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  1. Looking for some advice. Been paying CSA through a deducations order set at £30 a week as stated In their letter as of 2007 I assumed that any wage changes would adjust with payroll so forgot about it and carried on. I have also been paying another none CSA related debt that I assumed had started coming off my wage about the same time for £20 a month. On my wage outgoings were down as £20 debt. I called my wages department as had a letter come through the post about 4 weeks ago to say I was changing from CSA to CMS in September and was there anything I needed to do and they said they would probably contact them shortly before or after that date but I was best to contact them. While she was on the phone I asked them to check the £20 debt as £6000 was owing and I wanted to double check how much had come off. She came back to me and said there wasn't any debts and the £20 a month was the CSA court order. I said to the women on the phone back in 2007 they said they were taking £30 a week. They said they can only go on what they have been told to pay and it usually adjusts per year based on salary increases what they pay out as CSA usually contact them. She was as confused as me as to why it never changed. she suggested I contact CSA to find out. So far I have left it as I don't know what to do. CSA have never contacted me since they first wrote to me in 2007 telling me what my deductions of earning orders were and then 4 weeks ago to tell me it was changing to CMS. I've looked at the what the debt could be based on my earnings and it could be anywhere from 18k-21k. I earn £1300 a month, my wife lost her job last year and we have no other income other than my wage to live off by the time I have paid Rent, Bills, Council tax and £269 a month to a load of debts when wife lost her job it leaves me with about £150 a month for food for a family of 4, 3 adults 1 at uni full time and a 3 year old. I don't know what the hell to do and scared they'll take everything out of the house or we'll lose the house because I can't pay the rent. if they take nearly all my wage of me. I thought it was coming off my wage before I got paid, I don't understand why CSA have never written to me as soon as they saw the wrong amounts were being paid. I've seen the horror stories in threads below this one. I;ve even read they can send you to prison?
  2. The CSA called me over a year ago to ask if I wanted to write off a debt owed by my now adult children`s father from many years ago. I said I didn`t want them to considering he had managed to escape paying anything for the 14 years that he should have been. My children suffered hardships as a direct result of his (Quote) "I`m not giving you money to make your life easier" attitude. There was one period where they assessed him before he left the job and went self employed. They said they had his new address and would chase it up with him by letter. Now I have received a letter saying they plan to write off the debt, which is over £2000. My question is: Is it possible to claim the amount directly from your ex through the small claims process online? Can I request a copy of the paperwork stating the amount owed and send this as proof? I am aware I can do a SAR. I`ve briefly searched forums and not found any examples of people doing this through the courts (to recoup the money owed).
  3. Hello people, My name is [removed - dx], I am 26 years old., From Bedfordshire. I have 4 kids (please don't judge) with 3 mother's, 2 of whom we are good, my youngest child's mother always causes issues if I give her money like the other 2, she is not grateful and wants more, which is unfair to the other mother's, she went to CSA and claimed I never got involved with my child and also went to my work place and put in a complaint, claiming I was breaching data protection a case was brought up but I was okay as she kept changing stories. But it got to me mentally and I eventually quit my job, I took a few weeks out of work and worked in a new place now CSA sent me a letter saying they'll take 50 pound each week from my new wages which was less than I was giving her, then I received a new letter stating they was going to take 120£ a week. At the time I was living in a shared house and could barely afford to pay rent with this new job, let alone pay for my other kids, I ended up working overtime everyweek and loosing out on sleep, so I could hardly see my children, this started to affect my health, my life and was making me really weak, I wasn't eating. I rang them and pleaded with them, supporting my case with what I could and saying I couldn't afford what you was taking, but they had made it so it came straight out of my wages, I couldn't pay a single penny to my rent, I couldn't afford food, or even to pay for my other children, I eventually became homeless and turned to alcohol (iknow that isn't great, please don't judge) with no home, I lost my job (which was night shift) I had nowhere to go. I've had various mental health assessments also. Until I met a very old primary school friend and he took me into his home up north in Lancashire, he housed me for a bit while I started work, and got myself a place.. things was going okay, my mental state really improved. Until I received another letter this morning, stating they will be taking even more money. Is there anything I can do, I'm sure it is illegal to make someone feel so low and homeless. If anyone can help that would be much appreciated, even if it's something small.... I just don't know what to do.
