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  1. My wife has been getting calls and texts from Cabot for weeks telling her to call them about a matter they wish to discuss, but they ask for her grown-up daughter's name. She has happily ignored the calls and texts, nothing to do with her of course. A letter arrived recently advising that Restons were going to make a claim in court for over three and a half thousand pounds, not a trivial amount so they may actually try. BUT, the HFC Bank account was started in 2006 and defaulted soon after when my step-daughter lost her job. The letter states the account was terminated in January 2008. I think she made some movement to pay via CCCS but that fell through long ago. As far as she is aware, nothing has been paid on this account for the last 7-8 years and she's not contacted anyone about it in that time. The letter says the debt was assigned to Cabot in October 2017, no mention of where it was up until then. She does not have any paperwork relating to the account but that's beside the point, she has had no default notice that she is aware of and does not know when the last payment was made either, it's that long ago. Does she just write to them and say 'statute barred' and see where it goes from there or is there some way she can get the info she needs to prove that? I don't think she's ever asked for a credit report but the concern is that will just give the DCA her up to date address, phone number and so on. I've read dx100uk 's defence note in https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?477307-Arrow-restons-claimform-old-Vanquis-Card-debt-statute-barred&p=5031789&viewfull=1#post5031789 amongst other threads, got to admit a lot of it goes over my head these days, I'm well out of the loop since I used to be active on here. The letter says she has to pay in full by July 26th 'or else'... They also sent a statement of earnings form.
  2. Step-daughter had a loan with Beneficial Bank back in 2006. Part of it was to repay a previous loan too, so two PPI claims to be made - maybe more. Have just sent SAR to HFC Bank in Coventry to see what they can tell us. We have a copy of the 2006 agreement, detailing the loan, repayment of previous account and PPI.
  3. Hello people, My name is [removed - dx], I am 26 years old., From Bedfordshire. I have 4 kids (please don't judge) with 3 mother's, 2 of whom we are good, my youngest child's mother always causes issues if I give her money like the other 2, she is not grateful and wants more, which is unfair to the other mother's, she went to CSA and claimed I never got involved with my child and also went to my work place and put in a complaint, claiming I was breaching data protection a case was brought up but I was okay as she kept changing stories. But it got to me mentally and I eventually quit my job, I took a few weeks out of work and worked in a new place now CSA sent me a letter saying they'll take 50 pound each week from my new wages which was less than I was giving her, then I received a new letter stating they was going to take 120£ a week. At the time I was living in a shared house and could barely afford to pay rent with this new job, let alone pay for my other kids, I ended up working overtime everyweek and loosing out on sleep, so I could hardly see my children, this started to affect my health, my life and was making me really weak, I wasn't eating. I rang them and pleaded with them, supporting my case with what I could and saying I couldn't afford what you was taking, but they had made it so it came straight out of my wages, I couldn't pay a single penny to my rent, I couldn't afford food, or even to pay for my other children, I eventually became homeless and turned to alcohol (iknow that isn't great, please don't judge) with no home, I lost my job (which was night shift) I had nowhere to go. I've had various mental health assessments also. Until I met a very old primary school friend and he took me into his home up north in Lancashire, he housed me for a bit while I started work, and got myself a place.. things was going okay, my mental state really improved. Until I received another letter this morning, stating they will be taking even more money. Is there anything I can do, I'm sure it is illegal to make someone feel so low and homeless. If anyone can help that would be much appreciated, even if it's something small.... I just don't know what to do.
  4. Hi i have been following this site for years and know you have given some great help and advice. So here I am asking for help for my daughter. Background is she over the last 2 years she has earned around £1300 a month and in this time she has managed to get herself in a right mess. She started with catalogues from Fashion world, Littlewoods, very and studio who have all been increasing her limit until they reached around £1500 to £2000 then came along credit cards Barclaycard, marbles and capital one with about £500 limit on each then a 118118 loan of around £5000 To be fair she was managing all these payments but then she started on Payday loans which have completely messed her up. She has been trying to make payments but she hasn't got a penny to her name. Since august she has moved into her own property so things are even tighter now plus her work place has messed up her sept and oct pay so she is still waiting for payment from them for £1200 She has also from Monday started a new job with a slight drop of pay she will now be bringing home around £1100 a month. My daughter is very depressed and I am quite worried about her to be honest I am sick of seeing her cry over money. No 21 year old should be going through this. My question is I want to help her and get some letters sent to her creditors offering token payments (she has agreed a payment plan with some but at silly amounts she can't afford.) Where do i need to start? Her contract phone has been cut off so the phone calls have stopped but she is consistently getting emails and letters. (letters come to my address as ive told her not to change the address yet) Does the irresponsible lending work? as I am gobsmacked on how easy she could get a payday loan in 3 minutes from lots of different companies.
