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Found 3 results

  1. A 'network marketeer' has conned me out of £300, can I get my money back? Cut a long story short, a friend introduced me to this so called "leader" and '"network marketeer" who claimed she was making 20k a year, she tricked me into sending her £300 through online banking to her bank account. I've realised its a CON, at first I though I would just let it go, but I want to get my money back
  2. I have a personal account with the coop bank, which I've been using to trade Bitcoins on localbitcoins.com. I recently had a trade of £1250, for about 7BTC. The buyer paid into my coop bank account, & the escrow was released for the bitcoins. A few days later I received an email from the coop's fraud department, saying the buyer's bank had claimed that the buyer hadn't received their Bitcoins, & they wanted the payment reversed. The coop froze my account (which had a balance of £250) & requested "proof of entitlement". I obtained screen-shots of the trade, proving the bitcoin was released, & attached them to an email. this occurred over a week ago, & I'd heard nothing back, so Yesterday I phoned the fraud dept. for an update. I had a conversation with a very impolite woman, who said "the evidence you've provided isn't sufficient, we require a signed receipt". I explained to her that the transaction is conducted online, with no physical meeting, so there is no signed receipt. She said "your account will be closed Tommorow if we don't receive adequate proof" - ? I did question the fact that she hasn't forwarded my proof to the other parties' bank, or seemingly done anything with it. She had no tangible answer for this. My issue now is, I want my £250.00 back. This bank is shocking, can anybody pls let me know the best way forward - surely I can demand the return of my funds?
  3. Hi All, I signed a tenancy for my new flat at the start of August. Being worried about [problematic] i googled the 'landlords' name and found his facebook and myspace pages, i signed the contracts in his office on oxford street, i even got ownership details from land registry. I had asked him for proof of ownership but when i saw that the owners on the tenancy matched the land registry info i relaxed my guard and thought everything was above board!!! How wrong could i be!!! I get a knock on the door today, answer it and a guy in a suit asks me who am I and am I squatting the place. I showed him the tenancy and basically the geezer who rented the place to me had started a tenancy with the owners in march or april, he has added £200 to the rent & unlawfully subletted the property to me!!! Whats more he didnt pay the real landlord for the last month and had given notice asking the real landlord not to come round till a few days after my rent was due to be transfered into his account. Luckilly i have now stopped all payments to his account!! The owners first said they would think about having me as a tenant, he even said they may pay me my deposit back if i move out. I went to the police who were not interested in the slightest, wouldnt even take my statement, said it was a civil matter between the owners and previous teanant to be taken to small claims court!! Then the owners call me and say theyve thought about the situation and want me out by the weekend!!!!!!!! I think they are hoping i dont know anything about housing law and are trying to get me out fast so i dont have any time to find out. Unfortunately for them i squatted for 12 years & know a thing or 2 about my rights!! SO am i correct in saying that I am now a sub tenant and to evict me the owners have to give notice and follow normal eviction procedures to evict the previous tenant. I have a tenancy agrement between me and the legal last tenant, dodgy [EDIT] that he is! Also have receipts for rent paid and most has been by bank transfer!! I cant believe the nerve of the guy to do this in his real name from his place of work!! & the police, dont give a stuff!! I know im an idiot, i should have demanded to see proof of ownership but i honestly thought i was being so careful!! Any help or advice is much appreciated Thank you all!!! pat
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