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  1. Thanks john and king. So there does not seem to be common, readily available examples of an established process to tackle these issues but seems to be a steady stream of people stating effectively that remotely controlled gantry signs and use of cameras do not correspond to conditions on the ground. Does anyone know the process and people involved in implementing a variable speed limit, a Single Justice Procedural Notice (SJPN) refers to a named key witness Camera Technician, are these people Police Officers or do they work for Highways England. How are Highways England
  2. Two questions: A) Has there been a precedent for instances of inconsistent, incorrect or the inappropriate application of variable speed limit policy on a Motorway providing a legal basis to challenge a speeding ticket? For example: 1) Motorway road works have road side speed limit signs stating 60 mph but overhead gantry displaying lower variable speed limit i.e. 30 mph without risk factor justification. The remotely controlled gantry signs do not correspond to conditions on the ground. 2) Motorway road works end and maybe end of road works signs are displayed each side of the
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