. To clarify then - no contact with Lovell and submit a SAR to vodaphone? Thank you
  2. Yes vodafone were aware of my current address. Will Lowell next step be to issue a letter of claim? Thank you for responding.
  3. Thank you for you response. I have moved yes, but I have been leaving at my current address for the last eight years.
  4. Good Afternoon, I am new to this site and after popping Lowell in my search engine, this amazing site popped up! After reading several posts on this forum I have plucked up the courage to post and ask for help. I had a dispute with vodaphone over two years ago after been a customer with them for 15 years. It all started when they changed their billing system and did not take payment for over 12 months and then I received a massive bill .. they continued to provide service until eventually they restricted use of my sons phone (on my bill) and then after three months put it
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