  5. Hi can some people give me advice please I’m really scared today I went into primark and tag changed a pair of boots and my daughter out 2 things in the pram now as I walked out security stopped me and took me to a room where the manager came in he didn’t show me I’d, no cameras in the room, no recordings were taken, no copies of the incident report, no police was involved they took my provisional license and photocopied it and said that I would receive a fine I’m a single mum of 2 and worried I won’t be able to afford the fine what can I do???
  6. Hi, As the title suggests my 16 year old is pregnant (shocked me somewhat). She lives at home and we have a healthy relationship and she wants to stay here, and I am happy about that. Babys father is local but they're not in a relationship and he won't be moving in or anything like that. Her father and I do claim a relatively small amount child tax credits for her, since she's still in school and is planning on 6th form in Sept. She fully intends to go ahead with this, and we'll support that for obvious reasons. My question is, how do benefits work when she has the baby? Does she claim independently, and our claim has to stop, or can we roll her baby into our claim? Its not my baby and I won't be parenting it, and I won't be a full time carer to it. Its just something we've never had to face before.
  7. Looks like Jon Platt has been found guilty https://www.theguardian.com/education/2017/jun/23/school-holidays-row-isle-of-wight-man-loses-legal-fight-over-daughters-absence
  8. Hi All, I couldn't find a "marriage" related forum but please move this post if not relevant here. Mortgage issues is the closest I can get to. Here are the basic details. My daughter has been married for 5 years. They have 3 young children. Mortgage is in the husbands name. Both are named on the Deeds Husband is the only income earner. Husband decides to up and leave - not wanting to be involved anymore. A girlfriend has subsequently appeared on the scene. My daughter has agreed to take over paying all the bills and pays 50% towards the monthly mortgage payment. Husband want's to get back on the property ladder and restart his life and also have somewhere to have his kids at the weekend. He wants to force her to sell the house, split the equity and go their separate ways. My daughter is not in a position to do this with 3 young children. She doesn't work so even with some equity wouldn't qualify for a mortgage. Whatsmore, she didn't choose to be in this situation. It was his choice to up and leave. He refuses to rent even though he can afford to do so as he see's it as throwing money down the drain. Does he have any legal right to force her out and is she obliged to help him in some way restart his life? Cheers.
  9. Hello All I wonder if anyone can advise on my daughters situation please. She is 18 and in her first year at university. Against our advice she ditched her student accommodation to move in with her boyfriend in his flat. The boyfriend's dad owns the flat that they live in and they rent it from him. They have an assured shorthold tenancy for a furnished flat for 12 months (Jan 1st 2017 - Jan 1st 2018) Both their names are printed on the tenancy but only my daughters signature is on there for some reason which I find strange. They have now spilt up and the Landlord (ex boyfriend's dad) wants her out by 1st June 2017. She wants to move out and find her own place but just wondered what the law says ? Is there any relevance that only she signed the tenancy despite it being in both names ? Thank you so much. Victoria
  10. Hi, newbie here, thanks in advance for any advice. My daughter started a full time btec level 3 course prior to her 19th birthday.She is currently entitled to child tax credit, child benefit and I get child support via csa. I am trying to work out when her benefits will stop as she although turning 20 in december, will have not finished her course till the following summer as year two of course will have started just september prior to her 20th birthday. Can anyone advise me, when date wise her child benefit, child tax credit and support from csa will stop so I can plan ahead, thanks as I have found it very confusing to understand. I myself are disabled on support group esa and pip.
  11. I enquired about joining BT in December. While I was still with TT they kept sending me 'don't leave, speak to our loyalty team to see what they can do' messages...so I did. 28 Dec - agreed a new deal 10 Jan - not heard anything so rang them. New deal hasn't been processed because I'd 'missed Jan's payment' (it's DD so it's their fault they didn't take it!) made me pay Jan's bill there on the phone. Couldn't talk about new deal because payment hasn't been processed 12 Jan - they rang me back & agreed new deal. Later that day I received confirmation email of package....it's completely different to what we agreed on the phone!! 14 Jan - they stop my internet & phone. Turns out they've 'processed a cancellation' from the beginning of all this mess.. .even though I stayed with them!!! I've paid Jan's bill for them to cut me off!!!! The new deal I've agreed starts on 26 Jan - and I keep getting letters emails about the package I'm having and they're all different!!!!!
