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Found 10 results

  1. Two questions: A) Has there been a precedent for instances of inconsistent, incorrect or the inappropriate application of variable speed limit policy on a Motorway providing a legal basis to challenge a speeding ticket? For example: 1) Motorway road works have road side speed limit signs stating 60 mph but overhead gantry displaying lower variable speed limit i.e. 30 mph without risk factor justification. The remotely controlled gantry signs do not correspond to conditions on the ground. 2) Motorway road works end and maybe end of road works signs are displayed each side of the
  2. ’ll try and keep this as brief as possible but I’ll need to explain a bit of background. When I was in university I rented a room in a house with three other students that I didn’t know between July 2012 to June 2013. Npower supplied the electricity and gas. I gave the first meter reading in July and the first bill came in October and we each paid a fourth to the landlord and I thought this arrangement would continue. However, towards June 2013 I contacted the landlord as we hadn’t got any more bills and queried what was going on he said he’d put the bills solely in my name. I was
  3. Am I correct that the prescribed terms for a fixed sum variable rate consumer credit act agreement is: a amount of credit b interest rate c amount of payment Credit £25,000 Interest £9.319,57 applied at 4.5% above banks base rate 5% payments £408.68 x 84 Theres no total amount payable as this could alter due to an interest change throughout the time of the agreement. However, the amount of credit plus the interest applied to the credit do NOT equal the initial monthly payment? £25,000 plus £9.319.57 = £34,319.57 divide by 84 payments = £408.56 This pa
  4. I was going back through some old PPI claims I had made, some successful, some not, with the intention of filing things away. When I came across one I had sent to the Co-op back on 15.02.13 now this was for a variable loan from April 1996 and quite clearly shows a protection plan deduction on copies of the statements I have. The final letter I got back was for them to say that they were unable to trace any statements for the above credit card account which indicates the account was never used since October 2000 when their records began. With this in mind we must rejec
  5. Hey folks, I'm sure I've asked this before but cant seem to find the thread....my main employment when I do overtime I get extra holiday pay, at my part time job I get the standard number of days only, so for instance someone working 39 hours a week will get the same holiday as someone working 59 hours a week (and many do) should extra holiday pay accrue? Also, if your under 18 can you work past 10pm? thanks in advance!
  6. Hello, I've received the following NIP: Issue Date 12/8/2014 Date of Offence 22/7/2014 Time : 20:14 Location : M5 Jnc 16-17 Southbound S. Glos Offence : Exceed a variable speed limit 40mph - automatic camera device. The recorded Speed was 52mph I have no recollection of the offence but question the variable speed limit being 40mph on the M5 at 8:15 on a Tuesday night, there is nowhere on the NIP where you can view the evidence like some police forces do. This is a company car so explains the delay in me receiving the notice. I'm anxious to avoid this one as th
  7. hi all my mortgage is going on a fixed rate from a variable will bring down the cost a little get help with it from dwp do i let them know or will my lender forgot to ask and where do i send it many thanks
  8. If I have taken a loan out on APR 12:4% Variable rate,which at the time of taking out the loan in 2005 was 7:0% over HSBC's base rate,should my repayments not have reduced as the interest rates have reduced over the last 7 years?
  9. Hi, Was just wondering if anyone has been caught by these or knows of anyone that has? Went through them today a little faster than perhaps I should as the road was clear (50-55 when it was showing at 40). I was braking when I hit the markers on the road surface. Cheers
  10. I've come across this today ... I paid a lump sum of £2,000 a few weeks ago towards my mortgage arrears. However, the interest on arrears is more this month than last month, even though they're now £2,000 less. I enquired about this and was told that arrears are on a variable interest rate which changes, capital is on the normal rate, so I'll have to call every month if I want to know how much to pay. This is the first time I've heard of this and thought the whole balance, capital and arrears, was on the same interest rate which i'm informed of when it changes. I've never been told that a
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