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Found 6 results

  1. Looking for some advice. Been paying CSA through a deducations order set at £30 a week as stated In their letter as of 2007 I assumed that any wage changes would adjust with payroll so forgot about it and carried on. I have also been paying another none CSA related debt that I assumed had started coming off my wage about the same time for £20 a month. On my wage outgoings were down as £20 debt. I called my wages department as had a letter come through the post about 4 weeks ago to say I was changing from CSA to CMS in September and was there anything I needed to do and they said they would probably contact them shortly before or after that date but I was best to contact them. While she was on the phone I asked them to check the £20 debt as £6000 was owing and I wanted to double check how much had come off. She came back to me and said there wasn't any debts and the £20 a month was the CSA court order. I said to the women on the phone back in 2007 they said they were taking £30 a week. They said they can only go on what they have been told to pay and it usually adjusts per year based on salary increases what they pay out as CSA usually contact them. She was as confused as me as to why it never changed. she suggested I contact CSA to find out. So far I have left it as I don't know what to do. CSA have never contacted me since they first wrote to me in 2007 telling me what my deductions of earning orders were and then 4 weeks ago to tell me it was changing to CMS. I've looked at the what the debt could be based on my earnings and it could be anywhere from 18k-21k. I earn £1300 a month, my wife lost her job last year and we have no other income other than my wage to live off by the time I have paid Rent, Bills, Council tax and £269 a month to a load of debts when wife lost her job it leaves me with about £150 a month for food for a family of 4, 3 adults 1 at uni full time and a 3 year old. I don't know what the hell to do and scared they'll take everything out of the house or we'll lose the house because I can't pay the rent. if they take nearly all my wage of me. I thought it was coming off my wage before I got paid, I don't understand why CSA have never written to me as soon as they saw the wrong amounts were being paid. I've seen the horror stories in threads below this one. I;ve even read they can send you to prison?
  2. My sister has been getting DLA at £88 per month, I recently filled in her PIP forms with help from her care home and have been informed her payments will be £110 per week. Nothing has changed in her circumstances just wondering how there can be such a difference.
  3. ’ll try and keep this as brief as possible but I’ll need to explain a bit of background. When I was in university I rented a room in a house with three other students that I didn’t know between July 2012 to June 2013. Npower supplied the electricity and gas. I gave the first meter reading in July and the first bill came in October and we each paid a fourth to the landlord and I thought this arrangement would continue. However, towards June 2013 I contacted the landlord as we hadn’t got any more bills and queried what was going on he said he’d put the bills solely in my name. I was amazed that this was possible and called Npower to refuse to be the only sole name on the bills but they said this was the landlord’s right. Shortly after that the other tenants all left and two of them half way around the world. The bills at this point still hadn’t come to the house (although they might possibly have done so but one of the other tenants liked to take people’s mail…) and I gave a forwarding address and explained that as I was only one of four tenants they should only send me a fourth of the bill. Instead they started sending widely varying bills (anything from £1300 to £2000+) and after talking to them on the phone failed I then wrote them a letter showing them my tenancy agreement saying that I was only responsible for a fourth of the bills, emails to and from the landlord where he took responsibility for paying the bills if we paid him. Npower ignored all correspondence from me and the demands for payment became nastier and they and debt collection companies started sending letters to my parents as well calling them. I wrote them a cheque for over £500 which was a fourth of what they were asking for at the time. The demands didn’t stop and became more and more frequent. It was deeply stressful and if I’d the whole amount I’d probably would have just paid but I didn’t; however, the demands finally abruptly stopped. But, now more than four years after I paid Npower the £500 and the demands stopped a debt collection company called Wescot that Npower used before has started asking for money again. I think this was because I just updated the electoral register to my new home. It’s a horrible and not to mention embarrassing to start life with my partner in our new home and to be threatened again by this very ruthless debt collection company. I am not sure what to do next and was wondering if someone advise me what they make of these options? Just pay the damned bill and all the nasty extra charges they added. Would this be the end of it? Would accepting it give them the right to damage my credit report? Ignore it and hope it goes away like last time. It hasn’t affected my credit rating so maybe they don’t have enough information about me? And perhaps me going on the electoral register here just tripped some automated system? Pay the bill but take the only other U.K tenant to small claims court for their share? Or even half would that be possible? Threaten to refer their behaviour to some ombudsman or consumer body? Things like calling my parents and writing to them, calling on a Sunday, using aggressive and threatening language etc. Would this scare them enough to leave me alone? Sorry for how long this post was and thank you if any advice you can give.