  4. Lottie Ingram


    My son has been paying for his 4 children for 21 years. He is on basic salary and they are taking over 40 percent. He has his own family now and cannot afford the rent. the csa have now said that he owes £21k back payment and they intend to take anything he has and if they cant get it from him then the rest of the family will be asked to pay. The family he is paying for eldest is 21 then 19, 15 and 11. Because the older ones are not in employment and attend college he still has to pay for them although they can afford to run cars and have holidays abroad. He asked his ex partner if he could pay her direct but she refused and went through csa who charge him (not her) for dealing with the payments. I am so worried as CAB dont want to know as its a csa are government run and neither to solicitors. How can we help my son.
  5. Hi All Ok, today I received a letter from the csa for arrears dating back 18 years from 1999-2000 for a sum of £472. My daughter is now 28 years old and earns more money than me. I can't remember details 18 years ago. The only thing I can imagine is I went through a period of unemployment, but as far as I can remember I paid my csa payments. How in hell can it be after 18 years they come chasing after an 18 year old debt that there is no way I can verify, don't think I own anything 18 years old. I could really do with some advice on this, I certainly don't want to be coughing up £472 for a debt I know nothing about. Any info on what I should do would be most welcome.
  6. Hello everyone, My father is paying a very large amount of CSA debt, payments which cover my brother and I up until the age of 18. However, I know that for me - this is incorrect. My mother was neglectful/ treated me very badly in my childhood, which resulted in me leaving home to live in a hostel before my 17th birthday. After I left home, she refused to declare details of her income so that I could claim EMA (education maintenance allowance) whilst I was at college- whilst continuing to claim family allowance for me as if I was still at home, resulting in me having no income whatsoever. Then when I started university, she refused to get involved with any of the forms I needed to complete. In both situations, it had to be noted that I was estranged from my mother and father in order to be eligible for support and move forward. I understand that these payments are forwarded from CSA to my mother, but of course I dont agree she should get payment for me from when I was 16 to 18. I am not raising this issue to defend my father, as bottom line is that he did not maintain us. But does anyone have any idea how CSA might deal with the matter regarding myself if I were to inform them? Thank you all, Jo.
  7. I am a non-resident parent who has been paying maintenance via the CSA for years. I was aware that my agreement would be ending and fully expected to start a new agreement and continue paying for my non-resident daughter. My question is, as no-one seems to be able to answer it at present, if my agreement with the CSA ended on 13 February why should I have paid a full months worth of money to them in February? My new agreement with CMS starts on 14 February (some valentine lol) so technically I will end up paying twice for the second half of February. Now as this money is for my daughter this wouldn't be a problem but 1 her mum has aways made things difficult for me and 2 when I needed assistance from the CSA many years back they well and truly shafted me. So my thoughts are I want my money back? Is this going to be likely or possible? Thanks, Rich
  8. I'm contacting you on behalf of my daughter - she is currently owed £1400 which has been duly paid by her ex via his wages....company deducted at source on court order. However. They have failed to send it to CSA so they can send to her. Where does she stand with this? Surely, there should be some recompense, as he has paid, she is bringing the kids up alone and only the company he works for are in profit? Any advice appreciated Teresa
  9. Hi, newbie here, thanks in advance for any advice. My daughter started a full time btec level 3 course prior to her 19th birthday.She is currently entitled to child tax credit, child benefit and I get child support via csa. I am trying to work out when her benefits will stop as she although turning 20 in december, will have not finished her course till the following summer as year two of course will have started just september prior to her 20th birthday. Can anyone advise me, when date wise her child benefit, child tax credit and support from csa will stop so I can plan ahead, thanks as I have found it very confusing to understand. I myself are disabled on support group esa and pip.
  10. Guest

    csa complaints team?

    is there an actual complaints team to contact and how can the email or postal address be found please? numerous phone calls with different people saying different things, wrong calculations, threatening letters, and no reply to letter of complaint to the office address given on the letter. seems like all letters to them are ignored and they say different things on phone calls.
