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Found 11 results

  1. Hello there! Hope you can help/advise on what I should do! I have been working abroad for last 6 years, and have recently returned, in Feb 2018. I have since received a few texts from PRA Group, to contact them – of which I have not made any contact. I can only think this is related to a defaulted payment on my MBNA credit card, which had, as far as I remember, a couple hundred quid outstanding (yeah, completely forgot about that!) I have, on my return, moved to a different part of the country, and have registered on local electoral roll, updated address on HMRC, Council Tax, Car insurance, tenancy etc… Strange thing - 4 days ago, I received a text from Royal Mail stating a signed for delivery of an item would be made to my address, on that day. A few hours later, I received a text to the effect of ‘Item Delivery has been made – to you or your neighbour’ – I have not received anything, no calling card , ie, RM Parcel Left with…’ Neighbours haven’t received anything. Now, I am thinking that perhaps, this is a ‘Before Claim/Claim form’ that might have been sent by PRA Group to my old address. (just did a Trustonline search at old address, no CCJ’s there) Perhaps sent on purpose to get backdoor ccj? Do I: · Contact PRA group via email– Requesting information regarding their sent texts, and to send the correspondence to my updated current address. Worded in a manner without resetting the SB clock – as I realise its nearing its 6th Birthday! – If so, what should I send, ie, form/template? Not sure how to proceed – would welcome any thoughts! Thank you all!
  2. I have a statute-barred loan originally from Lloyds which was sold to various debt collection agencies over the years. Today I received a letter from Capquest informing me that they are paying a refund from Lloyds into this loan account. They say: "Your Notice of Sums in Arrears, or NOSIA, should have been dated 1/2/2008 and you should have received it by 14/12/2008, so we're including a corrected NOSIA with this letter and refunding you £69. This amount covers the period between 15/12/2008 and 01/02/2018." My questions are, can they do this? Does this mean the loan will become active again? What can I do? Any help most appreciated, hank you.
  3. Hi. I'll be brief. I have just sold my car and I am trying to cancel my insurance. If i had not sold my car I would have had to pay just another 2 months on the policy. Some idiot drove into me a while ago and though the car was not really damaged I was still quite annoyed and wanted the driver to pay for it somehoe and thought I better tell my insurance company to cover my own back. Silly mistake. I did not put a claim in, it was simply a 'notification' to let them know. I strictly said this. Anyway long story short, I called them 2 weeks ago to ask about when I would need to cancel my policy as to not have to pay another month, as I knew my car was due to sell anytime. They said there is a claim still open, and I told them that I did not open a claim, the women on the phone said it would be closed anyway and there would be no more to pay. I called today as my car has now sold and wanted to cancel the insurance asap. The women told me there is a case open and if I cancel there is still a closing amount to pay because there is a pending case open. I told her again I did not open a case and she was just giving me spiel about how it's in case the 3rd party puts a claim in! There is no 3rd party because I did not challenge the case. They are trying to screw me over here and it's obvious, all these companies the same! Can someone please advise me, because I do not have money to be buring into thin air. Thanks.
  4. I have now had my mortgage with Redstone for about 10 years. Recently I have had to move and rent else where. I informed Redstone by post. They wrote back thanking me for updating my information. I rented the house to some nice people and was able to pay my rent and continue paying the mortgage. I moved because the 160 miles a day was killing me. I heard no more until last Tuesday afternoon when I was informed by the people renting my house that the house has a LPA placed on it by the mortgage company. The LPA company are collecting the rent now!!! Redstone collected my mortgage payment too. So I am out of pocket on the rent I paid plus the mortgage amount. Redstone are ahead by nearly three times what they are due. More details later
  5. My daughter asked O2 for an early upgrade which they agreed and and said she had to pay £100.00 which she did... She at the time asked the live chat person 4 times within the conversation that she would like to use her police discount which was 30% of the monthly charge and 4 times he said no problem on the new contract.... When she completed and 5 mins after it was all agreed she then asked him again about the discount at which he said he COULD NOT give it to her. SHE WAS FUMING...... She has contacted customer services twice now after waiting 20 mins... They read back to her the chat with the idiot and they agreed she had said this 5 times. They cut her off after 15 mins. This a I believe is a matter for the Police (fraud) of Trading Standards and The Regulator.. Can I get to anyone with a brain higher up the chain... TY Paul
  6. Gick

