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Found 16 results

  1. My son was called by Vodafone and told that they would like to offer him a free gift as a valued customer, and said they would send him a new tablet. It was only when he received his next bill that he discovered he was now being charged £19.99pcm for a data plan for the tablet. We called them to complain and the lady apologised profusely and said she had removed the data plan from his account, and raised a credit for the amount already billed. My son duly returned the tablet in the envelope they provided. This was in Sept, he has been billed for the data plan every month since. On th
  2. A 'network marketeer' has conned me out of £300, can I get my money back? Cut a long story short, a friend introduced me to this so called "leader" and '"network marketeer" who claimed she was making 20k a year, she tricked me into sending her £300 through online banking to her bank account. I've realised its a CON, at first I though I would just let it go, but I want to get my money back
  3. Looking for some advice. I've just changed my address with Hastings Direct and, as well as charging me £25 for the pleasure, they have also added an extra £40 onto my car insurance premium. I would be fine with this if I had moved to a higher risk area but I've put my details into comparison websites and the Hastings Direct website using my old and new addresses and I should actually be saving money by moving. In fact their own website has given me a quote that is over £150 cheaper with my new address! I've tried phoning and emailing to get some justification fo
  4. I received a phone call today from my previous council, the gentleman said he called me with regards to my very old address dating back to 1999-2004. I was a student then and found the flat through a normal Estate Agents, signed the Tenancy Agreement and moved in. Today, 2017, four children later I get a phone call from the council enforcement team informing me that I owe over £4000.00 in BUSINESS RATES. I was never informed that it was an "office" I was living in and to my total amazement they even took to me to court and I have a liability order from 2005.
  5. I have had £97 taken out of my bank by Stemcell.com. How can I get my money back!!!!
  6. Pension s cams, in which criminals cheat people out of their pension pots, are increasing. There are different types of s cam. They often begin by someone giving you a ‘cold call’ - contacting you unexpectedly about: an investment or other business opportunity that you’ve not previously spoken to them about taking your pension money before you’re 55 the ways that you can invest your pension money A cold call doesn’t have to be a telephone call. It can be any type of contact they’ve made with you unexpectedly, eg an email. S cammers may offer you tempting ways to
  7. Hiya, posting for friend. My friend had been with her boyfriend for nearly a year when he asked her to get a bank loan for a BMW car. His credit rating was low so couldn't get a loan. She got the loan from her bank and gave him the money for the car. He is working and said he would give her the money every month to make the repayments on the car. He has now left her and taken the car. The log book is in his name as he told her she couldn't own the car as she doesn't have a driving license( she believed him). She's at her wits end, working and supporting h
  8. Purchased a second hand car from a reputable dealer 2 days ago however when I got the car home I read through the manual it states the timing belt should be replaced when the car is six years old and the car is in fact 6 years of age. I have called a garage and I have been quoted £400 to replace it. The dealer serviced the car before collecting however on the 6 year service the timing belt should have been replaced which hasn't been done. My question is should the dealer have made me aware of the belt change and do I have any right to pursue this? Many thanks.
  9. I hope I can explain this easily. Basically my daughter was persuaded to leave her part time job with a large high street shop. Her boss wasn't particularly nice and ridiculed her for her dyslexia. A person we have known for a number of years has her own beauty salon and knew my daughter ( a trained beauty therapist) was unhappy and asked her if she would work for her in the salon and she would make sure she had as many hours, 16. So my daughter resigned and moved to the salon. Then the real problems started! The owner decided that she needed her to refresh her skills for a fortnig
  10. Hi, I hope someone on this forum may have valuable advice to give, as I am distressed having just lost the car and the cash I have worked many many years to own. I saved hard and finally at the age of 60 managed to buy a sports car (30k), I had it for two years and we decided to sell as I no longer used it as much, & the grandchildren could do with some help for their education, placed an add on 'eBay', it did'nt achieve the reserve. Following day I get a call from a local dealer offering to sell on my behalf 'Sale or Return' with guaranteed price (25k), (I checked out the websit
  11. Hi All, Last month I had a call from a well known recruitment agency asking me if I was interested in a 6 month contract, they then said the hourly rate was x amount which was slightly less than I would normally want but they said they would try for a bit more if possible. I had an interview a couple of days later and the next day had a call from the agency with the good news of an offer and the extra amount per hour. Great!. They said they would like me to speak to an umbrella company about how I would be paid, I'd never had experience of being paid this way before so was a bit dub
  12. In February I employed a builder to fit my new bathroom suite, do some electrical work and some tiling. We agreed a fixed price of , which was agreed by both parties in writing. To cut a long story short 100% of the work he did was substandard, and the electrical work was dangerous (despite claiming he was Part P registered). This resulted in having to buy the majority of materials again, and employing someone else to undo the damage he had caused and to start the job again. He also sent me threatening emails and the police were called. Both tradesmen who put right the work provide
  13. Hi, I am looking for any advice please and thank you in advance. I have a mortage with NRAM and I have been paying 'part interest part payment' since Jan 2011 which amount to £1097pm. I was originally on 'repayment' but my wife gone back to full time studying and I found it hard to meet the full payment hence coverting my mortage payment. she has finished now and looking for work and I requested NRAM to extend the agreed repayment methods for another 3 months (end of Oct) but when I spoke to them they asked me to do the followings in order for my application of extention to
  14. Hi there I am looking for some advice. Back in February, I was contacted by a company called Click On Marketing Solutions who said they could promote my new business on Google to create extra traffic to my website. I had just set up my own Childminding business and was seeking new customers so this seemed like a good idea. I paid the fee and they would promote my website for 30 days. I could stop and start the 30 days when i wanted. Use a few days here and there etc. I eventually got some customers so I decided to stop my days and start them up again coming upto the
  15. I registered with a local home care agency and paid 46.oo for a crb check over a month ago. Since then thay have lost the 1st form the 2nd form was not filled in correctly? Now that form has gone missing?. They claim it has been sent and crb tracker say it had not. I have now requested this money back as i will not be working for them where do i stand. As far as i can see i have paid for a service i have not received Help!!
  16. Hi, I was conned by a debt collection agency 4 years ago. They broke many rules: 1. Purchased a debt with a long standing arrangement and refused to acknowledge the arrangement 2. Check my credit file and found I had money available on Credit Card and insisted I paid the full amount on that card. 3. Threatened me with a 'Warrant' and were generally rude, unhelpful and aggressive. The Company was Rockwell. I foolishly paid them off in full on my credit card. I have only just found this out. Can I still now complain and harass them? Is there a statute of limitation on complaint
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