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  1. Steven it was CAG's apology that was sent by PM and my personal thanks on my very first post out of 3, of which this is the 3rd.
  2. Well its all perception. I find it quite interesting how much you're defending this.
  3. They're still representatives of CAG, volunteers or not. That's like saying that a Samaritins volunteer is entitled to abuse/insult a caller. I respect your opinion, as your not representing their brand. The admins rant is wholly uncalled for. Beìng a newbie to this, I'm still learning the protocol, however telling me that I have not responded to posts is a complete lie. Prior to my recent posts, both of them, I'd posted once previously back in 2012. The responded I thanked personally by PM, to which now it appears is wrong. I'm sure that if this person came at you in a similar f
  4. For other readers of this post, I have recieved an apology for the unprovoked abuse by their admin member and they asked if they would like the responses removed. I have requested an apology direct from the admin concerned and when I receive it then yes. However, as yet no apology recieved from the admin concerned. Appalling behaviour I feel.
  5. Many Thanks for your help and advice, I will look into discussing it via my union rep as direct discussions have proven to be futile.
  6. Many Thanks for your help. I know that the guy is loaded. He took voluntary redundancy and we understand his own business he closed is running cash in hand. He's not claiming benefits at all. Nothing.
  7. Thank you. Reported and now going back to bed to sleep so apologies to anyone who may take offence for me sleeping.
  8. Emmzzi, many thanks for your reply and hopefully you understand that having been on nights I was asleep and unable to respond immediately. The only things I have tried so far is meeting with my manager and the HR team to discuss this. I was led to believe that you could not have two people doing the same job on different money unless one was more qualified etc or time served. To bring people in afterwards who are less qualified and less experienced and give them more money to me is just wrong.
  9. Conniff, Please accept my humble apologies for not sitting by my computer 24hrs a day awaiting your personal message. As stated I work shifts, of which I was on until 0700 this morning. So I am actually in bed and was sleeping until my phone beeped indicating an email which seeing you found it so unacceptable that I was not awake to reply earlier I felt that I best reply instead of getting the much needed sleep. How remiss of me not to stay awake. Thanks also for pointing out that I have not replied to the large number of posts I have made since 2012. Which having just looked is
  10. I am hoping I can pick some peoples brains here about contracts and employment law etc.I have worked for a company for 4years now and have a contract that I signed when I started I work 12 hour shifts on a pattern of 2 days and then 2 nights followed by 4 days off. This is one block of 7, then after block 7, I have 18days off. This is also a job that is at sea, but within coastal waters no more than 12miles offshore.New staff have been taken on over the last 2 years on a new type of contract deeming the same job to be a Multi Skilled role, meaning they company will train these people for
  11. Good Morning all, I am wondering if you can help. My partners ex has only been paying CSA for the last 2 yrs after 14yrs of none payment. (He abandonded her after finding out she was pregnant.) He got away with not supporting her mainly due to threats of violence and intimidation. I then came along 2yrs ago, reassured her and advised accordingly that many of these type of bullies never actually follow up on these threats. It is purely intimitation.As predicted, her ex, stuck his tails between his legs and started paying as soon as CSA made a claim against him. However, recently he quit h
  12. I used to run a small company which was set up to gain sponsorship for a pro racing team. However this company was Disolved in Feb 2007. The DCA is chasing a LARGE debt in excess of £10k. I remember this particular company as they Sponsored the team. The amount the Sponsored was for not much more than this amount, however the amount sponsored was for Corporate Hospitality, Branding, Motivational Talks by the Team and appearances by the Team etc. Because I knew the person in the Branch that organised the Sponsorship not much paperwork was done, except a brief Sponsorship agreement. However I no
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