  12. Good morning, My 18 yr old daughter took out a policy with 'MyPolicy' car insurance 8 months ago when she passed her test. They seemed the best price at the time but have cost dearly over the 8months, mainly in charges for extra miles. a few weeks ago she was involved in an accident which wasn't her fault, the other driver admitted blame immediately. The claim has been settled and they have sent the cheque. Now, the problem is the charges they want to slap on her. Her car was a write off so she is going to buy her brother's car. They want to charge her £150 for a new black box and £100 to change the details on the policy to the new car. This sounds totally unreasonable to me and is a loss on her part seeing as the accident wasn't her fault. Baring in mind the black box only cost £50 to fit when she first took out the policy. She's young and inexperienced and doesn't know what to say on the phone. Last time I tried, they wouldn't speak to me, but surely if she gives her permission that should be fine? I need to fight her corner for her as I can be stronger on the phone. I need some advice as this charging can't be right. It's a total rip off to me. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Hi there, My daughter was caught shoplifting 13th December with two other girls, all 17yrs old, at Primark. My daughter had a £10 top in her bag and it was her first offence, the other girls had similar items but have been caught before. My daughter was brought home after been "warned" by police and the other two received a caution. On New Years Eve my daughter received a letter from RLP Civil Recovery Specialists demanding payment from all or one of the three girls totalling £232 or court action will be taken. Now after reading posts on here, speaking with CABS and also reading Google historic pages I am more confused than ever as to whether my daughter should pay some, all or anything at all to this company. Three things mainly concern me: * How can they ensure one or all will pay and if one doesn't when do the others become liable? * If we pay nothing will this jeopardise my daughters chances of getting employment in the future? I work for a bank and had to jump through hoops to prove my employability and credit file. (NOTE: she lost her apprenticeship due to her diabetes related sickness the week after the incident so is now out of work, full time education and no training) * Will they send in the debt collectors if nothing is received from us? My daughter has been on a downward spiral for the past month or so and this is not helping at all. She is receiving help from her diabetes team for her mental health but this is putting far too much strain on an already struggling person. I really don't know what to do. Please, any help is hugely appreciated....
  14. Hi everyone, looking for some advice My daughter started an apprenticeship in hairdressing in September and was today dismissed on the spot. She was told it was because the employer had had 2 complaints from clients that she hadn't shampooed their hair correctly, but this was the first she had heard about it. Naturally she is very upset. I called the employer and politely asked why and was told that she didn't do what she was asked, and he had had these complaints from clients. I spoke with my daughter who said the employer gave her a list of things to do in the morning, so she would start the task, then someone would call her away to sweep up, or make tea etc, so the tasks she had been given originally wouldn't be completed so he would tell her off. He also said he had gone over and over the shampooing procedure with her, but she tells me he showed her once, and once only. She is 16 and she does have some learning problems, this was brought to the attention of the college, so they were fully aware of her needing a little extra support and guidance. She also tells me that a girl who is permanently employed there has been making fun of her and generally being mean. I brought this up with the employer and he said "well its just banter". Can they dismiss her like this? I can't get hold of the tutor until Monday, but naturally i am not very happy at all and wonder if there is anything I can do? She doesn't want to go back to the salon, but she dearly wants to carry on with the course. Thanks in advance
  15. the above has returned home from university with nothing "flunked" her degree poor kid she went to local job centre had her interview for u/c went 2 weeks after for 2nd session now she has come back and said she doesn't have to go anymore and that the advisor states she will keep in touch by phone or email (she hasn't received any benefit yet) I don't understand this as you here about all these sanctions etc can someone please advise as I think she maybe trying to "pull the wool over our eyes" basically because she doesn't want to get out of bed, much the same as when she went to university. thanks
