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  1. I've got a letter for a debt the wife owes a letter before claim. This is something to possibly offer a payment plan however I want to do a CCA request to them first. Do I direct the the CCA to the solicitors as the letter suggests that if we want to set a payment plan up we have to contact Lucas Credit Services. I'm guessing the letter before claim goes to the solicitors but lucas credit services is a different address. so do I just tick the box more time needed and send it back to them with a CCA request letter?
  2. Thanks for that DX I must be going mad I looked through that thread about 6 times now and didn't even see that
  3. I will be sending off the LBA forms on Monday. Just wanted to double check to make sure I'm getting this right I read on another forum that someone else posted about a LBA that when they ask for further documentation this is what they should ask for A Copy of the written contract for the debt A full statement of account, including details of all interest and charges on the outstanding balance of the debt explaining how theyve been calculated, and any payments already made towards the debt. A calculation of interest claimed The annual or daily rate o
  4. Hi DX100 The debt is related to a capital one CC for just over 1k the other day I posted up copies of the CCA they sent back, you had a look at them? I have had a look at the link for before claim. As above they sent documentation already for the CCA and the letter they have sent today has a letter attached detailing the debt how much it is with zero interest and fees. there is also the PAP form and a financial sheet. other than the CCA requested documents they sent last week it's just the above letters today. The link of
  5. Thanks for the reply back London. Just to follow up on PRA group and the threat of court they have sent me a letter today "Letter before claim" they've sent a pack with the letter that has some tick boxes that say things like, "I owe the debt" "I owe part of the debt" "I don't know whether I owe the debt" They have given me 30 days notice and they've also sent a financial sheet to fill in. The tick box form says I have 30 days to fill in the returns form if I dont it could result in court proceedings This is a new kind of letter I hav
  6. I've had a pack delivered today from Intrum 8 months later responding further to my CCA request. They've included something similar to the last CCA request as above I'll upload some of the documentation tomorrow to cast your eyes on if you can please. I won't post all the credit agreement as it's 22 pages but I''ll show the relevant bits. 2 things I'm wondering if a company produces a CCA are they more then likely to take court action? if just ignored knowing they have this as evidence? The other I've had a company sell a loan on but with i
  7. Hi London, I got a letter from PRA group on the 5th June stating that they bought the account on the 23/5/2019 and have been trying to resolve the matter since then. Further down the letter it states that they have now passed the account to the investigation and litigation department to look at your outstanding debt and possible Litigation recovery. They gave me 30 days to contact them to resolve the matter or they would consider the next stage in putting me on notice for court proceedings. So I shot off a CCA request hence the top posts you've seen.
  8. Really? So the bit that says "additional information" this does not form part your credit agreement should form part of it? OR have I missed something? it looks legit to me but you'll know better. What should I do I this stage? the statement they have sent shows what has been spent on the card so look pretty legit would be hard to argue? Should I just ignore them, Offer an affordable payment or Wait and see if they take it to court and stand my ground there? I appreciate the help
  9. I've taken out my name and address and blanked where my name was on the digital signature. The other stuff they sent was statements on what was spent on the card from 2010-2015. Which seems to tally up on stuff I recognise using the card for. I followed the guide thanks CCa return.pdf
  10. Thanks for opening the thread. It's been a while since I updated this. So just a catch up. I had a number of debts some are still outstanding and just gone into default and handed over to LCS who as been trying to contact me. PRA group has 2 debts and had them since last year although they have only been emailing me they decided to start writing to me. The 2.5k debt I'm just getting emails at the moment. The capital one debt they threatend litigation in writing so I shot off a CCA request last week and they've come back with some info
  11. I understand about protecting the work force but her work said she needed to send proof in by forwarding the text message onto them showing she was tested and what the result was. They also asked if I or anyone in the house was tested and what our results were for "track and trace" purposes. Now I wasn't tested anyway but I work for the NHS my ward manager wasn't bothered about me being tested and my wife came back negative after 24 hours anyway. I understand her work needing to inform those she's worked with that she's getting tested and they then have the option to ha
  12. Thanks for the links I have just had a quick look but they only seem to refer to an employer you work for rather than say me getting a covid test and my employer wanting to know anyone else in the house what their test results were. It might sound daft that she just has to let them know I didn't get it done or negative results so they know. But she has let them know her test result was negative and it should end there. I don't see why her work place should need to know what my results or anyone else for that matter that doesn't work for them?
  13. My 6 year old wasn't well the other day had 1 episode of being sick and a mild temperature of 37.5c. Wife let work know who told her its company policy for her to go get a Covid swab. which she did and got the results back as negative 24hours later. We know what is was it was the pizza she had then night before didn't agree with her and her temp was back down to 36.4 not long after. Now her employer is asking what the rest of the house olds Covid swabs were? I never bothered getting tested not that I needed to as I knew it wasn't Covid with her and being sick 9 hours before hand is
  14. finaldj

    V5 document

    Looking for some advice, Me and the wife bought a car last year in April and I remember the dealer saying he would get the V5 sent off filled a slip out in the top right corner Skip till now the car is getting scrapped and just realised a new V5 never came through the post. It's been about 10 months. What should we do at this point ring the DVLA up and explain we never got one through the post or fill out a V62?. I've read about people getting fined but who is at fault her the dealer for not sending it off or us?
  15. Wish I had read the truspilot reviews first before he used ebuyer they are pretty bad at refunds to the point people have had to do a charge back on the card. No this is over 36 months with interest about £840 altogether. But he's using the TV set it up on the first day it came and was just assuming Ebuyer forgot to send the board and the first email back from them was they will look into it and get it sorted. Even to the point of offering another alternative board then took ages to sort that out just to say no. so the 14 days have already passed. I've never
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