  11. HI, just wondering if anyone can help at all plz, im in receipt of payments fro my ex for our 2 children that live with me throughout the week and visit their mother 6 nights per month plus 2 weeks holidays. The CSA closed there file on the 11th Feb but collected the arrears on the schedule, CMA have assessed payments but starting the 7th March leaving quite a shortfall in payment. Ive been on the telephone to both companies and told theres nothing they can do about the period in between which is alomst a months payment.. is this right as they both state that the paying parent has a legal obligation to pay???? This has also gone the same as receiving nothing for the first 14 months of our separation.. No wonder my ex first agreed to direct payment and then worked the system, its the children i feel sorry for not myself.. Any advise would be appreciated as to what i can do Hadituptohere
  12. Can anybody please help me? I have an 18 year old son whose mother died several years ago, whereupon he has resided with me ever since. On his 18th birthday he fell out with my wife (his step mother) and moved in with his friend from school. A couple of months ago I received a letter from the child support agency ordering me to pay an extortionate amount of money to my son's friends' parents because they where caring for my son. My son was in the final stages of joining the Army but these parents persuaded him not to join the Army and enrolled him on a level 3 college course. This in effect makes him fall into the category of full time education. My question is can anybody with no biological ties or parental responsibility claim money for an 18 year old adult (who also has a part time job and pays them rent)? I haven't even met these people and why does an 18 year old require a carer?
  13. My ex partner is self employed, he earns around £2k every 2 weeks. I contacted the CSA in 2013 just before the scheme changed to the CMS, and he lied about his salary to pay less support for our son, something he quite openly bragged about. At the time I didn't do anything about him lying, despite having access to his pay details, as I just wanted him to contribute something towards our son as opposed to the nothing he had been giving me. He didn't want to pay anything to them so we agreed to do it privately and he's been paying me directly since. He'd increased the amount he was giving me, and it was more than the CSA set it at originally and for a few years He'd not been too bad about it. When he got together with his ex he was really great, always on time and never short, but since they split it's reverted and he'll decide that he can't give me anything, or can't give me all of it, but brags about how much money he's on all the time. How he's been here there and everywhere on weekends abroad and he's always in the pub and bookies.... I went back to the CSA, because I'm struggling and he is able to provide much more support for our son than he has been, and they said they would make him send in proof of earnings etc...but they haven't. They class him as self employed although he told me that his employer pays his NI and Tax, but has told them he does it himself. But apparently unless I can prove otherwise they will just take his word for it. Now the calculation has come out as less than the first time they assessed it and he's laughing because he lied and in his words 'There's nothing they or I can do about it' What can I do?
  14. After a conversation with my ex husband he informed me that the CSA told him how much I get paid annually, and proceeded to tell me , and then told me he also had it in writing. Can the CSA divulge my earnings to him, I thought it was confidential between myself and them have they breached Data Protection Act Any advice would be helpful Thank you
  15. This is f....g rediculous. They mess up my calculation...let it run for years and then give me a 2 year backdated attachment of earnings. for over 800 pcm. (for one child). I had to leave my job....I got a much lower paid job and they were taking 350 for maintenance and arrears. I get another low paid job...they then accepted 250 for arrears only as the regular payments had stopped. I get another job and try to contact via email and web enquiry. No reply. Suddenly...without warning. £425 per month out of my bank account. I cant even afford my rent or electricity. And this is without travel to work costs or food. What the hell do I do.
  16. Hey guys and girls a little help if you can please. How do I claim back almost two years of CSA payments and DNA testing. I have just had the DNA results back and have found out I am not the father to James :-x So obviously I want to claim back every penny and make sure in the process that James is provided for by his real father, he should not suffer because of his lying mother after all! So the gist is I paid a few payments through the CSA and then went to direct payment with bank records of each one to his mother. The CSA are saying I can not claim anything back, which I find very very hard to believe because this is basically a kind of fraud and wrongful payment enfoced by the government. Any suggestions please xxxx
  17. Hi I have recently received a letter from CSA stating that I owe a significant amount of maintenance for my daughter (now 36 years old) and that my ex had been in contact with the CSA in the last month to claim this. (we had an out of court settlement which I paid directly and can prove this) I have been I contact with my ex who is saying she never contacted the CSA to raise the claim, yet the CSA say she did. Question is - would the CSA have opened this case without my ex contacting them to instruct them to do so? Thanks
  18. Hi people. I have a 6 month old daughter and my ex partner is refusing to allow me to see her. I have had a solicitor pn the case who isnt being very helpful but heres the facts. My ex will not put me on my daughters birth certificate, and she is refusing to attend contact centre meetings so I can see my daughter. I have never denied paternity, or refused to pay for my daughter and I have put this in writing to the CSA, Her solicitor and my solicitor. I now have the CSA demanding £300 from me for a dna test and wanting maintenance from me even though I am not named as my daughters father amd I have only been able to see my daughter for one 2 hour visit since the 19th november 2010. What do you all think I should do?
