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  1. Hi Everyone, I am hoping someone can give me some advice on whether or not I should make a complaint about Mis sold PPI on two credit cards and a loan I had with Halifax when I worked for them. I started working for Halifax in 2002 and with a couple of months of starting I was offered a credit card and a loan as other staff members needed to hit their sales targets. I applied for both by basically sitting beside a colleague in the office who did the application and told me it was successful. He never once mentioned PPi and I was not aware of it as I worked in savings and investments
  2. Hi all, I bought an ipad in 2012 which was "4G" ready. My Ipad has never worked outside the home and I've barely used it since. I have now learned that these were missold by Apple and they have asked me to contact the seller) to claim under Consumer Rights laws. When I bought the ipad, I also bought a cover. I used vouchers and credit card. The credit card amount is one pound under the cost of the case - I also bought the extended warranty in a separate transaction, on the credit card. The seller have told me they will provide a pro ratered refund. Do I have a section
  3. Hello there, I would love some help as I believe I have been mis sold membership to David Lloyd gyms. When I signed up I said I wanted a good deal and did not believe in signing up fees. The lady who signed me up said there was no signing up fee but with their membership there is a refundable deposit of £375 for my reserved place in their club which has a limit on members. That was all fine a lot of money but it is a nice club. However I have just cancelled membership two years later after always paying on time and I have been told my 'deposit' is a 'non refundable joining fee'.
  4. Hi All, I was unlucky to have experienced car accident back in February (other driver liable) where my Audi A1 was written off and I'm going through physio for my whiplash. In March I decided to purchase a used Audi A1 and found one on Autotrader via a private seller. I still have the description of the vehicle which stated what the car came with and also that the car was in 'EXCELLENT CONDITION'. My Dad went to check the vehicle, asked standard questions and took it on a test drive - all seemed fine and we made the transaction via a bank transfer. I received a bill of receipt s
  5. Summary: If you have had a similar experience with Anglian Home Improvements please contact me directly. I am taking them to court and want to get as many witness statements as possible. Detail: Anglain canvassed our area offering free no obligation quotes 50% off. We got a quote for doing our house. We were conned into signing a purchase order which they now want us to pay. We were specifically told the following lies by their representative: We handed over £50 to “guarantee the price of the quote”. This was actually a deposit. We foolishly signed a purc
  6. Ford Finance tell me that they have no record of PPI payments because the account was paid off more than 6 years ago. However a CMC tell me that for an upfront fee of £70 per claim they can get access to this information without any paperwork or account numbers. They call this fee a deposit which will be refunded on completion and suggest payment by credit card. They then charge 25% of any subsequent compensation. Any advice would be appreciated
  7. Whilst helping out with the paperwork after my Brother-in-law's recent death we have come across a so-called Accidental Death Insurance policy taken out through Barclays Bank, we know he made 141 payments @ £8.50 per month. We've been in touch with Stonebridge asking for details of the policy and we're still waiting for the info to arrive but have reservations as to their selling techniques. We know he went to buy a policy that would specifically cover his funeral plan, he had already been long-term diagnosed with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder) with Emphasyma had fully exp
  8. If my mortgage was missold. I understand that the capital loaned to me has to be repaid, as mortgage no longer exists. My question is, if this happens, would all the payments I have made over the last few years go towards this?
  9. Hello, I am brand new to this forum so please excuse my lack of knowledge. My mother is a pensioner who was missold PPI from Littlewoods on a credit card years ago. (Barclaycard?) She has no documentation for this currently. What I'd love to find out is 1) How do I make a claim/Who do I need to contact or address a letter to? 2) What proof/documentation would I need to do so? 3) Is the process very complicated, would I be better going through a company to do it for me or is the percentage they usually take too much? Sorry if I sound completely clueless, as indeed
  10. I am moving house shortly and in the process of clearing out and sending a lot of items to charity or skip. I have a lot of correspondence from the financial institutions as I am now reluctant to throw anything out. In a prior life, I ignored correspondence from the banks, partly due to the scale of financial problems I had several years ago, which are now thankfully resolved. CAG gave me the courage to turn things around. Any way, came across a personal loan agreement from 4 June 2003 for a consolidation/ reschedule personal loan agreement with bank of Scotland. Details are: Ad
  11. My partner recently purchased a car at auction which was advertised in the catalogue as having full service history. After picking up the car the auction told him they are still waiting for the previous owner to drop off the service history. I was shocked that the auction sold the car as having full service history without having any proof from the owner and just going on his word. The auction have been in contact with the previous owner who has said he'll drop it off but failed too, and now wont return any calls from the auction. The auction claim they haven't pa
  12. Hi, Just looking for a little help/advice. I have just returned from a 2 week All Inclusive holiday with Thomas Cook. My complaint with them is that they miss sold us the holiday. The jist of the complaint is that we booked 2 separate rooms as a party of 6. We booked a Junior Suite for 2 adults and a Suite for 3 adults and a child at the hotel. We were told/the description online/pictures all claim that the junior suite is "Junior Suites (3 adults or 2 adults and 1 child, plus cot) have twin beds, integrated living room, air conditioning, flat-screen satellit