    Dirty little secret

    You might like to watch this video. https://casehub.com/cases/dvlas-dirty-little-secret
  7. Hi all ,Have been paying off a loan debt to 1st Crud every month for the past 4 years. Have had letters from them in the past offering discounts if I pay off the debt and even letters from them thanking me for making regular payments. Now, suddenly, I'm getting threatening letters from LCS Solicitors telling me I have to pay the full amount within 9 days or they will take it to Court!! As I'm a pensioner living on £67 per week they are lucky to have been receiving anything. Can I have suggestions as to my next step please. Do I ignore the letter or write back?? Kind regards Chickenlegs
  8. Ok, this is a long one so I will keep it as concise as possible. To try and avoid paying out an agreed £5,400 in miss-sold PPI, HSBC decided to illegally register a £9,000 debt in my name so that they could pay the money directly to Metropolitan. This was done in July 2011, two weeks before I was due to be filmed for Dragons Den. The result of the registered debt was that I am still unable to raise any finance for myself or my soon to be closed company and I have lost patent applications worth an awful lot of money. I am in the middle of investigations by both the FOS and the ICO and am soon to be taking legal action against HSBC for compensation of around £10,000,000. For a detailed timeline of events and copies of HSBC documents and internal emails go to the Crocodile Keyboards website. I would appreciate anyone who could spend around ten minutes taking a look and giving their opinion on the legality of what HSBC have been doing. I have been told that I am eligible for legal aid but I am waiting to find out to what extent this help will be. Many thanks.
  9. I live in a block of flats which are mostly elderly people. 2 weeks ago somebody pressed the intercom button and said " Hi I am from skype, buzz me in". I never let anybody into the block without first checking out who it is, so I went down to the door to find that he was in fact a charity worker from Scope. I declined to give him my bank details and closed the door. As I started to walk back up the stairs, the bottom door was opened as he had used the same false tactics to gain entry on an 87 year old single lady in one of the other flats. there where two young chaps about 18 years old trying to make there way upstairs, I asked them to leave at which point one said he did not have to leave as he has been invited in by the elderly lady (using the same false Skype terminology to gain false entry). I put my arm out to block their way to the staircase at which point he informed me that if I touch him he would call the police and report me of assault. So I thought I would play him at his own game and blocked the staircase with my body and told him that if he touched me I would report him for assault. At this point, he pushed me in the chest and was verbally abusive. Fortunately my wife came out after hearing the altercation and I told her to phone the police which she did.......sadly I would have been better off calling the local infants school, they would have been more help. The operator had to try 3 different numbers to get anyone to answer( this was a 999 call), and when the police finally answered they said they would send someone out, well they must have got lost as 2 weeks on and we have still heard nothing. I made a complaint to the Scope head office and spoke to a chap called Brendan Delaney who said he would check with the agency that they use to get these collectors "re-trained" and would phone me back later that day or the next day at which point I left him with my phone number. After 2 days and no contact from Scope, I decided to phone them again and when I spoke to Mr. Delaney he said he had tried to phone me back but he must have taken my phone number down wrong . He informed me that the agency had talked to the 2 collectors who has given a totally different story to me, well two 18 year old mates wouldn't tell porkies would they? I don't agree with the bullying or the lying to gain entry to vulnerable people with the intention of extracting bank details and because of this appalling behaviour by so called charity workers who get a rather good percentage of the first years contributions of the Direct Debit details they sign up, we are now not allowing any door to door sellers or Charity collectors on our property.
  10. The US Government have announced a $1b lawsuit against Bank of America for toxic loans. There have been 8 others this year. Published fines from the FSA show the growing figures following market abuse in the UK. Here is their list from last 10 years. Total amount of fines in 2002 - £7,444,000. Total amount of fines in 2003 - £10,975,000. Total amount of fines in 2004 - £24,769,000. Total amount of fines in 2005 - £16,965,860. Total amount of fines in 2006 - £13,309,143. Total amount of fines in 2007 - £5,341,500. Total amount of fines in 2008 - £22,706,526. Total amount of fines in 2009 - £35,005,522. Total amount of fines in 2010 - £89,121,281.50 Total amount of fines in 2011 - £66,144,839. In 2011 fines were levied against a number of UK Banks and Investment companies,here is a list of some of the biggest fines; 11/01/11 £2,800,000 Royal Bank of Scotland and National Westminister Bank For multiple failings in the way they handled customers' complaints 18/01/11 £7,700,000 Barclays Bank plc For failures in relation to the sale of two funds 26/01/11 £1,127,559 Barclays Capital Securities For failing to protect and segregate on an intra-day basis client money held in sterling market deposits. 18/04/11 £1,400,000 Norwich and Peterborough Building Society For failing to give its customers suitable advice in relation to the sale of Keydata products. 25/05/11 £3,500,000 Bank of Scotland For the mishandling of complaints about retail investment products 21/07/11 £6,895,000 Willis Limited For failings in its anti-bribery and corruption systems and controls. These failings created an unacceptable risk that payments made by Willis Limited to overseas third parties could be used for corrupt purposes. 25/07/11 £630,000 Swift 1st Limited For unfairly treating some customers facing mortgage arrears. 14/09/11 £494,900 Towry Investment Management Limited For compliance failings in respect of management and protection of client money and Towry’s communications with the FSA. 20/09/11 £2,000,000 Michiel Wieger Visser For market abuse 17/10/11 £4,000,000 Rameshkumar Satyanarayan Goenka Financial penalty of US$ 6,517,600 (approx £4 million) plus restitution of US$ 3,103,640 (approx £1.9 million) for engaging in market abuse. 25/10/11 £5,950,000 Credit Suisse (UK) Limited For systems and controls failings in relation to sales by its private bank of structured capital at risk products (SCARPs). 07/11/11 £6,300,000 Coutts & Company For failure to comply with Principle 9 in connection with its sale of the AIG Life Premier Access Bond and Premier Bond, Enhanced Variable Rate Fund. 02/12/11 £10,500,000 HSBC Bank Plc For failings in suitability of investment advice provided by NHFA Limited 05/12/11 £3,500,000 Integrated Financial Arrangements Plc For compliance failings in relation to the FSA’s Client Money rules. 19/12/11 £2,800,000 Combined Insurance Company of America For breaches of Principle 3 and 6 that put customers at risk of receiving unsuitable advice.
  11. got a letter today from Lloyds TSB plc Credit operations PO BOX 66 Rosyth KY11 2WG funny thing the heading shows a faint Lloyds TSB logo top LHC the letter pretends to be from Lloyds bank and states.written in.same format that Wescots use) 'As we haven't been able to agree a suitable repayment plan we've transferrd your Lloyds TSB bank to a debt collection agency Wescot Credit services Ltd'...an even fainter logo bottom RHC and above the logo is Wescots printer code. This letter is pretending that wescots are Lloyds bank. The account is disputed and is with the FOS awaiting decision.
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