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  1. Just to update this post. Argos - wont accept any payments till I have filled out an income and out goings form should I do this? I was advised on here not to as it was none of their business? Littlewoods/Very account - this is an update from yesterday - they have totally ignored 2 letters sent to them now with an offer of £10 a month token payments £5 for each account. they sent me a text message for on open chat so I replied to this. I explained the letters sent and they have ignored them so far and I said they had a number of different address so can they send me the best one to contact them on incase I didn't get the right one. The text conversation went on regarding this letter and they again asked me to fill out and incoming out goings form on a link they provided which was very basic. It asked for "rent amount, heating, any child support I pay and council tax" the rest they said they didn't need to know as there was an industry standard they followed on what I should have left. Based on what I earned and what I filled in they said I had more going out than I had coming in I explained that after I had paid everything out not inc them at the min I was left with around £220 a month which about £100 was for food leaving me with about £120 left to get through the month on anything like bread and milk needed through the week so I was able to offer them £10. they refused to take anything and refered me to stepchange saying they are a responsible lender and stepchange will best advise me. I said I tried stepchange it didn't work for me and the only thing they can do for me now is suggest I go bankrupt that was the only option offered to me. So I said what about £1 a month token payments then till my wife at least finds a job which should be soon so my income should improve I can make better payments. They didn't want to know so I said well you are sending me threatening letters and phone calls asking for payments well above what I can afford but at the same time refusing any payment from me. His only suggestion was to place my accounts on default and eventually sell them onto a 3 party debt company and they might take up the payments. They have placed my account on a 30 day hold and suggested I contact stepchange in that time and let them know the reference number and will only deal with them. They have refused to talk further about my account at this point.
  2. No all payments have come out by DD on time everytime it was only the last payment due on the 23 August that was missed by accident so while it will get paid in the next 2 days they have come down pretty heavy handed
  3. The payment will be made but it's only been 2 weeks can they actually issue a default notice that quick from a first missed payment?
  4. AA house insurance were the broker for Zurich but I guess there will be a different finance company they use if so where would I get that info from?
  5. We have just switched house insurance from AA to another company ending our current contract with them on the 24th August. Wife called them on the 22nd to let them know we wont be going back with them and stopped the DD. However we got a letter on the 27th August to say a DD had been missed for £12.01 which they tried to collect on the 23rd and a further £12 missed payment charge. My wife said it's probably a cross over from the insurance thinking we were going with them on the 24th she said if she gets another letter she'll call them. the letter goes on to say (This letter is notice under section 86E and relates to a default notice this does not take into account of default sums which we have already told you about in another default sum notice, whether or not those sums remain unpaid) However today we did get another letter from AA saying they had issued a default notice for £24.01. The letter goes on to say if a payment is not made by 20/09/19 they will recover the amount of £23.68 from her debit card which she has authorised them to use to collect overdue amounts. Checking my wifes bank today she did in fact miss a £12.01 payment which was the last one to AA on the 23rd, She did think the last payment had come out in July so fair enough we can pay that. But it's just gone 2 weeks today can they issue a default that quick looking at the first letter on the 27th they appear to be saying they already issued a default notice before the 27th August letter. even the payment amounts don't add up. She is going to call them tomorrow or day after to sort it as it will be paid but not happy with the default notice after just 2 weeks.
  6. From one of the letters Cabot sent me they are the owners of the Zopa loans debt for 11k left owing so I will CCA them The natwest account appears to be owned by Cabot but is managed by westcot so do I CCA Cabot? Intrum have the tesco debt and bought it from them in 2018 so will CCA them I will setup payment plans for the others. Is it just a letter for a CCA request or is there a small payment needed as well?
  7. Just an update to this thread. Likely Loans have taken my offer of £5 a month payment for 6 months to be reviewed in 6 months time. Argos have refused an offer of £5 a month instead they want me to fill out a financial assessment form so that they can then discuss what payments to make? Very/Littlewoods have so far not responded to the letter I sent which was the same date as Argos however I do have account details to setup payments for a standing order so should I do this or wait for a response back first? Westcot have now taken on the debt for HBOS from link financial (which says working on behalf of HBOS) Westcot have also taken a debt on for £2,407 it doesn't say what its for just that they are working on behalf of Cabot ( i assume its the Natwest debt) Intrum have taken on the Tesco Debt and Cabot have taken on the 11k Zopa loans debt Other than likely loans responding to me and me setting up a payment to them I haven't done anything with the other debts yet (other than writing to argos and Very/littlewoods, likey loans) I'm off work Wednesday so want to clear everything up so I know where I am I'm confused between who a DCA is and who the others are and who I should ignore and who I shouldn't? and should I do a CCA request if they work on behalf of? Cabot Intrum Westcot PRA group (they just call they haven't sent any letters out yet) Ok I just found out that Cabot bought westcot in 2017.
  8. Hi, Yes in the letter template from the site here I offered a £5 a month SO payment and asked for them to send their details so a payment plan could be setup until such a time as my situation improves. However the emails and text they send keep directing me onto their website where I can either pay by card or setup another DD with them. The DD is done through their own webform by me giving them my bank details to setup a DD there isn't an option with their details to setup a SO which is why I asked them to pass them onto me so I could set a plan up. they appear to have ignored the letter but keep sending me emails saying they can help me if in diffi culty etc and to give them a call
  9. Well reading the what is said a client that act on their behalf. a bit like what you said with Wetcloths to just ignore them? What do I do at the moment with likely not responding to my first letter should I shoot off a 2nd one to them stating they haven't responded to the first one yet?
  10. Right guys, I sent a letter off to Likley Loans dated 16 July regarding circumstancies following the templates on here and adding my bits with an offer of £5 per month. They have so far ignored the letter, still call, text and send emails. This is the most recent email they sent me last week. "Our records show that your Likely Loans account remains in arrears. Please get in touch with us in the next 7 days to discuss your account. If we do not hear from you we will send your account to Themis Recoveries who will commence debt recovery activity on our behalf" What should I do at this point? write to them again or wait for TR to write to me on their behalf and deal with them?
  11. So just ignore any letters and phones calls that might come from them and deal with the next ones they happen to pass the debt onto? Are cabot a bit like wescot just acting on behalf of a company?
  12. So those that have seen my older posts as the letters come in I will write them up here. Stepchange closed my account on Tuesday and wrote to all parties I was paying my DMP to, My first letter came today x2 from Westcot. One is for "Working on behalf of HSBC" The other is "working on behalf of Cabot Financial Europe LTD" What should I do at this stage?
  13. Just a small update on this, I sent my letter off to likely loans last week and haven't heard anything back yet.
  14. finaldj

    Argos debt

    As per the request I have setup a seperate thread for this. So I have now missed my first payment, I will be sending a letter to Argos tomorrow as per the templates on this site to set up a min payment of £5 per month via SO Credit limit £750 inc interest charges and late payments total debt to them is currently £873 As in reply to you DX In another thread I said my debit card was stored on the Argos website I can't remove this card only add new card details. However in order to make payments every month I had to put in my 3 digit CVC number which Argos don't have it's not a regular recurring payment setup. The question being can Argos still charge that card to try and force a payment and if so I will probably have to cancel my card with the bank and get a new one?
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