  19. Is anyone aware of this yet? >> https://www.gov.uk/government/speeches/family-justice A total of 36,527 cases contain a version of Form E filed from these periods. HMCTS staff have now reviewed all these cases and found that 3,638 files – 10% – contained the faulty calculator version of Form E with an incorrect figure for net assets figure in the summary table. 1,403 of these cases are still live, allowing HMCTS to intervene immediately to clearly flag these cases to the courts in order to avoid the error affecting the final orders in these cases. Written statement to Parliament Family Justice From:Ministry of Justice and Shailesh Vara MP Delivered on:21 January 2016 First published:21 January 2016
  20. http://www.csa-uk.com/assets/documents/compliance-and-guidance/code_of_practice.pdf
  21. Hello Please could someone clarifiy how the CSA calculates NRP payments on savings and property? It's been several years since I researched this topic, but my understanding in the past was as follows: They can only assess savings over £65,000, so if you had £100000 in savings they would be interested in the last £35K. They then assume you are earning a fabulous 8% income from this investment! Therefore the income figure would be 8% of £35,000 which is £2800, and the payment would be the usual 12% of this amount, as it is with your other income. So the payment would be £336 per year. Is this an accurate interpretation of their rules please? It's a bit confusing because on other forums some people seem to think that if you have savings over £65K then the CSA would assess the whole amount, so that would be the full £100K in the above example. I don't see how this could be true because there would be no incentive not to just spend any savings above £65. Thanks for your feedback
  22. Hi all, Some years ago around 2005 I had two separate debts with CSA one for my son and one for my daughter both owed to the state not the mothers. After a long period of illness I have managed to get myself back on track and my finances are now pretty much resolved. Back in 2005 my daughter and her mother moved abroad to a non e.u country, I then received a letter showing my daughters account as 0.00 on the statement and they then stopped taking money from my benefit for this account. After 6 weeks I realised that my daughter was not on holiday and that they had in fact moved abroad, at this point I thought that because she had moved to another country they were no longer chasing for this debt. In their letter they are saying they did this because they were unable to contact me, but they were sending me letters and taking money from my benefit and still taking money for my sons account. My sons debt continued as normal and I paid this off just a few months ago, however the CSA have sent a letter saying I must now pay £1509, stating I received a letter telling me this debt was simply suspended and that I had to pay it because I was under the CSA rules after 2001(not sure what this meant), I'm pretty sure I was under rules prior to 2001 because both my children were born before 2001 (99. 95). Everything around that time is pretty foggy as I was unwell but I know for sure I never received a letter explaining why the statement showed £0 and it was at the same time as my daughter leaving for another country. What can I do, I'm sure they are trying it on.
  23. hello. ive just received a letter from the legal team from the csa . saying that i cannot take them to court as there is no duty of care to avoid economic loss and they have stated a case from rowley vs secetary of state 2007. i am owed 2.300 in arrears from 2012 and have tried several times to get my money now this letter is threatning me with substantial court costs if i continue to take them to court over this matter can any one help. im a carer on benefits .
  24. Hi, my son started residing with my ex-husband 7 years ago when he was 12. My ex-husband never claimed any money from the Child Support Agency as he was earning a good salary and I wasn't bringing in any income. However the CSA have demanded money me ever since - I've ignored all communication until last week I got a letter from them demanding child maintenance arrears of £300 (for my son who is now 19) and threatening court action! HELP! What should I do?
  25. Wondered if someone could help me. Last July I Received a letter from Restons, instructed by arrow global management, for a debt of around £1800. They were asking for full payment, or threatening court action. Following advise on forums, I sent a Cca request to both Arrow and Restons. I received a letter back saying they would request the information from the original creditor and the account would be placed on hold. Today, I have received a letter from Arrow, with a 4 page copy of what I belive to be the original credit agreement and terms and conditions. The letter also states the sum I have paid, which is £0.00, and the value owed. It then Goes on to say that the account is being operated by Restons ons on behalf of arrow, and arrow will deal with this document request only, all other enquires to Restons. Feeling slightly out of my depth here, what do I do now? Is this all the information required for Restons to chase this debt? I don't remember this debt, the credit agreement is dated 2001. It clearly is my debt as its a previous address of mine and my signature.. I got into financial difficulty in 2009, and lost my way totally, so it's clearly from around then that I stopped paying for it. Any help would be much appreciated, thanks in advance.
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