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  1. Never identify who was driver. In fact, edit your existing posts on here to say "the driver" then read the various advice on this and other forums to decide on your course of action. The first port of call should always be to appeal directly to the retailer in whos car park you received the invoice, in this case McDonald's. However as most McDonald's are franchisees, I doubt you'll have much success. When was the alleged overstay and when did your dad receive the initial letter from ukpc? (Notice to Keeper)
  2. There's lots of useful information out there to fight these, including this forum. I have fought 2 against private parking companies and won... A saving of £160
  3. Firstly....it's not a council PCN, it's a private parking invoice. You can write to McDonald's to see if they will cancel the charge (with proof of being a patron of McDonald's) or fight it yourself- here's a useful place to start: [removed - dx]
  4. You press the 'report post' button Joking aside, it must be a pretty desperate DCA to mailshot people by fax? Doubt the authorities would do anything about it.
  5. What's a fax machine?
  6. Can't you just tell them that the fire alarm must have been activated whilst you were out of the building on your break?
  7. Just out of interest... do you have their 'photographic evidence' that you can post for me to have a look at?
  8. Hi, Posting on behalf of a friend who received a PCN for the above 'contravention'. I posted on another forum and got no response so thought I would ask here. My friend parked in a bay and did not park fully within the bay due to there being lots of broken glass on the floor towards the rear of the bay, a ticket was purchased and displayed as required. When returning to the vehicle he has received a PCN for not barking fully within a marked bay and confronted the traffic warden to ask why, as there was clearly glass on the floor and he had tried to avoid parking on this. He was not obstructing the road in any way as it was a roadside parallel bay and he had not reversed all the way in so he was partly in the bay and partly on DYL. The traffic warden said that he should have found another space to park in - there were no others free and my friend had a work appointment to meet. The ticket has been appealed but thought I would come on this for advice as my friend has said he is prepared to take this to court. He is of the belief that should a judge look at the case common sense should prevail? He has taken several photos and has retained the ticket purchased on the day. Any opinions/advice welcomed. Regards, Martin
  9. No problem. We can only give you examples and options and allow you to make your own choices based on these, so if that is what you want to do, then fair enough. It's always worth remembering in case there is another time!
  10. What about if you don't acknowledge the debt though? I heard if you don't acknowledge debt within 7 yrs then it gets written off? I take it that's after any judgement has been made, default or not?
  11. Here you go: Challenging Hand held mobile offence...not guilty. **Acquitted** http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?381916-Challenging-Hand-held-mobile-offence...not-guilty.-**Acquitted** Let us know your thoughts after reading through this.
  12. There was a case on here where someone took it to court and won. On my mobile so can't find the link at the moment, I will check it out for you.
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