  16. My daughter asked O2 for an early upgrade which they agreed and and said she had to pay £100.00 which she did... She at the time asked the live chat person 4 times within the conversation that she would like to use her police discount which was 30% of the monthly charge and 4 times he said no problem on the new contract.... When she completed and 5 mins after it was all agreed she then asked him again about the discount at which he said he COULD NOT give it to her. SHE WAS FUMING...... She has contacted customer services twice now after waiting 20 mins... They read back to her the chat with the idiot and they agreed she had said this 5 times. They cut her off after 15 mins. This a I believe is a matter for the Police (fraud) of Trading Standards and The Regulator.. Can I get to anyone with a brain higher up the chain... TY Paul
  17. Last night I got a call from the police to say my daughter, who is 15, had been accused of shoplifting by a shop keeper. On her way home from town she went into a shop with a friend (more of an acquaintance) who had offered to buy my daughter a packet of crisps. Daughter handed a packet to the friend then walked about 6 feet away to look at something else. A few minutes later the friend then put the crisps, along with another packet, into their bag and ran out of the shop. My daughter was a bit confused as to what was going on and started walking towards the door. The shop staff then rushed to the door and locked it so she couldn't get out. My daughter was quite frightened at being locked in a shop, at ten o'clock at night, with three men and so was shouting at them to let her out. The staff phoned the police who came to the shop about 20 minutes later. The owner of the shop was phoned and said that as she was under 16, if her mother agreed to pay for what had been taken, he wouldn't pursue the matter with the police. The police who attended phoned me and explained what had happened. I agreed that I would phone the shopkeeper the following day to discuss paying for what had been taken. At this point, both myself and the police were told that my daughter and her friend had filled the friends bag with goods before the friend ran off, which turns out not to be true according to my daughter. The shop has cctv, and after explaining to my daughter that she had to tell me the whole truth about what happened, and that the police would be able to see exactly what had happened on the cctv, I am absolutely convinced that there were 2 packets of crisps involved and that my daughter did not actually steal anything. She may be a stroppy teenager but has always been very honest and I can usually tell if she's trying to pull the wool over my eyes, and she's very respectful of authority and would have caved in when the police questioned her if she'd done something wrong. I phoned the shop keeper this morning and he was talking about damage to his business, staff wages for the time they had to spend with the police, bags full of goods stolen. I really think he's trying to pull a fast one. He said he hadn't seen the cctv footage yet, and neither had the staff in the shop, but he will ring me tomorrow when he's seen it to let me know how much he thinks I should pay him. I know that shoplifting is a huge problem, and feel for those shopkeepers who lose out financially because of it. I know that their income suffers, prices have to be increased to make up for losses etc etc, so I'm not making light of the fact it was a couple of packets of crisps. What I would like to ask is does anyone know what the legal stance is as to holding a 15 year old locked in a shop? All the shop staff saw her do was hand a packet of crisps to her friend. She had nothing hidden on her, hadn't left the shop, yet they locked her in for around 20 minutes and she was very frightened. Can they make me pay, for what I suspect will end up being a large amount of goods that were never taken? The shop keeper said his cctv isn't very clear. Can I ask to see this myself? Any advice would be great thanks
  18. Hi Can someone point me in the right direction. We live in County Durham with our 3 daughters aged 16, 13 and 11. Can someone tell me what happens if my eldest who is currently at college goes on to university. Although it's over a year away I was wondering what happens if she goes off to uni but comes home during the holiday holidays. Am I allowed to still keep her bedroom and still receive housing benefit for a 3 bed house. I have tried on the Durham council website but it mentions nothing of keeping a room for s student to come home to. Many thanks
  19. She appealed to Smart with the same mitigating circumstance and they told her to pay. A complaint to the principle who hired the [problem] gets the charge cancelled.... http://www.itv.com/news/meridian/2015-09-23/mother-fined-70-because-she-stayed-in-asda-car-park-after-doing-her-shopping-to-breastfeed-baby-daughter/?ref=yfp
  20. Hello, I am brand new to this forum so please excuse my lack of knowledge. My mother is a pensioner who was missold PPI from Littlewoods on a credit card years ago. (Barclaycard?) She has no documentation for this currently. What I'd love to find out is 1) How do I make a claim/Who do I need to contact or address a letter to? 2) What proof/documentation would I need to do so? 3) Is the process very complicated, would I be better going through a company to do it for me or is the percentage they usually take too much? Sorry if I sound completely clueless, as indeed I am I'm afraid! Thank you so much in advance for any help.