  4. When hubby and I met almost 10 years ago I knew he came with a little baggage which was in the shape of some outstanding debt he had relating to a property he'd had repossessed. This included a £7k shortfall following the sale and an outstanding secured (against the house) loan with WFS (from memory he seems to think it was around £8k) We've had a few letters on and off over the time then a couple of CCJs during what was a very difficult time. I know an attachment of earning order was set up and he was paying direct from his wages for about a year during 2012/2013 maybe (I can't remember exactly) then he changed job and we failed to notify and have never heard anything since. We are currently working with StepChange to get things resolved and upon checking the credit report TWO CCJs appear - one for £46k issued March 2009 and one for £35k issued February 2009 both for WFS. I've initially requested copies of the CCJs but don't have any clue what to do from here. Thank you in advance
  5. Hi, Over some time I've crept into debt with british gas despite making what payments I can but they've now passed my account to their in-house DCA (some over-seas call centre) which is expecting me to switch to a pre-payment meter and pay £25/week on top of what I'm using. I've explained that I am totally unable to make this payment, re-explained to them that all I can settle for is £5 a week on top of my usage until my situation is better and they refused. They then told me to contact "StepChange" to see how I can get out of debt. Knowing that I don't need to deal with StepChange as this is pretty much my only debt left, they told me that if need be that they will gain access to my property and enforce the installation of the meter at this rate. What can I do about this, as I can only pay so much every week and despite them even slapping an unrealistic amount on, if I don't have the money, I won't be able to pay it off at this rate. In regards to the debt, in August, 2 years ago I already used British Gas Energy trust to help with some debt I had back then. If anything, I've got to wait until August again before I re-apply for help through them. SO that's a no-go. Any advice would be helpful! Cheers, A
  6. Morning All, I hope this post is in the right place! Here goes . . . I had a company selling cars which I started in 2006 and invested a lot of money in, expanded and took a lease on some premises in 2007, just before recession hit. in 2008 Month after month the company was spending more than it was earning, I did as I thought best at the time and continued to try and battle through. Eventually as could see no way forward I put the company into voluntary liquidation and therefore lost the capital I had invested and was left on a reduced income. After reducing payments on loans & credit cards I got some defaults and CCJ'S. I am now in a reasonably paid job and have agreements in place with my creditors. (apart from one with DLC which I have posted a separate thread about who are threatening charging order) Current Debts: CC MBNA/Idem Servicing £2510 Monument £772 Egg/Moorcroft £3616 Barclaycard 1 £4018 Barclaycard 2 £337 Capital 1 / Frederickson Int £1040 HSBC/Metropolitain £5355 Other Debts HSBC/Metropolitain £5670 (2 x Overdrafts + loan) one of the overdrafts is only for £50 and they will not let me pay this off seperate they say the debts have now merged. 1st Plus/DLC/Hillesden Securities £13585 CCJ's Natwest - Unauthorised Overdraft £964.19 Natwest - Personal Guarantee for Ltd Company £17,300 HMRC £2539 Total current outstanding £57705 plus: Loan which invested into company from family member £35,000, which I currently pay at £400 pmnth I have a rental property which is worth £200k for which I owe £95k, currently up for sale but no bites. I know its a tall ask but this was for my retirement and if possible would like to keep. I have tried to remortgage (currently with Natwest) but currently unable due to CCJ's and defaults the biggest two with Natwest. I have asked them to transfer mortgage onto interest only so that I can pay the CCJ's off quickly then remortgage, still in talks! I have a £110 mortgage against my property which is worth circa £130k. After reading about ways to increase credit score I have got a Vanquis credit card which I put petrol and food on and pay off before any interest charged to show some positivity on my credit file. I would like to remortgage the rental property but I am currently unable due to my poor credit. Whats the best way to get the debts cleared without paying over 25 years? Thanks in advance!
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