  13. I have been told by every single company/bank i had protection with that due to being self employed it would never have benefitted me .I have all the offer letters sat here 7 of them Heres the rub and I suppose I'm seeing it only from my POV but I was sold this on advice , I mentioned I was starting a buisness and told that it would cover me if the company ran into trouble ,peace of mind etc , when it did run into trouble and I tried to claim this led to me being in the finacial mess , I lost my house ,Car the lot because none of these policies were valid,
  14. Hi,I wonder if anyone could advise me please? On Thursday, I purchased a MacBook Pro from PC World. I inspected the display models, and saw one I liked. It was £100 more for the retina display model, and didn't really feel it was worth paying the extra, so paid £899 for the non retina display model. When I took it home, I couldn't quite put my finger on it, but for some reason, I didn't like it as much. I passed by another PC world branch on Saturday, and decided to pop in. The retina model, is considerably thinner than my version, and also, my version is a 2012, the
  15. Hi guys,heres my story,hope you can give me some good advice. Approx 20 odd years ago I was self employed with an expanding familly and took out a loan secured against my house with a firm called J & J Securities to build an extension to my property. A few months later because of the recession my business collapsed leaving me with little income. My main mortgage provider was very helpfull but J & J took me to court suing for repossession. The courts found in their favour and my house was repossessed. I was later contacted by a firm called Knowle Portfolio wh
  16. Hi All i have had a court summons for a credit card from 2005. i was miss sold ppi from the outset can i use ppi miss selling as a deffence i think the debt was sold on to Marlin as it was ann egg card i have had a copy of CCA and had all statements thanks in advance for any advice D
  17. Hi All, Please help, this is killing us...the stress is causing us so many problems...we can't eat and its ruined the family. We took out a Endowment policy in the 90's via a broker. The Endowment policy is Prudential, and we were told the Endowment policy will pay off the total mortgage and pay me a lump sum at the end of maturity. We found out today there is a shortfall of £35k!!! We complained to the FSA/FOS, who stated because the broker is no longer trading we cannot claim compensation. They cannot make the claim against anyone we have been told. We spoke to Mone
  18. Hi, I recently signed up to a contract with O2. I started at carphone warehouse and was offered a 4g package with a free phone for the princely sum of £37 pm. Since the provider I was looking at joining was over the road I decided to go directly to O2 to see if I could get a better deal, You'd think you would be able to! Right. When I went over there I was told for the same network, tariff, data and same phone free the cost would be approx. £42 pm. At this point I obviously pointed out that I could get a better deal from a third party store. At this point the sales rep offe
  19. I have made numerous formal complaints already with no success, I have also complained to abta with no success. Is court action the next step and if so how much can I claim from them. I will try to keep this to the point. Booked a holiday to Tunisia all inclusive, me my partner and 12 month old daughter. We booked the destination based on the short flight 2h35m and a transfer of 20 mins. This was incredibly important as my daughter was an awkward age, very difficult to keep her occupied and she had recently stopped breast feeding so food stops very important. The flight turned out to
  20. Hello All, Looking for some advice about a new Ford Fiesta we purchased from a ford main dealer. When I started my initial negotiations with the salesman, he told me the car we wanted available, and that the car came with factory fitted privacy glass and upgraded alloy wheels. After collecting the car I noticed that one of the rear trim panels was loose above the window. Whilst attempting to reattach the panel I noticed that the panel was in fact damaged. On closer inspection I also noticed that the glass was not totally black like our Focus, but had a plastic film placed over all
  21. How far back can I claim for mis-sold PPI`s please? I have one which was mis-sold to me in 2001 by the Halifax and one from 2002 by HSBC? Am I still able to claim please? Thank you.
  22. just discovered my father has been paying over £550 p.a. on home and contents insurance and it has been auto renewing for at least 15 years. the value is also under accepted rebuild costs so had a policy claim been made i understand it could have been declined. the main reason for the amount (apart from my father intransience with regards to challenging it - he is 75) is i believe because when he worked he was self employed so he likely paid extra for using the house as his business premesis. However on the basis of his age (his is natwest bank , credit card and insurance customer so they
  23. I recently took out a new mobile phone contract I had a very long conversation with a salesperson explaining that the most important factor was ulimited internet as it was for my son, she told me about two plans i selected the latter and thought no more about it untill a few weeks later on checking my account I relised that there charges and discovered that the unlimited internet was in fact 250mb a month. So I contacted customer services to sort it all out and there my problems began I was sent round and round in circles was told they dont have a department that I can talk to and a team lead
  24. My Bank, (HSBC) has been negligent and mis-sold me an overdraft on the basis of funds coming from an investment which turned out to be a con trick the bank had said the investment was sound and actively encouraged me to run up a large overdraft knowing I only had a very small income- they were so desperate to get all of the funds from the investment deposited in their bank they advised me badly and when it was found to be a con trick, they placed a charge on my property to cover the overdraft and are now trying to repossess my home! I have complained to the FOS but they were biased in favo
  25. Hello When I took out my first mortgage in 1997 I was told I had to have payment protection insurance and now believe this was mis-sold. The company who told me I had to have the insurance was Berry Birch & Noble who have since gone into administration but the policy was with Legal & General. I have tried writing to Legal & General twice about this and have tried calling them but can never get through to anyone who will discuss this with me and I've not received a response to my letters. Do you have any advice as to who to contact at Legal & Gene
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