  21. Hi Daughter has a car on finance among many other debts.Just been passed over loads of debt letters from her old address including her car finance. She hasn't paid any payments for months and there is a Repossession Notice as well as a " nice, handwritten note" from a collection agent. I have her car gathering dust on my property.She owes about £8000 on it and it is now worth maybe £2000 - high mileage etc. I would not be adverse to offering them £1500 for it Would they be likely to accept this, or, am I putting myself at risk by getting involved? Any advice appreciated
  22. First off a message to the admin team Please feel free to move this to the special needs forum - i have posted it here as it is more visited and i am hoping for a few responses as im at a loss, the fact a redirect link is here will help i have a 7 year old daughter with austism spectrum disorder, she has a confirmed diagnosis and is under a specialist autism nurse she And we are having alot of trouble with her school and are wondering how to proceed, ill try and lay this out as best i can but please bear with me as i may wander a bit Bullying - she has got to a point now where she is claiming to be ill and kicking and screaming when we try and take her into school, we know partially about this it is a particular child who is hair pulling, scribbling on work, calling her a baby, persuaded her that all school puddings are poisonous (this is a child thats under a dietician due to poor eating anyway) - we mentioned this to the teacher and all we got is "it couldnt be that child it must be something thats happening at home" IEP - she was for the last 3 years on an IEP, this meant regular meetings with her teacher and extra support, she was taken off this at the start of the year, she is struggling with the work and has a short attention span, we have asked for this IEP to be re-instated but have only been told that "she doesnt need extra help she needs less time off to see the doctors" (the autism nurse has said she should be on one) Attention span - despite being told that she has a very short attention span and that she finds it very hard to sit still (something the autism nurse has said is common with autism) we also get constantly told that shes had to be taken out of assembly's as she cant sit still - when we have mentioned that this is down to the autism we are told that shes "simply being naughty" Fun Fit - the autism nurse recommended that the school add rachel to their fun fit program to help her settle - however we are now being told that they want to take her off this due to her "acting up" due to her attention span, and behaviour which is the reason she was put on the program in the first place Springboard funding - the school applied around 18 months ago to have springboard funding for her, this was due to her behaviour, not being able to keep up with work and issues with wandering around and out of school, we were told that they had been granted the highest funding level, we were told that this was to be spent on baffle locks for the doors, extra doors between school areas, and a teaching assistant to provide 1-1 support - none of this ever arrived, the only thing that happened was printed stop signs appearing on the doors, a month after this the school got new windows throughout and a new roof on the outdoor play area - we are worrying now that the money was misappropriated however are not sure how to ask where the money went or even if we are entitled to any advice would be brilliant
  23. I am hoping I can get some help or advice from someone here My daughter has just renewed her tenancy(December 2014). She has had a friend staying with her as a 'permitted occupant'. The situation now is that the friend has gotten herself pregnant(not planned) and has left the property without giving any notice to my daughter, she simply took her belongings whilst my daughter was at work and she refuses to answer any calls to her mobile. So we don't know whether she is coming back but it seems very unlikely. This leaves my daughter in a difficult situation as she now has to find the rest of the rent, as if it wasn't hard enough as it was, and it would appear that, as she is the only one on the tenancy, she is going to have to stay there until next December. My question is does this friend have any legal obligation to pay her half still? or can she just walk away from this? And she does have an obligation what's the best way to make sure she adheres to it? I hope I have explained this clearly enough, apologies if I haven't. As you can imagine im pretty angry at this friend of my daughters but I no there's a right way and a wrong way of doing things and im determined to do it the right way. Thanks for any help that be given, I really appreciate it
  24. My daughter has moved overseas (2yrs) she did have cards and student loan, in the UK she lived at home and does not have a property here. Letters that came addressed to her I would return to sender with ''moved overseas'' written on - now she has a CCJ application from a card company - what can I do? I don't want the heavies banging my door down.
  25. Hi all, I have just registered on this Forum and looking for some advice please. My Daughter has just come to me with various letters from ANPR Ltd over an unpaid PCN. A bit of background, her car is actually registered to her ex boyfriend and she hasn't change the logbook yet, so consequently correspondence has been going to him and he hasn't passed it on until now. She was issued with a Parking Charge Notice at 15:17 on the 28/05/14 at the Cherry Tree Shopping Centre, Liscard, she had bought a ticket but she had not stuck it on window properly and it fell off, she still has the ticket and it shows a paid until time of 17:03 for £1.00 payment at 15:03. Her ex boyfriend has just posted 2 letters through the door. The 1st Dated 11/07/14 an Invoice for OUTSTANDING PARKING NOTICE with an amount payable of £100 The 2nd Dated 25/07/14 an Invoice for FINAL DEMAND with an amount of £140, with threats of handing over to local debt recovery agency etc etc Could you please tell me what my options are to sort this out for my Daughter, obviously her ex is not too happy with letters saying "the situation has now become very serious" etc I did tell her if she had told me earlier I may have been able to sort it out, so I don't know if now it is too late and she just has to pay the £140 ?? Thanks in advance
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