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  1. how long can they retain these recordings for? and can they fall into the ''wrong'' hands ? there was not court action yet - I was told it was ''pre- court'' - which would be cheaper fro me!
  2. this was a business debt, from another supplier. It had been disputed due to quality and invoicing error ( ie it will cost this much but when we invoice you we will charge you a few hundred more)
  3. Well I had a business debt, I had written to the supplier several times as they hiked up the price on what was agreed when it was invoiced. Recently a bailiff they transferred the case to turned up - He had a camera filming me, he did not tell me this was happening or ask if he could film? I asked why - he said for security? as if a small elderly person against a big 6 foot ex army bailiff could become violent - I am not talking about a lot of money here but I want to know how these people that are there to terrify you should be treated. There had been no court papers served and had there been I would have happily gone to court and defended the case. This man suggested I would have to pay his large charges on top of the outstanding balance. He said coming pre court he was doing me a favour!! I thought high court bailiffs could only come threatening/intimidating once court action had been completed? these people are on television apparently - if ever there is a next time I want to know how to respond to them and share this with others so we are all prepared!
  4. Retailer is a well established independent garage, ''Mr Plod'' still has the vehicle, he wont let the retailer look at the damage to consider repairing it, he just wants a refund first. He says it is not fit for purpose yet it was sold with an MOT done the day before. He had it for 8 weeks before he complained, and given he was a vehicle inspector if it is damaged this could have easily happened whilst in his care. Does he have a right to reject after so long?
  5. Thank you, A vehicle was sold to a police officer, they made it clear they were in the police and they actually inspected vehicles within the police. The vehicle they purchased was used and 10 years old! it was taken on a test drive for over an hour, it was thoroughly inspected and customer was happy and paid in full. The retailer was contacted a couple of months later, the customer wanted another vehicle too... ... then retailer was contacted again shortly afterwards after a fault/damage was found on the vehicle, ( the vehicle had been MOT'ed the day before the test drive) and threats about being in the police and the crime that had been committed began. The retailer offered to collect the vehicle and repair the fault but the customer would not allow this and is demanding a refund. It now seems the customer is actually a retired police officer although emails sent imply he is still serving.
  6. If a used vehicle is sold to a police officer - do they have a right to expect better treatment and can they threaten you with their position if things go wrong ( or not their way?) Also, if this police officer turns out to have actually retired can they continue to inform you ''they are the police'' and you will be in big trouble if you don't do what they want. Would this be deemed as impersonating a police officer?
  7. Thank you Andy, she was young, a student and for some reason was issued with cards she could not afford, though did her best - I cannot blame her entirely. What happens if she does decide to return to the UK?
  8. Yes she only used her home address... (LWP)
  9. Thank you, I have phoned the court, they told me to inform the claimant (via phone) and also return the claim form back to the court with confirmation she is living abroad. Will I be safe then do you think?
  10. I opened it as I saw the surname but could not see the initial? and from the envelope could tell what it was!! - should I send it back marked gone overseas -
  11. yes that is what I mean a claim form - the 14 days to respond
  12. My daughter has moved overseas (2yrs) she did have cards and student loan, in the UK she lived at home and does not have a property here. Letters that came addressed to her I would return to sender with ''moved overseas'' written on - now she has a CCJ application from a card company - what can I do? I don't want the heavies banging my door down.
  13. They phoned me today, I had no idea who they were and he kept asking for my date of birth for identity, I refused to give it and was in a public area so had to hang up, can they do this?
  14. all it says on the the credit search is Credit Card from Activ Kapital, the default date and the updated date (whatever that means) the amount was £2800 - the six years if from the defaulted date? will be up in approx 6 weeks....
  15. I am sure i have not paid for the six years, is there any way of checking? it is very unlikely - what do the ''updates'' mean ? having to live in fear for six years and be turned down for anything relating to finance is a sentence in itself. I am not a bad person but have suffered so much as a result. The fear this company give you is made so much worse when you are unwell, I have now read the letter and yes the wording is ''may'' what can they do in the timescale?
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